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1. Have you ever been bitten by an animal?

Yes, but none that resulted in any injuries.

2. Is your room clean and tidy or messy at the moment?


3. What’s the first sentence that comes to your mind?

Fairy tales are more than true not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.  -G.K. Chesterton

4. What’s your sexuality? (if you feel uncomfortable answering to that, answer this instead: What did you last eat?(or why not answer both if you want to :’D))

I’m straight and ate pot-stickers last.

5. Are both of your parents alive?

Yep! :D

6. Have you ever been/are you bullied at school?

Not in high school or middle school and I don’t really remember elementary school…

7. Do you miss summer? Why/why not?

Where I live it’s still summer… But when we finally make it to below 100 degrees F I will miss the swimming but not so much the scorching heat… (but its getting close we have a mix of 100’s and 90’s next week!)

8. What time is it there now?

7:13 p.m.

9. Do you think books smell good?


10. What was the last bookstore you visited?

Barnes and Noble but I couldn’t buy anything :(

11. What colour is the shirt you’re currently wearing/does it have a print on it?

Light blue and it has the Shakespeare and Co. logo on it (actually thats the one I was wearing earlier but its way cooler than the one I’m wearing now)

My questions!

1. What is your favorite TV show?

2. If I asked someone asked for a list of some amazing tumblr blogs to follow what are some you would give me them?

3. What five books (or series) would you take to a deserted island with you?

4. Favorite place you have traveled?

5. Favorite type of soda or pop? (If you don’t like soda then just favorite beverage in general?)

6. How do you pick which book you are going to read next?

7.  Are you a Hufflepuff? (if not then which house are you?)

8.Which Disney movie is your favorite?

9. Would you rather have a pet dragon like Smaug (big and scary but still obeys and like you) or like Toothless (cute and can kick butt)?

10. What would you make into a Horcrux? And why?

11. Would you rather have had the childhood of Sam/Dean Winchester or Harry Potter?

These are the people who I nominate as tributes! (And because I’m bored I’m going to pair them with a district)

District 1: itsonceuponabook

District 2: iotterreadanotherbook

District 3: bibliosaurusrex

District 4: carry-on-my-muggle-assbutt

District 5: inkwellsandpeacockquills

District 6: thatbooknerd15

District 7: perksofbeingademon

District 8: mountain-books

District 9: oddlittlereader

District 10: insomnious-bookworm

District 11: thatisuncleferdinand

District 12: Katniss (because if the games were still around we all know that she would have been sent back eventually by the evil Snow) (Plus I can only nominate 11 people per the rules…STUPID RULES)

(You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! If only the hunger games were that simple…)

thatisuncleferdinand said:

hi! I saw that you love To Kill A Mockingbird on the book lover's list, and I just wanted to say hi because I don't see anyone ever talk about it. It's such a beautiful book, though!

hey! :) wow I really do and I’m happy to hear you like it too! As of yet, I’ve never had it as required reading so I’m sure that helped :3 When did you first read it?

Also, I’m so glad that you found me through the list!

thatisuncleferdinand said:

eyes, wrists, and fingers! have a nice day :)

Thanks! You too!

Eyes:What is your favorite show to watch? 

Game Of Thrones or Orphan Black 

Wrists:Have you ever broken a bone?

I broke my ankle when I was 8

Fingers:Do you play an instrument?

Nope! I tried playing guitar but I was honestly just to lazy to practice

thatisuncleferdinand said:

my favorite book is to kill a mockingbird by harper lee :)

Oooh how cultured :) I read it a few years ago and I remember being very inspired by it. It’s a wonderful book! It’s only 99p on kindle so I think I’ll get it and reread it:)

Thank you for your ask :3

Send me an ask with the title of your favourite book and I’ll tell you if I’ve read it and what I thought about it!

thatisuncleferdinand said:

For the HP character asks: Voldemort, Hagrid, and Molly Weasley :)

Voldemort: If you were to create a Horcrux(s), what would it be and why? I would probably make it something that is impossible to destroy, like The Declaration of Independence (cause only Nicholas Cage can steal it and probably destroy it but I wouldn’t count on it) or Betty White (cause you know she’s never gonna die and everyone loves her)

Rubeus Hagrid: What is your favorite mystical creature? I really love mermaids. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be one. In fact, recently I found out that you could get an occupation as a mermaid so hey my dreams are coming true!

Molly Weasley: What is the proudest moment of your life? Oh man that’s a toughy. I would probably say making the All-State marching band (yes because I am a nerd). It’s a select amount of high school students chosen to march and represent the state of WA and it was a lot of fun. I made so many friends and had a great time :)

Send me the Harry Potter Asks list if you wanna :)

My first ever Follow Forever


So.. my first follow forever after all this time blogging. I didn’t reach a specific amount of followers or anything, I just want to thank these bloggers simply for existing. Thank you for sticking with me despite our different opinions and tastes in books but most of all thank you for filling my dash with pretty pictures of books and reviews. I love you guys! <3































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The lower your name is, the longer I’ve been following you. :) Lots of loveee!