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Onew and Monsta x members (kihyun and hyungwon) bowing to each other




Probably one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen lol


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they called me Goldilocks as a child can you see why

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Man, at this point I expect that in the next chapter of Bleach Grimm will pull on Ichigo's hair judging by the way they're going ;)

Grimmjow is like a kid in a kindergarten: ‘Look at me, Ichigo! *yanks Ichigo’s hair* …Not like I’m happy to see you or something, you punk’ :D

Their future interactions keep me reading the manga ^^

Little thing I wrote a couple of weeks ago for my warden, Layahna Mahariel and King Alistair. Very AU type of headcanon/idea I keep toying around with of an elven queen. A look back into the history of her reunion with Alistair three years after the end of the blight and the day that changed her title from ‘Hero of Ferelden’ to ‘First Elven Queen of Ferelden’. Please don’t kill me for going so much out-of-canon on this.

The fifth blight had felt longer than ten years ago. If anything, it had felt like it was another lifetime ago to Layahna Mahariel, now Theirin, that she had spent her daily life among her clan, the Sabrae clan, in the Brecillian Forest. Somehow, all her memories of what had happened before the battle of Ostagar, before the start of the fifth blight, had swept her clean of a lot that she cherished from her time with the dalish. However, she remembered everything from that faithful day with Tamlen and the mirror up until the fight with the Archdemon where she had expected her life would’ve ended.

Not too long after that, Alistair was crowned King of Ferelden. This event had signaled Layahna’s leave from his side. She had no place amongst his rule, being a dalish elf, let alone beside him as his lover. She spent her time after that alone, as warden, trying to find more information about the order as well as trying to get in contact with other wardens. And, above all else, she heard rumors about a cure. A cure to the calling, that dreadful moment where the taint would take over and leave the grey wardens to die. Naturally, it interested her greatly to learn more of this cure, thinking about her own life as well of all those other grey wardens she could help.

Regularly she had heard about what was happening in the kingdom, as well as news about her king. She had contacts that would gladly give her some information for coin, or still owed her a favor, and she had been eager to regularly hear about his doings. From time to time she heard how the King of Ferelden had chosen to fight for equal rights, to help the elves in certain situations and to improve the way they’d be respected within Ferelden. This made her extremely proud of the boy she had met on that day in Ostagar. Proud of the man he had become and the king that Ferelden most definitely needed. Surely, not all was possible with the current mindset of society in Thedas, but he did try and that mattered to her most of all. However, she was disappointed and a bit sad, for lack of a better word to describe her state of mind, that Alistair did not contact her personally even once. Not once had he tried to send her a letter or a word. Often she wondered if he would still think of her, if he would worry about her and wonder if she was still alive. It had been three years after the archdemon was slain until he finally had contacted her. A beautiful black crow, adorned with white speckles at the end of the feathers of its wings had held a letter for her:

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chose baby hobi and tae because that photo of tae is hilarious and that hobi one literally gives me life ~~ don’t look at me tbh

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