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Nerd Love (by JustKiddingFilms)


My Mind

So much is flowing, same old problems. Love, except this is with my niqqa. Things are getting eclipsed for him. I’d like to wish him luck that I wish I had. I tried my best, I just waited too long. That is a curse, like asyntotes (two circles that are so close but never touch), I was so close, but I waited too long. God-willing, my niqqa won’t face the same fate as for I, period. For me, I just have to wait til summer is over:D That all.

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[Mexican Nyan Cat♥] (by RigelOD)

Personal Expression

So, hopefully this will direct to my page. Anyways. Today, I felt I grabbed life by the hands. My freshman year was good. A’s and B’s excluding math. I have the goal of getting straight A’s. Colleges, everything you do goes to them. Your life is in who you apply to. My life is in those hands, regardless how well I do or bad! They still may not take me or what not. So today, I agreed to my mediocre first year. I didn’t try my best. I focused on other matters at hand over my academics. I spent more time on math than I would on other classes. Yet, nothing beneficial came out. I’m disappointed at myself. No matter how bad the teachers are at my school district. No matter what factors my life, what makes it harder. It is ultimately my fault. But, I’m not afraid to say it. I’m proud that I made a great breakthrough into high school. I made a lot of friends. I lost some negative factors. My sense of “fashion” has gone up. I’m more sociable than last year. One thing for next year is to change my habits. Academically. I’ve had to lie to my friends about my grades. I’ve gotten all A’s minus the occasional math. GPA’s averaging 3.5. My friends with 3.75 and above. How am I to say, oh yeah, back in Geometry. Stuck with a bad group of people. How am I supposed to say that to people who look at me with amazement and prosperity. I am smart, don’t get that wrong, its just in math. My only damn problem. I apologize for cursing. I’m just worried.