thats from that video

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why "All the way live" "Let Me See It" "i'm that nigga". throw aways ? Those resonates so much more to every nigga from the crib thoo. Potential street single/video promo

thats exactly why. 

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there's a video of red. i think it is kind of a youtube thing. taylor is singing 22 and in the lyrics 'we're happy free confused lonely at the same time' everyone here are laughing. why they are? bc it is not funny at all.

Are you talking about from the RED livestream video?

I think thats the only video I know of where people laugh during that part. I think it might be because Taylor was doing actions and facial expressions and it was the first time everyone in the room heard the song :)

hey!!! do u guys know any way that someone could send me a video thats a lil over 2 mins long from a phone t my phone?? we cant find any apps that work and tumblr wont let it upload for whatever reason </3 ITS ME AND MY BOYFRIENDS 2-MINUTE-LONG-PORNO AND I NEED TO GET AHOLD OF IT !!!! ?

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Hey that "hatsune miku" gif set I've seen floating around, what is that from? I've tried for a while asking around to no avail. /post/117656445273 Thats the post id. Thanks love your blog!

from a vocaloid music video called “world is mine”

3 months in

It’s been that long since I moved to Melbourne which seems crazy as now bro. I’m approaching my disability with a tell all, expect all sort of perspective which is interesting. I’ve never done that in a new place before.

I do feel kind of narcissistic for talking about it so much more, but I think it helps people to understand just how much it impacts my day to day life, and the things I’ve missed out. It’s refreshing too, not having to hide myself. I think people don’t know what to do at first but then they realise my limits quickly, and that I’m a pretty entertaining person (well I’d like to think so) otherwise. 

Anyway I literally just saw I haven’t uploaded in 10 months.

Where the hell did that time go?!! Also I don’t think most people who do follow me on this blog are aware thats what this orginated from haha. 

Hopefully a video will be up someday. 



does anyone else remember this webseries? cause i’ve never seen anyone talk about them