There is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now.

A few weeks ago, I went to San-Diego Comic-Con; my very first con ever! There, I did my very first cosplay ever as Link from my all time favorite game series The Legend of Zelda! I know it’s not the best Link costume out there (especially not the hair, omg that was totally last minute don’t even talk to me about what happened there lol), but I was SO proud of it! I didn’t care what anyone thought about my cosplay because I knew that it was my first one ever and I knew that I had put my heart and soul into it and I felt GOOD about it. When I was at Comic-Con, every day people stopped me for pictures, even when I left the convention center and walked down the street in costume. I felt so validated, and so incredibly happy; never in a million years did I think that would happen…

The crowning moment of my Comic-Con experience, though, came a few days after the con was officially over. The final picture you see above was PUT ON NINTENDO’S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE (alongside a LOT of MUCH BETTER Links among others)!!!!!! You could not FATHOM my excitement!!! But, as we all know, facebook is no Comic-Con and the people there are not so accepting.

I shared the picture so that all of my friends could see it, and most of them were extremely supportive and even awed by it. But then one person said the following: “Um…Dark Link? XD” One of my friends. Someone I knew personally. I deleted the comment and blocked him (he said a LOT of really awful, bigoted things on facebook and that was the last straw). But that got me wondering…if a friend of mine said that…what were other people saying?

I went to the Nintendo page and braced myself. The very first comment was “Dark Link D:”. This comment had 88 likes, if memory serves, more than half the likes the picture itself got (161, I believe). The comments followed: “What’s wrong with his wig? …Oh god, it’s a girl XD” “She’d do a great Nabooru” (this one wasn’t so bad, and I actually do want to cosplay Nabooru when I get a little better at making things, but it’s still relevant) “Dark Link! Seriously, though, she should’ve been Sheik.”

NONE of the comments, besides one from another friend who left a very kind and thoughtful comment and one from my super defensive mom (love her to death), had ANYTHING to do with my costume. I was being judged on my breasts and the color of my skin rather than the WEEKS of nearly constant work that I had put into putting together this costume that I had gotten so much positive feedback on and been so proud of, and I was ANGRY. Even typing this, I am, once again, shaking with rage.

So, let me just say as a personal victim of cosplay prejudice (I’m new to this, as you can see, so I’m not sure if there’s an official term for it), WHO THE FUCK DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE?! Who are THEY to tell ME what I “should” do and make fun of me for dressing up in a FUCKING COSTUME that doesn’t necessarily fit with my image?  It’s not something that I do to please ANYONE but myself! I wore THIS costume because I LOVE these games, and I LOVE this character. And I cosplayed because it looked like FUN! And you know what? IT FUCKING WAS! THAT IS WHY I DID THIS! I feel that I not only speak for myself, but for cosplayers everywhere when I say that we do not do this for anyone but ourselves, and we do this for FUN above all else. And let me tell you, it hurts like HELL when people put you down so casually after you feel like you’ve achieved something wonderful. I’ve known from a very young age (much too young) that I would have a disadvantage in life because I am a woman of color. BUT FUCKING SERIOUSLY?! Getting mad over a COSTUME?! It is a sad world when a person can’t do something as innocent as putting on a costume without being told they shouldn’t because of the way they look. God, I feel like crying… This just makes me so furious. Please, just spread this around. Cosplay prejudice/bullying is not okay. I’m a real person under that horrible wig; we ALL are. We are real people with real passions and, most importantly, real FEELINGS. And after finally getting all of this down, I feel nothing but pain and anger and tears brimming at my eyes because of what these people said about me, and I KNOW that they say much worse about larger women who cosplay as thin characters and people like me who cosplay outside of their gender/ethnic group. But WHY?! All we’re trying to do is show our love and have some fun while doing it. What kind of world are we living in when that becomes wrong because of how we look? Stop cosplay bullying, and while I’m at it, bullying of any kind, because it is not okay.

PLEASE NOTE: If you read all of that and now want to check out the album on Nintendo’s facebook page, I just looked there myself and it looks like all of the likes and comments on every picture in the album were reset; some that had hundreds of likes have like 4 now. Mine had about 161 and now has 1, but no comments. The costumes are really great, though, so go check them out and feel free to comment on their quality! I’m sure the people who made them would appreciate it very much!

UPDATE: I went and checked out the album on facebook again just now and found this comment on my picture: “A female african american Link? YAAAAAASSSSS!” THIS IS HOW YOU DO THINGS! ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, COSPLAY WHOEVER THEY WANT HOWEVER THEY WANT NO MATTER THEIR GENDER, SEXUALITY, OR RACE IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. This makes me genuinely ecstatic after the comments that were originally on my picture =]


The sniper smirked as he did so, a little surprised by the strength of the “former” captain.

“Fair enough… Teemo,” he shrugged, grappling onto the arm that lifted him and twisted, digging his fingers into a nerve point to make him let go, dropping down on his feet, and letting go.  “You should really put some armour on your arms, or is it too heavy?” he jested, before offering a pear to the AWOL soldier.

“Oh, and don’t worry, it ain’t drugged or poisoned, and I won’t tell the higher ups where you are.”

A slight wince as the nerve
was pressed, and the grip
released. Teemo rubbed
the spot gently.

I remember teaching that
one to some cadets.

At least someone
figured out how to do it.

Better to go lightweight…”

He saw the pear offered,
but really didn’t know how
to react. He took it, with
trepidation, before focusing
his gaze on Buxton.

“Soldier, if they find out you
were in contact with me, the
higher ups are gonna do
their damnedest to get that

Taking one of his blades,
Teemo cut off the top of the
pear, sheathing the knife.

“And if you spill that info,
what they do to you will
be nothing compared to
what I will do to you.”

He crushes the top of the
pear in his fist to enunciate
his point clearly.


The day out with my mom was really nice. We got started later than I’d like, but we just went to a later movie showing and things worked out.

We went to the original Tao of Tea location, which is my favorite. I actually had something other than chai! Though it wasn’t quite how I expected, I had a “matcha shake”, which in the photo is the bowl at the bottom of the frame - it was iced, which I thought meant blended and shake-like, but it was actually a bowl of matcha with ice in it. :P

To the right of that are spinach pakoras, further right are some bao filled with “asian greens”, above is really good hummus and pita, and then Mom’s Jade Cloud tea. That was a learning experience since neither of us has had tea in that style before.

The middle photos are my swag from Hawthorne Blvd. I was naughty and bought some Dragon’s Blood incense. My big splurge was the flourite obelisk - I think it’s my first really fancy stone. Most of my stones are like the orange calcite below, basically $1 rocks.

I’m a Frida Kahlo fan, by the way, and since I’d never seen this drawing on a postcard before, I had to get it. And then on the right is my new Rose of Jericho plant - I’ve never had one before. I’ll take photos as it greens up. :)

And lastly, the obligatory lit up altar photo.

After all that, we went to see Jupiter Ascending at a second-run theater ($3 tickets!) and I fucking loved it. Parts of it were campy, parts of it were kind of bad, but overall I fucking loved it. (Except Eddie Redmayne’s damn voice, lol.)

Send me a ™ if you think I could be a writer for my muse’s canon dialogue.

{ ……;;;;;; I hadn’t expect this when I went to bed last night.

Ano….. I wouldn’t so much as to say better than the original Sumia because I use  the same canons from the game for the most part and expand on tham further to make sense of habits and such since not much was touched on in Awakening.  ;/w/;

However, all the same thank you very much. I didn’t realized I could pass off as  someone who could write canon dialogue for sumimi.  ;/7/;  }

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Okay, question! If it isn’t too much trouble, could you let me know what the gore level is in the show? (I watched ep 1 but the eyes and leg breaking were super ick…)

The gore level of the show is definitely up there.  I’ve only watched 4 eps so far, but I know it is the first show in the MCU to get the TV MA rating and I would say that is probably due to the violence and fighting.  I’m not super affected by watching gore, but even I’ve cringed a few times so far.  Actually there was just a scene at the end of the last episode I watched that things went way further than I would have expected in terms of the gore factor.  There is a lot of dirty hand to hand combat, as well as torture, so if you are triggered by that sort of stuff, I would definitely proceed with caution. 

President Obama said that he was “not surprised” Russia sold an advanced missile system to Iran in the midst of his negotiations with the Ayatollah to prevent Iran’s nuclear facilities from making a bomb. He went even further to say that he expected the deal to happen a lot sooner than it did.

“I’m frankly surprised that it held this long given that they were not prohibited by sanctions from selling these defensive weapons,” President Obama said on Friday.

The sanguine comments from President Obama are surprising considering the negative effects his administration said it would cause.

“He’s sort of thanking Russia,” CNN’s Jim Sciutto said.

Standing beside Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Obama downplayed the development, which has been viewed as a threat to the coalition seeking a deal with Iran. Previously, however, the administration made it clear they strongly objected the sale of the missile system to the Ayatollah.

The Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo pointed out that the sale crossed another red line for President Obama.

“One senior Obama administration official speaking in 2010 described the S-300 sale as a ‘red line’ for the United States that ‘couldn’t be crossed, according to Foreign Policy,” Kredo said.

The Obama administration official ‘made clear to Medvedev and other Russian officials that the sale of the S-300 to Iran was a red line that couldn’t be crossed.”

The Iranian regime has for years wanted to get their hands on the S-300 air defense missile system. The missile system could help Iran defend their nuclear facilities from an air strike if nuclear negotiations were to fail and could lead to Iron instigating more chaos in the Middle East.

“We think given Iran’s destabilizing actions in the region, in places like Yemen or Syria or Lebanon, that this isn’t the time to be selling these kinds of system to them,” State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said. “So in general, that’s what our concerns are based on.”

The sale is sure to help both nations currently under stiff sanctions from the United States.

“They are selling missiles to defense nuclear sites in the middle of a nuclear negotiation; that’s not nothing,” Sciutto said.

—  Obama ‘Frankly Surprised’ It Took This Long for Russia to Cross His Red Line on Missiles to Iran

Historical Figure - 2/10/14

Having a limited amount of time to find a book, research it and then design a cover for it was a little more difficult than I expected. Especially because I didn’t like the book or its topic, I found it hard to think of a design I would be interested in let alone anyone else. I went with the theme of ‘not being able to see stress’ and came up with several initial sketches before taking two further and colouring them on photoshop. I know that both designs are very basic and quite obvious as to what they are describing. I think that if I had read more of the book and a greater understanding of the majority of it’s content I would have been able to produce a better fitting image. 

This task forced me to work and research quickly - skills that I need in the illustration industry to meet deadlines and please clients. Finding out essential information when it is needed and leaving out the unneccessary. I found the drawing task quite difficult, I had to really think outside the box in order to produce an image that directly related to the book without being obvious. 

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It just seems like tumblr glitched in an odd way; the post is still there, just not showing on the main page of your blog. It’s still showing when clicking on the post, in the tags you tagged it with on your blog, in tumblr’s tags, and on my dash. Correction: I can see the original post on your blog; it was just further back than I expected (~4 hours between it and the repost)

Yeah I have no idea what happened. On mobile when I clicked on my url it said post not found but on desktop it went to my blog so idk??