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On the left is Bunny back when she was a feral stray in the California desert. On the right is Bunny today before I groomed her. It’s so awesome to see a success story in real life. This dog’s rescue video have millions of views. She has transformed from a fearful stray to an amazing family dog.

The Evil In Us : Chapter 22 - Chamber 7

Amy: 23
Tails: 20
Knuckles: 28
Shadow: 28
Rouge: 28
Shadow: Immortal.
Warden: ????

The night had eventually become silent, the screams of the Warden has haunted during near the morning’s dawn but Amy hadn’t noticed.
She remained silent in the darkness of her cell, curled up in a ball as she stared at the blank space before her. She seemed petrified and paralyzed. Her eyes fully concentrated on nothing while she laid on the cold metallic ground, the only sounds becoming her sharp breaths and every once in awhile, a whimper. Her thoughts were as big of a mess as she was, jumbled up into a big metaphoric ball of confusion. Her stress level was incredibly high and the world around her became distant until it was too far to see or live in anymore. She was now in a different world, her world. One where her love was with her and her daughter, freely galavanting around with care-free smiles and warm hearts. This is where Amy wished to be, in the world her mind would make up every once in awhile to cope with the actual world she was living in everyone called reality. Was this Amy’s way of dealing with insanity?? Was she already insane?? Crazy??
Her thoughts were suddenly blurred and blinded when a bright light came from the door of her cell, bringing her back to reality and leaving her wishful world behind. She blinked her eyes for the first time in what seemed like hours and peered up at the light. Her jade eyes were squinted in order to deal with the blinding light as she saw the shadow of a robotic guard waiting for her. She let out a shaky sigh before weakly pushing herself to her feet, her tired eyes shifted around in a dazed state. She scooted her way to the door of the cell before the guard grabbed her and pulled her out violently. She stumbled forward and almost fell only to be caught by familiar ebony arms with red streaks on them. She looked up with her miserable jade eyes to meet concerned crimson ones, she didn’t speak a word for her eyes did that for her. She slowly stood up and noticed something out of the corner of her eye, the door to Chamber 7 was opened. No one was in Chamber 7 last time she checked. Tails had Chamber 1, Cream had Chamber 2, Knuckles had Chamber 3, Rouge had Chamber 4, Shadow had Chamber 5, and she had Chamber 6.
Who was in Chamber 7??
Her question was answered before she even got the chance to ask it aloud, not that she planned to in the first place.
The door of Chamber 7 shut to reveal who had come out of it, the Warden.
Amy’s eyes widened at the sight of him, her heart pounded heavily and her breathing became shaky and weak. He was pitiful. His back was covered in cuts that still leaked blood from the lashing of the whip. His arms were bruised and cut up as well, his legs were shaking weakly and struggling to keep him up from how beat up they looked. She also noticed he had restraints on his feet, similar to the ones they had placed on Aurora. To keep his speed under control probably, not that he would be able to run anyways anytime soon.
He turned to look at Amy, his eyes were a dull emerald green and showed how miserable he really felt. His right cheek was bruised with a large purple mark from where he had taken a swing from Metal Ward, his left was blackened as well. His lips were busted up and stained with his blood that had escaped them and as well as his nose. He stared at her with an exhausted glance only for a few seconds before turning. The robot escorting him shoved him forward, almost causing him to fall to the ground as he stumbled. Lucky for him, he somewhat caught his balance and landed on one knee with a cringe. He slowly stood back up and began walking down the corridor and out the exit with the rest of the “chamber prisoners” following behind him. They soon reached the large door that led to the site and were shoved out before it closed to block them from going back inside.
Amy stared at the Warden, debating on whether or not she should say anything to him or not. But her internal debate was interrupted when the fist of a certain hot-headed echidna drilled into the back of the Warden’s head. Amy gasped as the Warden let out a loud grunt and fell forward limp on the dirt.
“Hey Warden! Where’s your Lord Robotnik now huh?! Where’s your authority?! Doesn’t feel good to be the one on the opposite end of the fist Huh?!? HUH?!?” Knuckles abruptly kicked the Warden in the gut, causing he to yell out and lose his breath as he rolled across the ground weakly. He coughed up a bit of blood and spit it at Knuckles’ feet causing the red echidna only to fume with more anger.
A crowd of prisoners were now gathered around to watch, all receiving joy from the show since it was the Warden who was being beaten. They cheered Knuckles on as he mercilessly and vengefully pounded the hedgehog. Even Shadow stood back and watched with a scowl on his face, disgusted with the Warden’s presence and letting Knuckles do as he pleased to him. Tails would French with every hit, cringing and looking away with his ears down.
Amy for one had had it.
As soon as she came out of her shocked state as to what was happening and could feel her legs again, she quickly sprinted over to the Warden and Knuckles. Knuckles was just about to take another blow to the Warden’s face when Amy stopped in between the two, blocking his path.
Knuckles froze with wide eyes as he stared at her, a slight chuckle escaping him, “Good one Amy now get out of the way so I can teach this guy a lesson-“
Knuckles was taken aback by her yelling, taking a step back in disbelief of her words.
Amy help her arms out to her sides showing she wasn’t going to let anyone else touch him, “If you wanna touch him, you’ll have to go through me first!!”
“But Amy, he’s a monster!! He deserves to be treated this way-“
“NO ONE deserves to be treated this way Knuckles!!!!…”
The crowd got silent, the Sonic Team staring with the most shock at her boldness. Tails had a slight smile crack at the corner of his lips.
Knuckles stared hard at her for quite awhile before letting out a huff and shaking his head as he turned away from her, “Whatever you say Pinkie.” He waved his hand in dismissal before pushing his way angrily through the crowd and stomping off to do his work. Rouge quickly chased after him to calm him down while the rest of the group slowly and silently disassembled. Shadow was the last to leave, debating on walking over to talk to her but deciding her should go find Aurora instead. He gave her a hesitant look before nodding and slowly walking away to find Aurora.
As soon as everyone was gone, Amy turned and fell to her knees quickly beside the Warden who was laying down on his back groaning with his eyes closed. But he was conscious.
She quickly began scanning his wounds, searching for ones that needed immediate care and tending to those first. She found what she was searching for and ripped a long piece of cloth from her tattered up dress. She then wrapped it around his head in the spot where there was an open wound leaking blood.
He peaked his eyes open at her touch, wincing at feeling the cloth on the gash in his head. She then pulled out her water bottle from her bag of supplies provided to them everyday, opening the lid and pouring it in attempt to somewhat disinfect some deep wounds. He yelled out at this, clamping his eyes shut and punching the ground in pain from the stinging. She flinched but continues pouring, her eyes watering up from seeing him in such distress.
After finishing patching him up, she sat back with a deep breath and sighed out as she stared at him. He was panting from the pain, slowly opening his eyes again to look at her. She gave him a weak smile and shrugged a bit, “Sorry..”
He looked down to see most of his wounds cleaned up and patched with pieces of her ripped dress. He then looked back at her and gave her an ever-so-small smile that was humbling and appreciative, “Thank you..”
“You’re welcome..”