casimscared said:

Nope it's not a bother at all the only thing that bothers me is that your sad and not feeling well ( to put I in simer terms) so I'm always hear to talk when u need it

Thank you :) I always feel like I have no one to go to…and when people say I can go to them, all I can think about is how I’ll annoy you (all of you, everyone..) and you’ll go away and I’ll have opened up and lost everything again…I get really clingy and dependent on others…so I tend not to open up much…I’m sorry…I can try though…its just easier to pretend everythings ok and give up on trying to be happy, and just be content with what I havent lost yet, ya know?

casimscared said:

☄ But instead of telling you telling me something im going to tell you a thing that I like about you. I like that you write and that you like supernatural and also that I like your face k ily bye bye

,wjhef,jasd.jasdjf; Ohmygoodness thank you :3

BUT I am now going to tell you- I LOVE YOUR BLOG (I can’t believe I’ve ONLY just found it!) And if you’re describing yourself as an idiot who gets no sleep and has no life- then you’re my idiot! We’re almost the same person! :)

casimscared said:

Oh honey , I really wish I could reach through the internet and give you hugs and make it better. We could watch a lot of things and hug and laugh and cuddle and just I wanna make it better ....... I'm sorry I don't wanna say I know how you feel because I despise when people say that but I can understand to some extent from my own experiences what your going through

Thank you…That sounds nice…

I feel so broken and fucked up…I dont want to kill myself, I just want to stop living….I fucked everything up…and I may lose the one person I truly cant live without…I fucked everything up…and I hate myself…so much…I hate everything I am and everything i do and everything about me,…I’m sorry, you’re just trying to be nice, and I’m ranting about my personal shit….I’m sorry, you’re really nice and it made me smile for a bit :) Thank you

casimscared said:

Yes I understand I go through the same thing , I would like to tell everyone what's wrong but I'm afraid I'll annoy them . I get really clingy and annoying so I don't say much on how I feel that often and putting up a wall seems to make it better sometimes, sorry for dumping my personal carp on you. I promise I will never be annoyed by you I'll be honored that you trust me enough to tell me what's going on. The only reasons I won't answer you back are school, sleeping out of battery or wifi

Well if you’re ever feeling sad or upset and need someone to talk to you can always come to me too! This may sound a bit sadistic, but I like when others come to me and dump their personal problems on me…makes them seem more real, makes me feel more “normal”…I dunno, I’m weird lol. Its just reassuring to know I’m not to only one suffering, ya know? Dont get me wrong, I REALLY wish everyone was happy with perfect lives and shit…I’m not wishing harm on others so I’m not alone in this…I feel like people think that about me sometimes…ahhh I’m a terrible person….