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hihi! i have accumulated my favorite selfies of the past 6 months being back in LA. 2014 was rl. this yr will probably be equally or less or more real. boston was magic! one day as we all huddled around the dinner table in chelsea’s cozy dollhouse home, we watched as the snow began to fall, so soft, so sweet! I’d only experienced snowfall when in a blizzard before. the best was hiking in new hampshire though, and I’m really excited to write a whole story about that. BUT FIRST! It’s been ages since I told my life in selfies*~*~ let’s do it, team!

coming back home ginger has no luv 4 me no mo

thats from a 5sos video



i can’t even with them sometimes.



<3 love my fambam

okay! grace is getting restless so i gotta go watch some gilmore girls! here’s to what will probably be my most difficult and rewarding year yet

as always, lots of love & bisous

- Cinn


Okay so I found this kind of interesting. 

The first question is “What is it like to see yourself on the big screen?”

Louis’ reaction to this, Zayn’s reaction and just Liam’s answer made me question what the hell is he actually talking about? 

1) I feel like Liam’s answer was pretty random and far off the topic of the question. 2) Because I believe in ziam, I think he is talking about zayn and their relationship and how he is scared and embarrassed to show everyone his true self…. baby

"I was a bit sad at the time and I said some things that I was a bit worried before the boys had even seen" Louis agrees with Liam and nods his head. Louis yells, "Like what? You can be honest. you want to whisper?" 

Zayn here… He does a little giggle reacting to Louis and then when Liam says “Idk it was just about like personal relationshipy type stuff” his facial expression changes completely.


to this:

in like a second

then louis’ “oooooooo” wtf?

Then Niall. I love niall. He laughs and makes fun of Liam for saying Relationshipy. And the first thing I thought about was of course, ships and shipping. Why would Liam say relationshipy?! it doesn’t make sense. 

Harry looks confused and turns all the way around to look at Liam.

And then Liam says, “Well some of it didn’t make the film….because well… I was too embarressed to share it with everyone.”

The screen goes black and that is when I put my hands in the air and said “why the hell liam payne do you do this to my heart!” 

Help. what do you guys think of this?