Newsies, BoM, and the best day of our lives

This is for all of the fansies! April 6th…13 hours of broadway.
So I saw book of Mormon and it was beyond amazing. Then I met Elizabeth at stage door and NO ONE was there it was amazing. But we met Chris we gave him his present and he FREAKED OUT… it was a book that said book of Chris and inside was notes and candy. Then matt came out and we gave him the “I love dogs” keychain and he was so confused but liked it ahahaha. Then Elizabeth’s mom was like guys Chris just kissed someone on the lips! So we RAN down the block and screamed Clay’s name and he turned around. We said we were fansies and he was SO CREEPED OUT. and confused and just didn’t know what to say ahahaha. Then we are walking to newsies and who do we see? GARETT. We took a that’s rich picture and he was so chill and nice. Then we went to lotto and met Kristina, Ashley and Leah (ya’ll are the sweetest people for helping us win loto) 3 of our names were called but we didn’t need that many tickets it was great!! So before the show we went to schnippers and saw JP on the way. Of course i got a santaaaaa fee salad! Hahaha then we went to newsies had 5th row orchestra seats! The show was of course BEYOND AMAZING. Garett was on for Ben and he rocked it. We made eye contact with Jess, both Tommy’s, Iain and a few others. And so I was talking/DMing jess a few ago. We talk some so it wasnt like i was some random girl that met him ahaha he knows im in love with him i guess lol…and he said he would take us backstage!! So we went backstage it was amazing! We met liana too. Then we went out and stage doored and got our books signed. And I think that was pretty much our day(: PS. I went to tell jess that i ran his fan account and he already knew!!! Hahahaha my life

Got tickets to Matilda the Musical 20 minutes before the matinee! It was truly an amazing show and set 😍 I’m also in Awe of Garrett Hawe #thatsrich (at Shubert Theater 235 W 44th Street)