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Intimacy prompt: Alistair helping a very pregnant Roselyn get undressed and ready for bed; could also use for your other pairings if you're inclined :)

Going to try and keep these about this length. Going to try and aim for under one thousand words for each of them. Short and sweet where I can make them. Some I might elaborate on.

Anyway, someone asked for doting dad-to-be Alistair?

“You know, you could help me.” Roselyn grunted from the bed where she struggled with buttoning up her night gown over the tight swell of her belly. 

Alistair grinned, leaning against the lintel of the door. He stood with his arms folded across his chest admiring the scene of his heavily pregnant Queen and the daily struggle to dress and undress.

“You could ask for help.” He retorted, playful in his teasing.

Roselyn grabbed his own bed shirt, screwed it into a ball and tossed it at him with a small huff of frustration. Alistair caught it and unraveled it while chuckling and folding it back up. He placed it at the end of the bed, crossing the room towards her.

“I can’t see my feet anymore.” Roselyn remarked in a pathetic tone, peering down at the floor. He watched her trying to stretch her feet out in an attempt to glimpse her toes. “I miss being able to see my feet.”

“They’re still there, I promise.” Alistair told her, “all ten toes.” He stood in front of her and swatted away her hands from the buttons on her cream night dress. Most of the buttons strained against their holes where they were fastened. Others were left open over the greatest stretch of Roselyn’s body, the cotton material lacking any stretch to make the buttons and holes meet.

He began to fasten those she had been struggling to reach, buttons that were lower than the distance his wife could bend.

“This can’t be comfortable.” Alistair said after a few seconds, pursing his lips and  pausing his fingers.

Roselyn shrugged, “my new night dresses aren’t ready yet.”

“Isn’t this one new?”

“Yes.” She nodded, dropping her gaze. “I’m growing so fat and so fast that I already need new ones.”

Sighing, Alistair slipped his palms over her exposed skin. “You’re not fat.”

“Your wife has been replaced by a broodmother,” Roselyn snorted derisively, “admit it.”

“No.” He pressed his lips to her forehead, massaging his large hands over her belly, “you’re much prettier than a broodmother.” Roselyn laced her fingers through his. “And you’re carrying the life of our child.” Alistair dropped his gaze to meet hers, a lopsided smile tugging at the corner of his mouth “Believe me, you have never looked more beautiful.”

Colour blossomed in her cheeks, turning her a delightful shade of pink. Roselyn dropped her eyes, squeezing his fingers. Loose, dark ringlets tumbled over her slim shoulders and Alistair heard her swallow thickly.

“Doesn’t fix my night dress problem, does it?” She said, biting her bottom lip.

Laughing through his nose, Alistair grabbed his folded shirt from the end of the bed. “I have a solution to that.” He shook it out and put it across Roselyn’s knees. He worked quickly, taking buttons from holes with familiar and skilled swiftness until her night gown a was open. Roselyn’s skin prickled in response to the cold while Alistair slid the sleeves of the cotton gown off her shoulders and down her arms, leaving her gloriously naked but for her small clothes.

“This is not a good solution, Alistair.” She remarked, grey eyes narrowing covering her nakedness with her hands and arms.

Alistair returned her disapproving gaze with a childish face. “Just a moment, Your Majesty.” He took his bed shirt up in his hands again. “Arms up, please.”

Roselyn obeyed and helped in pulling his thicker woolen shirt down her arms and over her body, concealing her pregnant belly underneath the baggy material. Unlike her own gown which had stretched, Alistair shirt sat loose over her, swamping Roselyn smaller frame in the garment.

“How’s that?” Asked Alistair, standing back to admire her. He had always appreciate her on the occasions she wore his clothes. A habit she had adopted during the Blight, but had sadly become a rare occurrence after they had taken up the ruling of Ferelden together.

Roselyn ran her hands over the sleeves, rolling them up so they did not cover her hands. She pulled her hair out from under the collar, shaking it out.

“It’s comfortable.” She remarked, almost begrudgingly. “You don’t mind?”

“I wish I’d thought of it sooner.” Alistair grinned, grazing his lips over her forehead. He teased his fingers back through her hair, working out the tangles and knots. Roselyn wrapped her arms around his waist, sighing and hugging him as close as her growing body would allow.

“Thank you.” She muttered, voice small and barely concealing a sniffle. 

Kissing her forehead again, Alistair trailed his hands down the back of her neck and around her chin, coaxing her to lift her head. “I am your humble servant, Rose.” He told her, nuzzling her forehead. “You know that.” His lips tingled when he kissed her, his whole body warming to the sensation.

When he pulled away he felt a little light headed, breathless almost and grinned at the soft expression on his wife’s face. Adoring and gentle, one she kept only for him. He stroked her cheeks and pressed his lips to the spot between her brows.

“Now, My Lady,” he took her hands and bowed while Roselyn giggled. “Is there anything else this humble servant can do for you?”

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"I didn't think I'd see you in a dress," Percy admitted, blinking in surprise as Thalia smoothed the front of her bridesmaid gown.

“I think I should check in with Nico and see if Hades has frozen over yet.”

Hilarious,” she replied dryly, scowling at him. Thalia hoped the foul look on her face would distract him from the way she wobbled along in her heels. Being a Hunter of Artemis didn’t give one a lot of time to practice walking in ridiculous footwear. “Don’t make me punch you before the wedding even starts, Jackson. You have no idea how tempting it is to give you a black eye to match that penguin suit of yours.”

Percy grinned in spite of her threat, and offered her his arm. Thalia tried not to look too desperately grateful as she took it; she’d been worried she’d trip going down the aisle in these damn shoes and make a fool of herself during her brother’s big day.

“Will you punch me if I say you look nice?”

Thalia glanced down at her gown once more. Truly, it wasn’t a bad dress; short, black, and cut in a rockabilly style, it was actually something she could see herself wearing more than once… if she didn’t spend the majority of her time in the muck, hunting monsters, that was.  Piper had even let her accessorize it with a silver studded belt around her waist and her nose ring. Annabeth, the killjoy, had drawn the line at her spiked choker and skull earrings, saying, “It’s Jason’s wedding, Thalia, not Dracula’s, for god’s sake,” in that endearingly condescending way of hers.

Unfortunately, dresses were far too drafty for the kind of work she did on a regular basis and, in the end, they weren’t really her thing, even if she did look like the best punk pin-up ever. But this one would do for a few hours, just so she could stand by her brother’s side and hand him off into the arms of his soon-to-be wife. 

“You don’t need to say it,” she said, throwing her head back and smirking at her cousin smugly “I know I look nice.”


Okay, I just watched the movie from 1974, “Young Frankenstein” and after being left in stitches (no pun intended) from laughter, I thought back to the Frankenstein AU for Strange Magic and I couldn’t help but picture Marianne in this scene.

Sorry I couldn’t find the legit real video on YouTube…

Dramatically playing the violin while gladly accepting the conclusions thrown at her by the doctor.


Marianne*high violin note*”YES!”


Marianne*another high violin note*”YES!”


Marianne*another high note*”YES!!”




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Mlt be the most clingy with their gf

michael would constantly have an arm draped over you and a grin on his face no matter where you two were. it always made you happy because michael was significantly lighter when you were around, and so proud that you were his that he wanted everyone to know. so of course you were okay with holding hands in public and being pulled against his side, because they were moments of comfort and happiness for the both of you. so as you chatted with a few of your friends backstage, you felt two arms curl around your waist and a chin prop on your shoulder, and broke into a full grin because who else could it be but your perfectly clingy boyfriend.

finishing up MLTs - don’t send more! xx

  • what she says:I'm fine :)
  • what she means:Why is narry like this? why did harry say "we fit"? Did they test that out? Do they really fit? Also, why would he say he'd do niall on stage in front of thousands of people? Why did niall look so cocky about it? Did he do niall? Is that why he asked niall who the last person he had sex with was with that shit eating grin on his face in that interview? Was it harry? Why did harry grab nialls dick on tv like that? on national television.....what in the fuck happened in mullingar in 2010?

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Your ask box's doors are suddenly bust open and in comes Killian Jones with his usual half-buttoned shirt and messy hair. Quickly, he looks around and then notices you, stunned silent, and grins, scratching behind his ear. "Sorry about that, lass," he gestures to the broken door, "thought I saw Swan come in here." He then tells you: "Have a good day, love." and leaves, closing the door behind him. (Send this to 10 fav. CS shippers who need Cpt. Hook well wishes and help him find his True Love!)

“Wait!” I yell, finally coming out of my stupor. “I think I might know where you can find Emma!”

The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them, and I flinch at the sound of desperation in my voice, but I’m sure I’ve gone around the bend watching him come and go throughout the day. I hate to see him leave but I love to watch him go! This time I’m determined to get some quality time even if it (or the rest of you all) kills me! 

The doors slam open again, the left one splintering as it comes off its hinge with an exaggerated groan. Killian takes two strides, ignoring the damage he’s left in his wake, before he is in my space, breathing heavy, jaw clenched. 

Sweet heaven above he smells better than all the fanfic says he does. Wait…is that Old Spice?…

He looks me in the eyes and I can see the suspicion in his casting an icy glint in my direction. Shit… I’m so busted. He raises his hook and points it at me. It’s menacing and ridiculously hot all at the same time, and somehow I manage not to run my finger over the shining curve of it. Yay Boo self-control! 

“Don’t toy with me,” he says through gritted teeth. “I’ve been to more ask boxes than I care to count, and Emma’s no where to be seen. Speak plainly if you know something. I’ve no more time to waste.”

I gulp and raise my eyebrows trying not to sound like the star-struck lying fangirl I am. 

“Didja try the Ladies Room?” 

Killian frowns in obvious confusion. “Ladies Room? I was unaware this place had one. Do you have directions? A proper url maybe? I’d rather not get lost again. This messaging system is the absolute worst. Carrier pigeon would be better.”

I chuckle in agreement and offer my services as guide. After all, I am an old lady and we often scout out where the rest rooms are “just in case.” For once it is a skill that will not draw the complaints of my companion. Wahey! 

Good luck getting him back to your ask boxes, shipmates. He’s all mine.