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Fave gif makers in the fandom?

I have so many! But my faves are daily-gr4ce, saengking, thatsgrace, ourdrunkitchen, muchholyverytrinitydrunkkitchens, avacadoo, snacksandharts, shmoo06, mydrunkitchen, hartwich, holy-trinity-batman and I am sure I am missing a few but they are my favourites :)

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1. Uhh idk Jo?

2. Blue with green spots (yah fancy ikr)

3. Dark blondish

4. I love to sing and I’m planning on signing up for the next season of The Voice.. yeh..

5. Blue,mint,red,black… can’t really choose.

6. Utrecht, Netherlands. Suuuuuuch a nice city.

7. Uhm… Like… Youtubers are celebrities right???

8. Dogssss

9. Centuries- Fall Out Boy

10. The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

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Idk I don’t really talk to most of you… I’m not a creep I swear! 

You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to ofc :)

I was tagged by the amazing unicornoftheinternet to write 5 things I like about myself!!!!

This was really hard, but I think it a great thing to do once in a while!!! So let’s get started!!!

1. I like my height… I’m quite tall (1,75) and I have really long legs, so that’s awesome!!! :-P

2. I like my hair, it’s really long and very blond, like so blond that people ask me if I color it…..

3. I’m good at learning new languages… Which makes school a lot easier!!! :)

4. I’m good at saving money and not spending them, which means while all my friends are broke, I’ve got lots and lots of them!!!! Yay!!!

5. This is sooo hard!!!!! Ummmmm…. I guess… I’ve just spent 5 minutes staring into the air…. I guess I’m good at remembering stuff like facts, quotes, song lyrics and other stuff….. So that’s quite handy….

I think it’s important to do stuff like this, to remind yourself that you are beautiful in one way or another!!! So I’m gonna tag a bunch of beautiful and awesome people!!!!!

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10 facts about me

I was tagged by zo3lloyd, haha but I’m not really that interesting soo.. 

1. Nickname: Steph

2. Eye color: Dark brown

3. Hair color: Black with a slight shade of brown red

4. One fact about me: I make videos on Youtube 

5. Favorite color: Navy blue and teal

6. Favorite place: I dunno, I guess somewhere near the sea..?

7. Favorite celebrity: Brie Larson 

8. Favorite animal: I LOVE THEM ALL 

9. Favorite song: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO PICK?? There’s a lot lol

10. Favorite book: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell 

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are you willing to sell a ultimate vip ticket to the hershey show or just trade?

i think for now i just want to trade , unless i could get regular tickets then i would sell the ultimates