A random question about Agents of SHIELD

Who was piloting the quinjet to Fury’s safehouse? (It’s a super secret spot, and Coulson trusts May and Skye and is basically playing his cards super close to his vest with everyone else in the universe. What person does he trust enough to fly there?) 

Remember when everyone simultaneously discovered The Most Popular Girls in School out of nowhere after the series was already supposed to be finished and everyone was quoting it constantly and the creators decided to make more episodes to please the sudden onslaught of fans but at that point it felt really forced and the series kept going (and still is) but it never re-reached the level of pure hilarity, quotability, and, dare I say, intelligent satire that the first season had and everyone forgot about it?

good times.

valiantvaldez asked:

"hiya, sleepyhead!"

you’re on my side! (not accepting!)

jason has weird dreams. really weird. especially on nights where
he’s so exhausted from his work that he can’t even manage to
get his shoes off. on this particular night, jason trudges up to
his cabin door, and finds that there’s some kind of music playing
inside. as if that wasn’t odd enough, it sounds like some slow,
jazzy, eighties backtrack. the kind you might hear in one of leo’s,
ah, less than appropriate choices of video. 

jason would like to pretend he’d never seen those, actually.

so when he swings the door open, he’s only half surprised. half,
because he isn’t all that shocked to see leo there. half, because
he is very horrified to find leo standing in nothing but his toolbelt,
swinging a wrench and reclining…ah, enticingly along the bed.
hiya, sleepyhead, he chants, and jason nearly lets out a scream
of terror——-

…but then he promptly wakes up in his own bed, with leo’s face
hovering over his own, and instead jolts up so fast that leo gets
knocked off the side of the mattress.

                        `o-oh my gods. it was a dream. oh thank god. please never
                         let me listen to i believe in miracles before i go to sleep.
                         that was—oh my gods. d-don’t give me that look, leo. i’m
you’re still wearing pants, and i’m fine.`

I’m crying I was just about to shut down my Outlook and go home when I got an email where someone I have never spoken to invited me to the company charity run and I was like “why do you know me and why did you invite me?????” because I might be slim but I’m literally the worst at sport I have the stamina of a 70 y o lady with two broken legs who smoked her whole life.

So basically he told me he’d seen me running home from work every freaking day and I lost my shit because I never go to the restroom before I head home so after 5 minutes I always notice that I have to pee VERY urgently and I start powerwalking which overflows into a sprint when I’m about to piss myself. 

That’s the reason for me running home every single day. I think I failed him.

So for those who don’t know this, my name (Gretchen) is actually a diminutive nickname for the name “Margarethe”, which would be cool except Margarethe is not my name, and my legal name is Gretchen. Also usually if someone is called Gretchen, they’re probably under the age of 10. So the older I get, the more weirded out Germany gets when I show up with “Gretchen” on my passport. Though this weekend probably took the cake when I showed the customs officer my passport and he literally looked at it, looked at me, went “Gretchen?” and burst out laughing. So thanks mom.