thatbetic my god, if I could draw worth a damn, this would be the best team of villains for a comic. I’d be an archer cloaked in white, so everyone would expect me to be ~~good~~ and ~~benevolent~~ like Robin Hood, except I steal from the rich and kill them, and hoard everything for myself and my cursed princess partner in crime.

Name: wait like our url??? Whatwecanchange ????? Meh. 
Sexual Orientation: Pan
Height: 5’9”
Favourite Colour: Green, yellow, red and black. 
Current time and date: January 27th,10:09 pm

Last Google search: Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith Slaying Holofernes

Favourite Books: Book Thief, Fight Club Series of Unfortunate Events, A Wrinkle in Time, More Than This and From Charlie’s Point of View

Favourite TV shows: X Men Evolution
Fave Drink: Tea/Water
Last film seen in cinema: Unbroken
Dream Holiday: Anywhere in Europe
Dream Job: Judge for the International Court of Justice in the UN. 

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I AM SORRY, THE LIGHTING IS BAD AND I USED PENCIL I AM SORRY. And i totally spelled someones URL wrong, I am sorry. For the sake of me being an idiot, let’s just say I spelled everyone’s URL wrong.

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I just really wanted to say thank you for being so kind and lovely, I really appreciate you as my friend! ♥

1) thatbetic, literally my friend soulmate. No matter what she is always there for me, I appreciate you so much, Jessie :) you’re such a beautiful person.

2) enjolrazs probably one of the people I love talking to the most on here, what a cutie. We’ve got a really great RP going on and I just love it and you’re such a kind & caring person, thank you for being you!

3) miuphantomhive aka lovely!! Literally the cutest Grantaire in the world i’m just done, such a lovely person to talk too in general. :3

4) mpettys, we talk like everyday and I love it, you’re so lovely and I enjoy talking to you :)

5) danyanimated WHAT A SWEET HEART. I know we haven’t talked much lately (shame on me) but you’re such a kind hearted person, I’m glad to call you my friend :)

Thank you again ♥

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name: Jennifer
nicknames: Jenn
birthday: April 2nd
orientation: Let’s just say I am open to pretty much everyone
time and date at current moment: January 20th, at 11:31 PM
average hours of sleep: I try to get about 8, but I highly doubt I’m actually sleeping for most of that
lucky number: I’ve always liked 4
last thing I Googled: I think it had to do with Emmy Rossum? My professor did just tell us to Google “lava balls” though so I should…
one place that makes me happy: This town. I really don’t want to graduate

fictional character: Stiles Stilinski. I don’t want to write an essay so I’ll just say that he came into my life at the perfect time and has really helped me grow
anime: I don’t watch a lot anymore but I’ll go classic and say Sailor Moon because I’ve been rewatching it on Hulu. And it kind of defined my childhood

TV show: Buffy. Always, Buffy. But for currently airing, Arrow.
favourite beverage: Can I say rum? It’s rum. Or Ruby Red Squirt.
favourite food: Hashbrown casserole. I am so hungry now

last movie I saw in theaters: I think it was The Maze Runner. Shit, that was awhile ago.
dream holiday: I would LOVE to go to Scotland and see more of that part of my heritage. But really any tropical beach 
dream wedding:  On the beach. Not too big. Lots of dancing and good food. Maybe something fun, like a bounce house who knows
dream job: I’ve always wanted to work in music but idk what. Anything where I can bring that medium to other people and make them happy whether it’s booking tours, journalism, whatever. Working in TV would be cool too. I’d love to help bring more diversity to shows and/or help with promotions and fan involvement.

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45, 150, 82, 71, 141, 43, 28, 10 and 13 (Thank you random number generator!)

Thank you, sunshine <3

45. What makes you get out of bed in the morning? I do. That sounds really stupid, but i’m pretty determined when I want to be. Something I like about myself I guess.

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?  "Year then hand it back for it to be passed on to the year below."

82. Favourite movie? Nowhere BoyOnce, Hairspray.

71. Craving something? What? A hug would be really nice.

141. Night or Day? Day, specifically mornings.

43. Do you smile at strangers? If I feel comfortable enough, yes.

28. Who are you most comfortable around? aceofcircus for sure. (In person I mean. Online it’s you & see next answer)

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? thatbetic this babe! <3

13. Do you like it when people play with your hair? Yes yesyeysyyesyyeysyeyyefhefenee

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Fictional characters: Merlin, Sir Leon, Grantaire and the entire Amis, Enjolras, Rory Williams, 11th Doctor, Cole St Clair, Rae Earl, Cinna. Athelstan.
Books: The Wolves of Mercy Fall, the Delirium series, Will Grayson Will Grayson, Every Day, PS I love you, My Mad Fat Diary.
TV-shows: Merlin, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Broadchurch, Hollyoaks, My Mad Fat Diary, The Indian Doctor, Cilla, Vikings.
Beverages: Mint Iced Black Tea ??????? Best thing ever???

Food: I’ve always hated this question uhm idk, I really like apples. But ice cream.

LAST MOVIE I SAW: Into The Woods!!! Fricking amazing.

DREAM WEDDING: Depending on if somebody actually puts up with my shit, full on basic & tradional, i’m not relgious but it’s the way I always thought about it. One of the reasons I get so upset about my dad not being here is that he can’t walk me down the aisle.
DREAM JOB: Ask me in 5 years. But just something where I can help people and feel good about myself and feel happy.

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Name: Emily
Birthday: 8th of January 
Sexual Orientation: Elves
Height: 5”3
Favourite Colour: chrysocolla stones
Current time and date: Tuesday January 27th, 5:07pm 
Last Google search: Redbubble (I need Mannimarco merchandise)
Favourite Books: Jamaica Inn 5ever, scared the crap out of me.
Favourite TV shows: I’ve been binge watching Parks and Rec. Also GoT bc season 3 is right on my desk
Fave Drink: Apple cider forever
Fave alcoholic drink: Rum
Last film seen in cinema: Interstellarr 
Dream Holiday: Anywhere warm, and not in Alaska. 
Dream Job: Gosh… Drawing fantasy characters for something :’) 

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