Name: Cecil Baldwin

Availability (How busy/not busy are you.): Not very aside from my show.

Soft or Rough?: Both. I like both.

Dirty talk?: Yes [x] No []

Dominant or Submissive? (Or both.): Both. But if you just want to bend me over I see no problem with that.

Some (Or all) of my turn on’s: Your face turns me on.

Other thing’s you should know: I think I may still be the slightest bit drunk from last night, not entirely sure. But the offer still stands.

Yes. I mean… No. That would be bad.

10. Your character walking in on mine being attacked by a masked assailant.

The guy came out of nowhere, hitting Earl in the back of the head with something. He didn’t catch it as he stumbled forward. Didn’t have time to once the guy came at him again, hitting Earl in the ear with the side of his fist. Falling to the ground, Earl was quick to roll onto his back, his eyes only going wide with terror as he took note of Cecil walking in on the fight.

Despite the assailant, who had a knife and some sort of vendetta against him, Earl was mostly concerned with Cecil. Biting down on his tongue to keep from bringing attention to Cecil, he quickly looked away from the radio host, lifting his hands to at least keep the attacker from striking his face.

thatvoiceontheradio-deactivated said:

♡ ✿ ♥ ♦

♦ - Emotional headcanon

Earl doesn’t share his emotions easily and could feel a certain way about someone for a long time before ever expressing said feelings.

✿ - Happy headcanon

He gets bouncy and a bit manic when he’s really happy.

♥ - Love headcanon

Earl tends to do small gestures to show off his love. Cooking for them, making them things. Little things like that.

♡ - Sex headcanon

Earl doesn’t like to rush into sex with people he cares for. He’d much rather have a few dates before even beginning to start down that path.