Opening lines of every Demi Lovato song until D5 for your reading purposes (album songs only)

I am confident but I still have my moments baby that’s just me

Don’t walk away like you always do this time

You fled from medication cuz it only causes pain

I saw you looking over now I see you moving this way

Didn’t wanna say I’m sorry for breaking us apart

Did you forget that I was even alive?

You reeled me in with your smile

She was giving the world so much that she couldn’t see

Knew where I was going when you left the room

My state of mind has finally got the best of me

I’m loosing myself trying to compete

What did I do to deserve this?

And I feel, I feel a deep connection

I throw all of your stuff away

You speak to me and in your words I hear a melody

(U got nothin’ on me) Summer came and took me by surprise

I’m standing in the center of the room

I hear a word you’re not saying it’s driving me crazy

Before I fall, too fast, kiss me quick but make it last

Now you told me on a Sunday that it wasn't gonna work

I can’t take your hand and lead you to the water

I don’t know why, I don’t know why I’m so afraid

You've got a face for a smile oh you know

I feel a separation coming on 

I've been bruised and I've been broken can’t believe I put up with all this pain

Sometimes you think you’ll be fine by yourself

Off to the races I’m going places

I love the way you talking 

I wanna get you by yourself ya have you to myself

Last night was crazy and today it’s heading in

Remember love? Remember you and me? 

The slightest words you said have all gone to my head

Locked up tight like I would never feel again

It’s probably what’s best for you I only want what’s best for you

If the weapon is your love, I got my hands up

Now that I’m thinking sober don’t you try to get no closer

The day I first met you, you told me you’d never fall in love

Skies are crying I am watching catching teardrops in my hands

In real life, I’m waking up alone it’s one more night you didn't make it home

The space in between us starts to feel like we’re worlds apart

Four years old with my back to the door all i could hear was the family war

Beat so heavy make my head get hazy 

Sexy lady knows what she wants out of life

Puttin’ my defenses up cuz I don’t wanna fall in love

Our love runs deep like a Chevy if you fall I’ll fall with you baby

You pull my strings and push my soul you fool my heart with every note

Baby when they look up at the sky, we’ll be shooting stars just passing by

There’s a boy ,lost his way, looking for someone to play

I can’t sleep tonight wide awake and so confused

Picture in my pocket all faded from the washer I can barely just make out your face

You wanna play you wanna stay you wanna have it all

There’s an S under my clothes on my chest where nobody else can see

I should’ve known when I got you alone that you were way too into me to know

I fell picture perfect on and off a shelf to a broken frame of mind

See you calling again, I don’t wanna pick up no

This is a story that I've never told 

I hate you, don’t leave me I feel like I can’t breathe

  • Me when my m/f ship becomes canon:Aww, that's adorable! They're so cute together! I'm so happy!

Leelu is less than impressed with Samson’s new outfit 

(based on this fic)

(I’ve never drawn clothes before idk how clothing folds work at all)

About a week ago, I had this million dollar idea that was a seemingly do-able thing for once. I’ve been thinking about it so much that last night I dreamt I was trying to tell Cindy Crawford about it, figuring that she not only knew people in the industry I’d need connections to, but would also invest in it so this idea could become a real product.

The whole dream involved me following her around the Crawford/Gerber mansion and grounds, trying to pitch the idea. She was more interested in searching for baby rabbits, whatever that means. My thoughts kept going back to that dream today, and I finally googled my “brilliant” idea. It turns out THEY’RE ALREADY A THING THAT CAME TO BE IN 2014.

My idea: Sunglasses with lenses that are like Instagram filters. You buy frames and choose whichever lens is your fave IG filter, so you can see the whole world like Lo-Fi (my fave) or whichever filter you prefer.

I’m disappointed in myself for not thinking of this in 2013, and also in Cindy Crawford for being a terrible listener. LEND ME YOUR EARS AND A COUPLE MILL, CINDY.

ETA: Hmm. Ears. Maybe that’s where the search for baby rabbits in the dream came from.

Brains are so weird.


Probably one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen lol

I have a lot of forgotten art in my files.  I have this, art illness that makes me hate everything I do, so there are things I forget to post and never do because I despise them a few days later.  Usually after I post my own artwork I dislike, it gives me more motivation to draw so I can post so much it will go to page 2 of my blog. (and I move on and pretend it never happened) ;w; So I’m posting this creepy centaur woman so I can keep my motivation with commissions up!

Can’t Go Back (Part 3)

Word Count: 2,284


Warnings: Uhhh if you find any let me know :)

Request: Can you write a one shot where Dean and the reader have hooked up numerous times in the past. Then Dean tries to meet up with the reader and she keeps blowing him off and finally he finds her only to find she has a growing baby bump?

A/N: Well it looks like instead of Sam it’s gonna be part 3 cause I got some inspiration for it and just couldn’t stop writing.I’m completely overjoyed that you guys wanted a part 3….so here it goes! Don’t get too mad at me ;)

Part 1

Part 2


“Um y/n? W-what’s….a-are you….y/n?!” Dean just stood there with his mouth hanging open giving you the most uncomfortable stare.

“Dean, come on, close your mouth. You’re gonna catch flies if you don’t.”

Brushing right past you entering your apartment, he turned back around with this look of sorrow or betrayal written on his face. “Is this why you left y/n?” Trying not to look him in the eye, you nodded your head. “Dammit y/n why didn’t you tell me, huh?! And here I thought I drove you away, that I did something wrong!” he was getting louder as he spoke, this was the reasoning behind you leaving, this is what you were afraid of. As his words started to sink in, you started to get frustrated at the fact he had no clue what he did wrong. Standing your ground you looked him dead in the eye.

“This is your fault Dean! You did drive me away!! I was scared okay! Scared of telling you because all I’d ever be to you is sex, I was scared of telling you because I know you don’t want to have a family with me, I was scared of telling you because I know you’ll never love me the way I love you dammit!!”

There he goes again leaving his mouth wide open. Dammit man say something!

Taking in a deep breath and slouching his shoulders he suddenly became interested in the floor. “Y/n, I-I should have told you…none of this would’ve happened and you wouldn’t feel that way if I had just told you the truth.” Great you really were just sex for him and he’s going to tell you he already knew you were falling for him. Good way of making that obvious y/n!

“Y/n I love you, so damn much. Yeah I guess it took me longer too realize it because I didn’t want to believe that I was actually falling for you. That last time you saw me bring a girl home I made her leave after I saw how hurt you looked because I knew I caused it. And that last perfect night we had together I made up the excuse of not wanting to bring a girl home, just so I could have you, it’s always been you!”

You were completely at a loss for words. Is Dean actually saying he loved you back or are you just hearing what you want to hear? No, he’s just saying all this now because he sees that there is a baby involved. Not fully believing in what was being said you started shaking your head, walking past him now to go sit down on the small living room couch.

“Dean….I-I know this is a lot to take in at the moment, you finding me and me being pregnant you don’t have to make up lies to make me think you want this kid. I know we can’t raise a kid in this life it’s too dangerous and I mean who would ever want to have a family with me anyhow? Just go back to the bunker, I have to go to work, you’re going to make me late.”

Dean was starting to get that look on his face again, one where he was mad and stunned at the same time and doesn’t really know what to say.

“Y-Y/n are you serious?! I just poured my heart out to you and you think I’m lying?! I’ve been going crazy these past four months trying to find you! I put a hunter APB out on your ass and finally someone found you! You’re just going to have to quit your job because I need you back at the bunker with me, please.” Making his way towards you he got on both knees, taking your hands into his, looking you straight in the eye. “If you think I don’t want this kid with you then you’re so wrong. I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to start my family with than you. I don’t want to wake up in the morning and you not be in my arms next to me, I can’t live without you in my life. And now that I know that we are going to have a little family to call our own makes me love you even more, if that’s even possible. Please, y/n, come back with me. I’m begging you.”

Never have you seen Dean on his knees actually begging for something, and you swore you could see that his eyes were starting to glisten over with tears. He wasn’t lying! Oh thank God! Looking him straight in those beautiful green eyes, being so elated that you were going to get to see a whole lot more of them, you smiled down at him seeing a little spark of hope show in his eyes.

“Well Mr. Dean Winchester I just have one question.” Giggling softly.

“Anything, what is it?!”

“Are you prepared to be the best daddy ever?” Picking you up he spun you around the room, you’ve never heard such a hearty laugh leave that man’s mouth before and you absolutely loved the sound. The moment he set you down his lips were on yours, that’s when you felt true bliss. And finally it wasn’t because you guys were just having sex it was because he truly loved you which was an amazing feeling that you’d never get tired of having.

“God I love you.” He whispered against your lips after slowly pulling away from the mind blowing kiss. “I have to find Sam first before we head back…I, uh kinda ditched him somewhere in town to get here. I can’t wait to tell him he’s gonna be an uncle! Do you know the gender yet? How far along are you? You feeling okay?” He suddenly bombarded you with questions, even though you were mentally preparing yourself for them.

“No, I want it to be a surprise. Almost 5 months. And yes babe, I feel perfectly fine. You go find Sam while I pack my stuff up so I can be ready when you get back.”

Giving you a quick peck on your lips and showing a smile reaching his eyes he said “Okay baby, I love you, I’ll be back soon for you and our little one.” Laying his hand on your stomach and leaning down to give you another kiss before finally walking to the door.

“Please be careful and good luck. I love you.” Shutting the door behind him, you knew he left after hearing the impala being revved up, then you couldn’t hear the engine anymore.

You were secretly glad Dean had shown up, you were so ready to ditch this town, being absolutely fed up with the way people treated you down at the diner…you were pregnant for Christ’s sake and they were having you do things you definitely shouldn’t be doing while pregnant. You’d miss the regulars you’d have being as they were so nice but you definitely wouldn’t miss the others you worked with. Gathering up what little you owned in your quaint little apartment, you had to admit to yourself were going to miss this place. You had finally owned something with money you had earned the correct way.

Holding and rubbing your stomach has become more and more normal, you’d just absentmindedly do it now. Walking towards the living room to go take a quick break, you were just beginning to sit down, when your ears perk up at the sound of someone knocking. Really?! This sitting down and getting up thing isn’t as easy as it used to be!

After finally getting yourself up, pushing the curtains out of your view looking through the window this time you see its Dean again, accompanied by Sam. Opening the door to let them in Sam stops dead in his tracks and you see he does the same thing he older brother did just a few moments ago, but this time you had your hands holding it so that’s where his eyes travelled to.

He got this wide shocked grin thing going on “Oh my God! Y/n! Y-you’re pre-”

Before Sam had gotten to finish Dean interrupted by patting his back, you could tell Dean had been holding in the news ever since Sam sat down in the impala. “Yup you’re gonna be an uncle, Sammy.” He looked so proud at being able to finally say it out loud.

“This is amazing you two!! Congratulations!! You two are going to be great parents, I just know it!”

“Thanks Sammy, I feel pretty good about it too. Now help me get y/n’s stuff in the car so we can finally go back.”

Once again you were sitting in the back of the impala resting your head against the window and rubbing your stomach gently. A smile crept across your face when you realized that you and Dean were actually going to make this happen, it’ll all work out. You’re going to have that perfect little family.


2 months later

Here you were, 7 months pregnant and Dean wouldn’t even let you lift a finger. You were absolutely delighted when he hopped aboard the daddy train but every once in a while he got just a little bit too over bearing about things. Like what the perfect angle for the crib should be, buying a crap ton of baby proofing contraptions and already putting them on when you still had 2 more months, or (this one was your favorite) buying different baby/parenting books. You were just going to go with your instinct when the time came. People back then didn’t need books on how to take care of their child so why should you? You thought it was something Sam might have considered but he said Dean came up with the idea all on his own. Dean had told you he wanted to be one hundred percent prepared for anything when it happens, so you just let him have his special reading time with his books.

Today was just a perfect day, the sun was out with no clouds, there was a nice cool breeze blowing, so you felt like you needed to get out and walk around, being inside all day wasn’t entertaining.  Dean was in the library reading while Sam was in his room taking a much needed nap after their last hunt. You went in to the library to tell Dean that you were taking the impala down to the store to get food to cook for tonight’s dinner.

“Hey babe, I’m taking Baby, I’m just going to the store I should be back soon.” Seeing as he was totally engrossed with his precious baby learning book all he did was give a slight grunt and you took that as his way of saying ‘okay.’ Grabbing the keys off the hook you waddled up the stairs making your way to the car. It was such a struggle trying to find the perfect position to sit in to drive but you always end up finding it after a couple tries.

Parking down the street next to where the store was you got yourself out without anyone trying to grab at your arm to help or saying ‘here let me get this you just sit tight’ or the constant ‘baby you feeling okay?’ You loved Dean you really did, but you weren’t the helpless baby here, you were just carrying one. So actually being able to be at the store all by yourself for once actually felt kind of good. Once you got all the groceries you needed to make dinner tonight you started making your way back towards the impala, you had unlocked the doors, set the food down in the backseat and just as you turned around to go get behind the wheel, you felt something really hard come into contact with your temple.


“Hey Dean, where’s y/n? I haven’t seen her since I woke up.”

“Uhhhh…she said she was heading to the store like 5 minutes ago.”

“Well what time was it five minutes ago?”

Getting annoyed by his brother’s incessant need to know things, rolling his eyes he replied “I don’t know man like 1:23.”

“Dean! That was five hours ago!” Panic over took Dean’s body and drove him out of his seat to go see if you had come home without him knowing. You weren’t in their room, you weren’t in the baby’s room, and when he finally checked to see if Baby was still there he saw nothing but an empty space with oil staining the concrete floor.

“Oh my God where is she?!”

“Call her Dean, see if she has her phone on. She might have just gone for a walk, I don’t know.”

Quickly pulling out his phone, Dean dialed your number and hoped to God that you’d be ready to pick up, letting him know you were perfectly fine and on your way home.

You answered on the third ring and he desperately asked “Y/n? Y/n? Baby, are you okay? Where are you?” The voice that replied wasn’t the one he loved and knew, it belonged to a faceless monster that made shivers run down his spine and had his fingers ready to reach through the phone to kill whatever answered in your place.

“Hiya, Dean! Didn’t know the Winchester whore was having a kid,” it responded back. “the fun has just doubled right, sweetheart?” it laughed hauntingly before a click made Dean aware that the call had ended.

The dead tones of an ended call was an annoying buzz in Dean’s ear, mocking him of what he had just lost.

spiderfire47 replied to your post “if the “royal” “baby” is called charlotte then i am changing my name”

What, you can share a name with a spider but not a princess? :p

spiders are way better than princesses. they exist outside of the class system. their entire role in society is not to “remind people that they are worth less than you are”, and also they eat flies and stuff so that there are less flies around. what’s not to like.

anonymous asked:

Not that one person can make up for the bucket of stupid people dumped on your dystopian novel post, but I am so genuinely looking forward to your story Everyone deserves the opportunity to read something and have that rush of "x's just like me"

AMEN. like bruh i went to my friend’s house and i saw her little brother (11 to 12-ish years old i think?) reading house of hades and i asked him who his favorite character was and he said “nico di angelo because he’s like me!” so naturally i asked why and you know what he replied? “because he’s cool and awesome and also likes boys!”

representation matters.

Thinking about AoU is turning me into a worried parent:

“Tony, sweetheart, please be careful, okay? Remember your helmet. Mind the gap. Look both ways before you cross the street. Better hold my hand, actually… Don’t talk to strangers. If something happens to you I’ll fucking lose it, you hear?

Wear a sweater!”