Death By Firing Squad May Be An Execution Method In Wyoming

Death By Firing Squad May Be An Execution Method In Wyoming

A nationwide shortage of sodium thiopental, a key drug in the legal injection cocktail, is causing problems in many states. When drug manufacturer Hospira announced it would no longer sell the drug to prison hospitals it sent states scrambling. Some states delayed executions while others created their own lethal injection cocktail and botched executions as a result. Wyoming legislators have a…

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The Man with the Broken Fingers/Carl Sandburg

The Man with the Broken Fingers throws a shadow.
Down from the spruce and evergreen mountain timbers of Norway—
And across Europe and the Mediterranean to the oasis palms of Libya—
He lives and speaks a sign language of lost fingers.
From a son of Norway who slipped the Gestapo nets, the Nazi patrols,
The story comes as told among those now in Norway.

Shrines in their hearts they have for this nameless man
Who refused to remember names names names the Gestapo wanted.
"Tell us these names. Who are they? Talk! We want those names!"
And the man faced them, looked them in the eye, and hours passed and no
names came — hours on hours and no names for the Gestapo.
They told him they would break him as they had broken others.
The rubber hose slammed around face and neck,
The truncheon handing pain with no telltale marks,
Or the distinction of a firing squad and death in a split second —
The Gestapo considered these and decided for him something else again.
"Tell us those names. Who were they? Talk! Names now — or else!"
And no names came — over and over and no names.

So they broke the little finger of the left hand.
Three fingers came next and the left thumb bent till it broke.
Still no names and there was a day and night for rest and thinking it over
Then again the demand for names and he gave them the same silence.
And the little finger of the right hand felt itself twisted,
Back and back twisted till it hung loose from a bleeding socket.
Then three more fingers cracked and splintered one by one
And the right thumb back and back into shattered bone.

Did he think about violins or accordions he would never touch again?
Did he think of baby or woman hair he would never again play with?
Or of hammers or pencils no good to him any more?
Or of gloves and mittens that would always be misfits?
He may have laughed half a moment over a Gestapo job
So now for a while he would handle neither knife nor fork
Nor lift to his lips any drinking-cup handle
Nor sign his name with pen between thumb and fingers.

And all this was halfway — there was more to come.
The Gestapo wit and craft had an aim.
They wanted it known in Norway the Gestapo can be terrible.
They wanted a wide whispering of fear
Of how the Nazis handle those who won’t talk or tell names.
"We give you one more chance to co-operate."
Yet he had no names for them.
His locked tongue, his Norwegian will pitted against Nazi will,
His pride and faith in a free man’s way,
His welcoming death rather that do what they wanted —
They brought against this their last act of fury,
Breaking the left arm at the elbow,
Breaking it again at the shoulder socket —
And when he came to in a flicker of opening eyes
They broke the right arm first at the elbow, then the shoulder.
By now of course he had lost all memory of names, even his own.
And there are those like you and me and many many others
Who can never forget the Man with the Broken Fingers.
His will, his pride as a free man, shall go on.
His shadow moves and his sacred fingers speak.
He tells men there are a thousand writhing shattering deaths
Better to die one by one than to say yes yes yes
When the answer is no no no and death is welcome and death is soon
And death is a quiet step into a sweet clean midnight.

Carl Sandburg


OKLAHOMA CITY - Using nitrogen gas for executions is what one Oklahoma lawmaker plans to introduce as a bill next year for an alternative to lethal injection.
Rep. Mike Christian of Oklahoma City says he will release his plan Tuesday morning. The proposal will detail the cost, legality and manner the nitrogen would be used.

In the months following the execution of Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett, the way the lethal injection was administered came under fire and forced some lawmakers to come up with alternative methods.

Christian has previously proposed using a firing squad and now he’s suggesting nitrogen gas.

Suits & Ladders
  • frantic, quick movements
  • and worn, tired eyes
  • we work hard for these cents
  • 'til we meet our demise
  • but it's just good business
  • and you want to get ahead
  • the idea spreads like an illness
  • to work 'til you're dead
  • hands reaching for God
  • our backs become hunched
  • as the Corporate firing squad
  • looks upon us all bunched
  • they take aim and fire
  • not caring who's harmed
  • then start over and hire
  • fresh faces, not alarmed
  • and the few who survive
  • are not quite the same
  • if you wish to stay alive
  • do not play this game.

Yo, I’m trying to find some more RP for Gavriel in-game and through Skype. I’m very terrible at following RP prompts on Tumblr, and that problem has grown worse with WildStar disconnecting each time I click anything on my browsers during primetime. The game has such a low priority and frail connection since the first DDoS. So I just browse tumblr during the morning and late evenings, doing maybe half a response a day while others go like a dozen replies.

So! I have to reach out in other methods! I am extremely active on Skype and I’m usually just haaangin’ doing dailies or PvP now in game. If you wish to share Skype names, send me an ask/fanmail.

Now then- lets get to the meat of the matter!

Gavriel is a recently exiled highborn priest originally by the name of Emilio Addesi. He was publicly “executed” for high treason for healing and consorting with the Exiles. The person who died at the firing squad was actually a double as he was taken to his crime family for a proper execution. Needless to say, it didn’t work but the name Emilio Addesi is recorded dead in the books. Those who frequented the church may have seen Priest Addesi or heard of the name.

For the current Exile crowd, Gavriel’s a grumpy esper who usually keeps to himself. He is quite talented when it comes to healing and crowd control but falters when it comes to offensive power. Healing is what he lives for. He is also a talented hoverboarder, focusing on speed rather than flair. His hoverboard is mostly customized, all the work done by his own hand. Gavriel also carries a strong love for hoverbikes, specifically uniblades. He is also trained in working on them. Currently he frequents the shops and bounty boards of Thayd seeking some quick work or hoverboarding around any open space.

Not exactly very social, feeling out of place among the Exiles but he is trying to fit in with his ingrained highborn accent and mannerisms. He has grown more willing to sit and talk with others but unfortunately doesn’t have much to say about himself. I’m hoping to get more interactions with Gavriel to help open him up instead of just hanging in the skyplot or hoverboarding all day.

If you are interested in RPing with Gavriel, please send me an ask/fanmail with your skype handle or just a fanmail and we’ll talk it out. I will get to your messages late at night, I’m off to class now.

Oh yeah- I’m willing to do some cross faction RP. It’ll be really iffy but if there’s a creative way to do it, I’m game. The threat of death isn’t exactly very encouraging!

added a few more bands. now I’m gonna stop with these.