10 Transitioning Tips, Certified To Make It Through

1. Prepare Mentally: Know that it will not be easy and it will not be hard, but it will be worth it

2. STOP getting perms. tell your beautician GOODBYE. START saving money on those box perms and look past them.

3.Youtube and Tumbl WISELY. you should look up as much as you can but DO NOT hair fantasize because you will set yourself up for disappointment. We all have our own kinks and curls, and going natural is about learning to love OUR OWN hair, not someone elses. So try to look for tips rather than HAIR TUTORIALS until you are at that particular stage. Dont look ahead, stay at a steady pace. 

4. If possible, find a hair buddy. I dont think i couldve done this without Shanice lol. Its okay to surround yourself with people who know what they are doing and share this interest rather than people who are going to question what you are doing and why your hair is “nappy”.

5. START. take pictures, make a journal, do something to help you focus. You must have something to look forward to when going natural, so set a date and goal and keep pictures monthly as i did.

6. Start learning how your hair works each month. Use youtube and blogs to find transitioning hairstyles. ALSO when searching, try to key in the amount of months you are so that the style will come out as closely as the tutorial you are watching. EX. if you are 4 months, try “transitioning styles 4 months natural” NOT 9months . 

7. Best transitioning styles in my opinion, Braids and twists. they save time and grow your hair FAST. take vitamins, drink water, exercise. all those things can speed up your transition.

8. Find new products, transitioning is the stage where you practice so when you finally cut, you know and have all you need to start your new journey.

9. Frustration: If you ever feel like you are in over your head, think about why you started going natural in the first place. PATIENCE IS KEY. good things come to those who wait. Look at old pictures of your straight , chemically processed hair, compared to where you are at that time. Look at your hair inspirations, like solange, Mae, Ariella, etc. Look at anything to see what you can be if you keep going. And also you can always come here and ask as many questions as you need ! 

10. Big Chop: when do i cut? The biggest question of them all. There are two ways to go natural : shave it all off or transition. I mastered transitioning lol, but there really isnt much of a difference. If i could go back, I wouldnt wait. When you bigchop, it is true your hair grows faster than if you transition. Also, big chop doesnt mean CUT NOW. it could mean cut 3 months from now or 6 or so on. You can cut whenever you are ready which is why it is called transitioning. You transition to the big chop so that it wont be such a “BIG” chop.

“my only only regret about going natural is that I didnt do it sooner"