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Did you see this? It's so sad. bellarke(.)com/post/103624133675/please-tell-me-theres-not-a-legit-threat-of-the

Yeah, I read that a few minutes ago, it’s kinda disheartening :/

But there’s nothing we can do aside from keeping up the buzz on social media, keep watching the show through all the ways that count (watching live, on netflix, on hulu or on the CW official site), keep telling everyone you know and their mother to watch too, livetweeting, etc.

Basically keep showing the network and everyone involved that the show DOES have a huge following and they would be smart to renew it or to promote it, while we’re at it


     what if Tadashi suddenly stopped bothering Hiro one day?
     no more nagging, no more trying to bombard the boy with
     affection and fun whenever they had time to spend together.

     he’s restraining himself because he’s afraid that the more
     he does it, the more Hiro’ll pull away from him. he’s afraid
     to lose his brother, and the one day Hiro finally snaps at him
     for being too overbearing, he doesn’t know what to say— and
     he’s so utterly and completely devastated and hurt but
     what can he do?

     so he pulls away. and then as the days goes by, and Tadashi
     hasn’t come home once because he’s been at the lab, and
     Hiro’s sudden feeling of triumph turns into guilt and loss and

                and suddenly he kind of just wishes for his brother
                to start nagging again, because he misses him and

                                 he realizes how important his older brother’s
                                 presence was in his life, even more so than before.

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what is your opinion on ferguson

ALRIGHT UH. I’ll put this under a read more but as a standard place, I believe america’s getting really crapped out right now. And that’s terrible.

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this tornado loves you //

Contrary to popular belief (and the wild hopes of many a Sasuke fanatic) it was not Tenten who fell for Neji. In fact that was about as far from the truth as could be, as upon meeting the young Hyuuga prodigy one quarter into their academy career, the brunette kunoichi had promptly broken his nose .

“Men and women are completely equal on the battlefield.” The young girl championed by way of excuse, hands on her hips as she studied the boy bleeding in front of her. Neji glared, pale eyes narrowed as he clutched at his nose. “You just punched me.” He responded, eloquently.

 “Yep.” The soon-to-be weapons mistress nodded, looking unrepentant. “You deserved it.”

And then, with a crooked grin and a lazy wave of one kunai bearing hand (when had she pulled that out?) Tenten strode away, leaving Neji confused and bleeding amongst a sea of concerned females.

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hi there. how is your day going so far? hopefully well.. are you going to be doing those sentence drabble requests anytime this thanksgiving weekend? or sometime soon? i would love to request something and i think your fics are a fun read ^3^

Oh thank you for asking about my day! It was such crap in the morning/afternoon but it got so much better once it hit the evening. It’s been going great so far now. Tired because class just ended but WOOO!!!!!! Time TO BE A FATTY ALL WEEKEND LONGGGGG. LET’S GET DRUNK! *cough*

Uhh… Nah. I want sometime to write whatever the hell comes to me in these next few days. Because sometimes I think of weird shit and it’s fun when I’m being a weirdo. Plus I’ve been wanting to write some different stuff for Fairy Tail (I got old shippy feels) and LawLu.

I’ll definitely be taking requests by winter break again seeing as I won’t be having winter classes (HALLELUJAH). Maybe I’ll do a different type of drabble meme this time around :D.

Sometimes, you make out with an old friend | Solo

It was drizzling when Bobby left the theatre after his show, and he wished he’d remembered to bring an umbrella. Thankfully, there were only about a dozen people waiting at the stage door, and most of them had umbrellas he could huddle under for a minute while quickly signing autographs. After he’d done everyone who seemed to want his, Bobby turned up his coat collar and turned to walk home, hoping he wouldn’t get sick from his wet hair and already imagining the hot shower waiting for him, just a few blocks away.

"Hey, you missed me," someone said, and the voice sounded vaguely familiar. Another umbrella cut through the rain, and Bobby turned to face someone he hadn’t seen in a long time.

"Dennis!" Bobby exclaimed, reaching up to throw his arms around the other man’s neck. His friend returned the hug with one arm, keeping the umbrella over them with the other. "How have you been? How was Flashdance? I didn’t realize you were back in town already!"

"Well, my last show was Sunday night and I got on a plane Monday morning," Dennis replied. "I couldn’t pass up the chance to see you on Broadway again as soon as possible, now that I’m back."

Bobby could feel a blush growing in his cheeks, and he tried to hide it as he stepped a little further away, but not out of range of the umbrella. “So, what did you think?” he asked, not sure why he felt quite so nervous. 

Dennis smirked. “The show was great, and there was this one really attractive guy, I think he played the brother? Anyway, he was the best part, by far.”

So much for hoping that blush would go away. Bobby cleared his throat, and decided to take a small leap. “Do you have plans for the rest of the evening? My favorite bar is close by, and so is my place, actually, if you want to catch up over a drink or something,” he suggested. “You know, get out of this rain before we catch our death of pneumonia.”

"Your place sounds great," Dennis replied. "Lead the way."

The boys walked quickly and quietly, eager to escape the rain, and within ten minutes, Bobby was unlocking the apartment.

They were barely through the door before Dennis’s mouth was pressed up against Bobby’s, and Bobby reached behind him to push the door shut, stumbling into the apartment. Lizzie had left the previous morning to go home for Thanksgiving, so they were alone, except for the cats who were nowhere to be seen. Thankful that the place was relatively clean, Bobby led Dennis to the couch, pulling the other man down on top of him as they continued to make out. After a few minutes, Bobby pulled away, panting slightly. “So, how about that drink?” he offered. He needed to get away for a minute and regroup. “Beer okay?”

Dennis looked slightly disappointed at the broken contact, but agreed, and Bobby slipped off to the kitchen. Staring into the fridge for longer than was necessary, Bobby considered his options. Dennis was the perfect person to sleep with to try and get over Peter. They’d known each other for a few years and had become good friends during the Bombshell workshop. Bobby had always been a bit infatuated with the slightly older man, but they’d both been dating other people at the time, and then Dennis had joined the Flashdance tour at the same time as Bobby had joined Cinderella, so their paths hadn’t crossed much since the previous January, other than catching up in group settings when Dennis happened to be in town. Now seemed to be the perfect time, if anything was going to happen between them, as Bobby was pretty sure Dennis was also single right now. He’d broken up with his previous boyfriend before going on tour, and Bobby hadn’t seen anything on social media about a new guy — not that he’d been looking, of course, he just liked to check up on his friends sometimes. And really, what did he have to lose? Dennis was here, and hot, and interested. Peter was probably with Alex right this moment. Why did Bobby have to be alone? Maybe the hot guy at the bar last weekend hadn’t been right, but this was Dennis. They were friends. This felt right.

With that thought, abandoning the idea of drinks entirely, Bobby strode purposefully back into the living room. Dennis looked up from the couch, and looking slightly confused, opened his mouth as if to say something, but Bobby cut him off. “Do you want to see my room?” he asked with his signature smirk.

"I thought you’d never ask," Dennis responded with a smirk of his own, standing up to follow Bobby.



accidentally changed pronouns on maylene.

but i have been wondering. should i continue using neutral pronouns? i do headcanon as maylene as gender neutral, but just doesnt tell anyone and isnt actually uncomfortable with female pronouns??

i used female pronouns before i poofed for several months, but honestly thought it was a little rude when i knew my own character was gender neutral, so i went to neutral pronouns after coming back???

ofc sometimes they them pronouns get tricky in english language so theres that too so idk
but i want to decide on one and accidentally switch again.


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