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Using only song names from 1 artist/band cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think!

Pick your Artist/Band: Christofer Drew
Are you a male or female: Trampoline
Describe yourself: Sweet Perfection
How do you feel: Happy
Describe where you currently live: Simple Enough
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: Lost At Sea
Your favourite form of transportation: First Dance
Your best friend is: Robot
You and your best friends are: Silver Ecstasy
What’s the weather like: On the Brightside
Favourite time of day: Mailbox
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be?: This Shit Getz Old
What is life to you?: Lousy Truth
Your relationship: I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know
Your fear: Piggy Bank

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this was the best i could do, though i’m pretty sure most of them are surprisingly accurate

when i remove the words from these i start w/ the first and last word of each line to see how it affects the

So reading the lyrics to “deadlock” I realised that the theme of the song overlaps a little bit (especially the first line of the chorus and the last line of the second verse) with one of my favourite poems ever, which was written by Fyodor Tyutchev and then beautifully translated in English by Vladimir Nabokov, called Silentium:

Speak not, lie hidden, and conceal
the way you dream, the things you feel.
Deep in your spirit let them rise
akin to stars in crystal skies
that set before the night is blurred:
delight in them and speak no word.

How can a heart expression find?
How should another know your mind?
Will he discern what quickens you?
A thought once uttered is untrue.
Dimmed is the fountainhead when stirred:
drink at the source and speak no word.

Live in your inner self alone
within your soul a world has grown,
the magic of veiled thoughts that might
be blinded by the outer light,
drowned in the noise of day, unheard…
take in their song and speak no word.

anonymous asked:

Oh, that ask bout quotation marks made me remember I had one too^^ How do you continue the dialogue if the same person is speaking? Do you have to start from another line or not? For example: "She never wanted this, John," Maria said. "She just wanted you to be happy." /// So, this is just an example, but should "She just..." start from a new line cuz I ended 'said.' with a period? Not that big pause between the lines (that suggests a new person is speaking) but just beneath the last line?

No need to change lines unless your character’s dialogue spans multiple paragraphs, in which case you’ll start new lines as needed. :)

I don’t even know where to begin.

So here it is, I have had three extremely faint lines since last night. Dark enough to be photographed, but too light to stand out if you aren’t looking for it. 

Too faint for 12 and 13 DPO. 

I feel like I’m re-living my last pregnancy. Like are they evaps or faint lines? 

Update* Took a FRER (not fmu but I held it for hourrrsss) and it was pretty clearly negative so that answers that! 


 Meron kaming activity sa English  gumawa daw kami ng any speech about life or what so ever tapos i-prepresent namin sa harap ng class. Yung speech ko nun about sa Regrets natin in life. Pang-lima ako sa nagpresent ang sumonud sakin yung crush ko tapos habang nagprepresent sya naapapansin ko ako yung tinitignan niya yung speech niya ay about sa Dont be afraid of anything chuchu. Ang hinding-hinde nakalimutan sa speech nya is yung last line ng speech  niya na “Don’t be afraid of falling in love” sabay titig sakin ng napakalagkit. Hays.

First year in about 6 I haven’t studied up for the Derby, and probably only the 4th I’m on the sidelines for since I graduated college. Just too busy studying for my certification exam and by mid March its too late.

I had Orb and Chrome was a no brainer. This year I’m picking Firing Line, last of the realistic post positions (outside of 10 is just too long a trip) and a strong runner in all 5 trips. Thats based on less than an hour of reading and no charts.

OMG all these fan videos are driving me cray! My friend had a stage of confusion (hahahahaha) Her bias is N, then it changed to Ken then back to N while watching Utopia.. Her feels are all over the place.. She high touched them and she said that Leo was first in line smiling like a baby and Ken was last in line. She said she had a 3 seconds connection with Ken.. Hahahahahahahahaha

Daredevil may have all the trappings of a stereotypical superhero story (a young kid gets exposed to a radioactive substance, loses a parent, and, before you can say Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne, commits himself to a life of vigilante justice), but, thanks in large part to the grounded nature of the comics themselves, this show manages to tell Matt Murdock’s journey as an actual human story first. Sure, we find out how Matt went blind, lost a parent, and learned parkour. But only eventually, slowly, and over the span of 13 episodes. And for all his powers (he can tell if you’re lying by your heartbeat!), Matt Murdock is very much a mortal. In this show, when people fall off buildings, their bones break. By the second episode, Murdock has collapsed a lung. There is an entire character—Rosario Dawson’s fantastic nurse Claire Temple—devoted to patching our hero up when he falls apart. (Thank goodness, this being a nuanced show, that’s not all she does.) Here is a man breaking and battering his body over and over in the desperate attempt to protect those he loves.

that last line hit deep…. i want them to win #1 they deserve it a lot………….

Just had a thought.

Most of us spoonies feel terrible most - if not all - of the time. And yet we just go about our lives as if there’s nothing wrong (even if we need some wheels or a cane or medication or whatever else to help us along)! I’m lying in bed and the thought suddenly occured to me that even on good days, most well people feel better than we do. On bad days we feel much worse than they do when they’ve got a cold that they’re complaining about, and we might complain a bit, but not every time (who cares we deserve to complain anyway).

In part, I’m sure, it’s because we’re used to it, but mostly it’s because we’re ULTIMATE SPOONIE WARRIORS.

I hereby declare that if you’re reading this, you’re awesome. If your body wants it, go and have that rest you haven’t felt like you’ve deserved. If you are in the mood for some chocolate, go for it. Chocolate’s great. So are you.

Let’s all take over the world.