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Hundreds Of Military Veterans Just Got Free Pot

DENVER (AP) — Hundreds of military veterans received free marijuana during a special giveaway in Denver designed to show that pot can help ease their pain.

Members of Operation Grow4Vets said the Saturday event aimed to offer veterans an alternative to prescription drugs to help with anxiety, pain and other problems. The organization also says it gave out 400 bags of marijuana-infused products at the Denver Cannabis Giveaway.

"We’re really here to help them with their medical conditions," including post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, the group’s founder, Roger Martin, himself a veteran, told KDVR-TV. "There’s a wide variety of ailments. Anything that involves pain."

Stephanie Burton, a veteran Army nurse, told KCNC-TV that she struggles with PTSD, and marijuana helps her sleep at night. Afghanistan veteran Brian Nance, 29, said he used marijuana to wean him off morphine after he fell 40 feet into a ravine and broke his back.

"I’ve been using cannabis, and it’s been helping me," Nance said. "If I don’t have to take a pill for four to five hours, for me, that’s a big deal."

But pot critics questioned whether the event was safe. Colorado this year rejected marijuana as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, so the condition is not on the list of ailments for which doctors can recommend medical marijuana. But it is legal in the state to give away pot for free. And Colorado allows any adult over 21 to buy the drug in recreational stores.

Bob Doyle of the Colorado Smart Approaches to Marijuana Coalition said organizers of Saturday’s event were reckless to give away a drug that can also cause paranoia and may have other unforeseen side effects.

"Obviously things that we would not want somebody with PTSD to be experiencing," he said.

Grow4Vets now says it is launching a new project called Save 1,000 Vets that aims to provide 1,000 veterans with a free lifetime supply of marijuana-infused goods.

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Today is the Day for something else...

Everyday I vape, and exercise, why? Because Alcohol is not a performance enhancing in any way. I’ve never heard of a drunken marathon. There is almost no one out there that knows more about cannabis than I do excluding the researchers. Everyone focus on CBD or cannabidiol however did you know. That while THC is still forming there is a precursor called THCA. That gives more medicinal benefit before it oxidizes and turns psychoactive. I intend to finish all of my objectives today including my research and research questions. I have a debate coming up and a stoner kid *who I am debating against* is SOL when it comes to debating with me. I may suck at video games, and don’t like them very much, but if it’s a debate oh oh oh! The Political Itallian comes out in me. Anyways just wanting to let you know what’s on the plate. I guarantee you that there will be videos out today. That break down music theory more simply in a better lingo sort of way. 

Then more 420 and fun, have an awesome day!

Link to my channel fyi if interested in what I teach, some of the videos are well not balanced correctly, but the information I teach is Steller.

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-Eating Healthy



-Italian Debate Question/ Argument

- Videos Music Theory Broken Down More Simply.

Marker Assisted Breeding In Cannabis

Aussie Four Plant Limit

Originally post’d by: Robert Hempaz, PhD Trichometry™; Photo courtesy of GeorgiaToons dot com; Annotations by the Medical Marijuana Initiative of North America- International

Marker Assisted Breeding In Cannabis

Marker Assisted Breeding, or (MAB) is a pioneering development whereby seed vendors attempt to isolate genes or combinations of genes that switch on and off epigenetically in concert with environmental factors to express certain desirable traits in Cannabis sativa L. and her accessions without the need to shotgun the nucleus of the seed with foreign genes extracted from the laboratory.

No introduction of foreign genes, no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

Hence, the recent purchase by Monsanto of several promising seed companies to hedge their corporate bets against their existing portfolio of massively introduced GMO products that currently pollinate the wild of our continents in unfettered abandonment.

One of those seed companies is a specialist breeder in Cannabis sativa L.

Going toe-to-toe with GV Pharmaceuticals of Great Britain in the race to develop novel ways to increase our nation’s supply of beneficial cannabinoids and other terpenes such as CBD, THC - V, CBN, limonene, myrcene, and pinene lands Monsanto squarely at odds with the patient cannabis breeder of yesteryear.

Patience is NOT a virtue when developing traits to incorporate into future plants for the #MedMj and #RecMj marketplaces.

As a proprietary seed vendor, you want the benefit of those traits to be planted today, and you want the revenue streams from the sale of those seeds NOW!

However, conventionally breeding and weeding out of undesirable characteristics within Cannabis sativa L. while at the same time retaining characteristics that are currently considered to be ‘desirable’ may take many generations of accessions (and, corresponding years) to isolate that one pure-bred strain that you all are looking for.

Plus, keeping an alternative pathway open during the development of your ‘uber’ strain allows hybrid vigor to be reintroduced into the line via back-crossing when required.

All the while seeds from each generation must be captured and stored in a sort of non-virtual Git Hub that can then be reselected when mother plants by nature start to die and cut less vigorous clones than when initially germinated and allowed to grow to a mature size.

Today, MAB allows the lab technician to simply sample DNA from one of the early leaves of the plant to determine the alignment of genetic markers that signal the desirable and once thought to be ‘undesirable’ traits of any plant.

For millennia, local cannabis breeders have been pushing the plant to create ever increasing amounts of THC - A, the precursor to a smoked THC molecule.

But, today, with medicinal emphasis placed squarely back upon the non-psychoactive cannabinoids and other terpenes present within the natural plant, MAB analysis and manipulation have accelerated our quest for plants that produce inverse ratios not unlike the hemp accessions that are co-dominate for CBD.

The hunt for THC - V rich plants such as may be found within the ‘Jack Herer’ strain and CBN ‘lite’ plants such as Arjan and Franco’s award winning ‘Super Lemon Haze’ from the Greenhouse Seed Company NL may also turn up varietals rich in the primary aromatic terpenes (limonene, myrcene, and pinene), as well.

The time to identify ideal candidates to breed forward that lock-down the traits that you wish the plant to express (or, conversely NOT express) is accelerated using MAB methods.

How accelerated?

Try 160,000 genetic markers in a couple of days of lab analysis today versus yesteryear’s 10 to 20 discoverable genetic markers in a couple of years of 24/7 pounding!

Now, you begin to see the reason Monsanto is so eager to dip their grubby corporate paws into the Cannabis sativa L. line of the Cannabacaea family of plants that includes the Humulus lupus varietal commonly known as ‘hops’ that traditionally has given the beer market a product of high aromatic quality.

Isolate the traits, patent the breed, market the brand, and presto!

You’ve got operating leverage that can be milk’d for a century (or, at least until you sell the patent a few years before expiration).

In the interim, sales explode and you become a rich man, or a rich woman.

Take your pick!

Either way, get planting!

"He who sows n tills the ground w care & diligence in one season acquires a greater stock of religious merit, than he who sits n repeats 100,000 prayers per day!" ~ Lao Beiji Shong (old northern bear)

Source: Scientific American

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Compile’d by: ♑ Robert Hempaz, PhD Trichometry™;
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I Am Starting The Growth of Marijuana.

Just so everyone knows.  I’m gonna start growing soon.  I want to start my own strain.  If anyone has prior experience or knowledge, I won’t mind a helping hand.  I want to start my own strain containing more THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) than THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).  THCV is in all types of bud, but it’s effect decrease the appetite and feeling of hunger.  THC increases it.  THCV is more malignant so that’s why THC overpowers it.  I basically want to sell the high without the hunger, because people are getting fat.  So, Diet Weed I guess haha.  I also have to think up a name. I’m thinking of Eden, but I haven’t thought that out yet (it’s the fun part :D).  

Orange Kush is a 100% pure indica strain. The THC Level is very strong. The flavor is a tangy citrus. The aroma on the other hand is a blend of skunk and tropical. The effects of an indica strain are a relaxation feel that start in the mind and then spread throughout the body. It is recommended for use at night.
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THCA 15.50%
CBG 0.45%
CBD 0.35%
THCV 0.35%
CBC 0.30%
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The #thc & #cbd isn’t all that’s good about #medical #cannabis #marijuana #mmj. The #cbn, #cbg, #thcv, & #cbc are also active #cannabinoids in #weed. This #cannabinoid #cheat sheet provided by #FSL @FullSpectrumLabs is truly helpful for the #cannabiscommunity. You can use this to help you find a #strain more specific of your needs.

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