I got tagged!

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I got tagged by esmeralda-thegypsy

esmeralda-thegypsy’s questions: 1. If you could go on an island with one thing only, what would that thing be? Food, laptop!  2. Things you love about your country? people sometimes and the food!  3. Do you know the lyrics to the star spangled banner? nope!   4. Your favorite meal? Breakfast 5. if you could learn how to do one thing, what would that thing be? how to be a great inspiration  6. Do you know how to ride a bicycle? yeah i do!  7. When is your birthday? 1st of march. 8. Do you believe in horoscopes? nope.  9. Your future husband? I REALLY WANNA MEET HIM.  10. Do you like Wednesdays? Its just a normal day..  11. Your favorite fast-food meal? Burgers!  lween77’s questions:  1. Name the top 3 stuff on your bucket list?  2. What’s your favorite music for now?  3. All time favorite movie?  4. What’s the weirdest thing you do?  5. Favorite food?  6. The one thing you can never get bored of?  7. Chocolate or chips?  8. Who do you think is the hottest/prettiest actor or singer? 9. Childhood cartoons?  10. The one thing you’d never forget? 11. Do you like who you are and if not would you like to change that? I tag:  1 dee-mns 2 ftoonajrl 3 i-eatbabied 4 the-tee 5 danzill  6 esmeralda-thegypsy 7 ic3-cr34m 8 itsmf 9 pretty-young-vampire 10 ymcmb-kq  11 thbeatsu