"Couldn’t your cousin have had, like, tropical powers or something?"


Hey guys, sorry again for such a big gap between updates. I hit a bit of a roadblock on the wedding series (I think it’s because the high from my sister’s wedding has worn off, ha…) so i decided that a little break and some mindless doodles would help.

Also, I seem to have winter on my mind. I am definitely built for warmer days but my heart yearns for sweaters, so here… Have some THAW sweater weather updates. :)


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The Hundred Acre Woods- Base of My Heart (Space Jam Session)


HooHoo! Hello everyone! Since many of you did not notice my cleverly hidden announcement on my calendar… Here is the official announcement!

Thaw. : A Jelsa/Kristanna comic! Coming March 1st!

Set in a modern!AU

Jack spent most of his time as a newly inducted guardian watching over Jamie and attempting to get his name out into a non-believing world. After 3 years, with hardly any new results, the last thing Jack was expecting to find was a seemingly normal girl suddenly freezing over her entire apartment.

Elsa was just trying to deal with starting college, inheriting an entire company and trying to keep Anna safe, from herself. Then when things are finally starting look up, her life gets turned around by an invisible guy leaving her messages in ice on her window. As if her life wasn’t hard enough before without the Guardian of Fun trying to get her to “loosen” up.