my threats are undefeated! …. *complete wuss*

5. Relationship status and details.

I’m happily, happily taken. I’ve really never been this happy. He treats me like a human being, a beautiful human being. And if you knew me, you’d know I’m not used to that. He gives me everything I want, need, and don’t even ask for. He’d deny it, but he goes out of his way to make me happy in every situation he can and he never gives up. He’s amazing and optimistic and he never leaves me alone until he’s told me I’m beautiful ten times a minute. I can’t keep him out of my head.

catchyphrasehere asked:

5 :)

yay, a sleepover with 5 people from tumblr and why:


-boyfriend, plain and simple.


-because she helped me a while back with a breakup. she may not remember it, but she got me farther than I thought I’d get. she’s like my # 1 for everything gaga, and she’s just adorable.


-because you’re beautiful. and you called me pwettyy :)


-because she was my first follower I didn’t know in real life, and she’s stuck with me all this time.


-her catz.

PS you should follow all of these babies.