This is a post about Sophie.

Sophie and I have one of the weirdest relationships I’ve ever encountered. We met almost two years ago and I told her we were going to be friends. Turns out I was right.
Took us a bit of time to get where we are, a large portion of which involved me being awkward or in love, her not being interested, and her boyfriend wanting to get rid of me. Those were awkward times that are happily behind me. The majority of my followers know me irl and have some sense of how that went down, so that’s enough detail there. 
Somehow even after all that we remained friends (Not all Sophie’s doing… I do give myself SOME credit). Now we’re pretty close. Not like… sibling close, and we’re not “best friends” in the common meaning of the phrase, though I do consider her among my best/closest friends. I trust her and I believe she trusts me. I would do, and have done, quite a lot for her.

We’re weird. We’re fanatics about our fandoms. She has a list of movies I “HAVE TO WATCH OMFG.” She introduced me to Starkid. She hits me when I don’t behave. I taunt her about ridiculous shit, she makes fun of me right back. We sing disney songs at each other. She keeps me awake when I walk home so I don’t walk into portholes. (She also makes me go to bed sometimes when I’m up too late). I also keep an eye out for her well-being when I can. Other stuff I can’t totally remember or fully list here. But basically, we have the best interaction ever.

She’s there for me. Not all the time 24/7, but somehow, when I have a problem that I don’t plan on telling anyone, sometimes not even myself, she’s there and it just comes spilling out of me and it’s there for her and me and anyone else to see, and she doesn’t judge me, she just comforts me and makes me believe it will get better. She does it better than anyone else I know. I don’t think she realizes how well she does that. I have no fucking clue HOW she does it, either. The right words, or attention or cuddles at the right time… and something more. Not sure what exactly. 

I would not be half the man I am today without her. Hell, without her love and support, I probably would have abandoned any attempt to go to NBTSC in 2011, among other things. So thank you, Sophie. I love you, and I wouldn’t be here without you.