In previous weeks episode i hated the moment Carol was scaring that kid..i knew she did it to protect the group but i thought he couldnt even approach her after that. I just watched the new episode and im so glad that the little boy kept following her! When Carol realised that Pete abuses Sam and Jessie and she had that look on her face when Rick asked how did she knew, amazing episode truly.

jamescooksjr asked:

Glenn/Maggie, AU where they're nOT IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and lil pizza delivery boy Glenn delivers a lil pizza to lil Maggie

oh man i hope i don’t fuck up their personalities too much

“Third time this week, huh?”

Maggie laughs a little awkwardly at the pizza boy’s - Glenn, his name is Glenn - words, because she doesn’t like takeout pizza at all, really.

But when he turned up to deliver pizzas at Beth’s birthday party last month and Maggie had answered the door, there was no way she was letting that smile slip out of her life that quickly.

Send me a pairing and an AU and watch me desperately stretch three sentences as far as those suckers will go.