feathers-and-giggles asked:

Ok so earlier today i was dangling my legs off the bed while i was trying to nap and i started thinking about cas doing that and then dean seeing him and tickling his feet since they're the only part of him not covered up in a blanket burrito and i feel like cas would get all giggly and blushy but he wouldn't try to pull his legs back into the blankets cuz he loves it ahhhh and he would like hug his pillow close to him and giggle into it ahhhhhhh i cant stop thinking about ittt /)///(\

Dean flopping across his legs and gently tickling him until Cas is squeaking into his pillow – oh gosh nooo that’s too cute!

anonymous asked:

Yes Hello I have some HATE for you. 1) I hate how you force me and others to think about characters in a three dimensional way 2) I hate how you respect characters 3) also your writing is too good and I am filled with rage 4) WHY DO YOU ALWAYS KNOW AMAZING WAYS FOR STORIES TO PROGRESS?? 5) I thought this was really funny at the start but I'm not so sure now, however I'm going to stick with it. IN CONCLUSION, you should now thank me for showing you the error of your ways.


garnering-grins asked:

Metal Gear for the fandom thing. Finally reveal the dark secret behind why we started playing!

THE OTP: Otasune. Like are any of you surprised at this point. It’s Otasune. 

M/F OTP: I really really like BB/Paramedic okay and I wish more people were on board with this.

M/M OTP: In the interest of mixing things up I’ll say my second favorite M/M pairing is BB/Ocelot.

F/F OTP: I’ve seen some awesome fanart of Olga/Fortune and I kind of sort of really dig it.

Fav Female: You all want me to say the Boss I know you do, but it’s not her. I actually think my favorite female character would have to be EVA, which is weird because not two or three years ago I hated her. 

Fav Male: Solid Snake obviously. 

Least Fav Female: Shit, I guess…um…pass?

Least Fav Male: Why do you all love Solidus so much I don’t understand it at all.

Why I joined the fandom: Okay I’ll admit that I have super shallow reasons for this one. I started playing MGS for the pure and simple fact that I heard there was a super popular M/M ship in it and I could not believe that, because like, I knew very little about MGS, and I was super sure that everyone was lying to me because it did not seem like that type of game AT ALL. Aaaaand I was super wrong.