So, that post about “deal with invasive irrational thoughts by imagining Spock getting logical at you?” that’s going around?

Okay, so, obviously, that is *super* helpful for some folks, and that’s awesome (and why i’m making a separate post rather than getting all up in the notes for that post). And I think the comment I saw on one reblog calling it SBT (Spock Behavioural Therapy) as a play on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is super cute and pretty accurate and I do think finding ways to make these sorts of symptom management techniques accessible and kinda fun is pretty great!

However, I do just want to point out that, very much like CBT generally, this kind of “combat your irrational stuff with logic and evidence” stuff does not work for everyone, and that is okay. 

Some folks’ irrational intrusive thoughts/feelings respond well to CBT. Some folks’ dont. As someone whose crazy doesn’t respond well to CBT, despite literally years of therapists trying and trying, if one approach to therapy doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re useless, or not trying hard enough, or whatever, I promise. I say this specifically because there was a long time for which I felt, and in some cases was made to feel, that I wasn’t trying hard enough because CBT did not work for me.

The thing with CBT in particular, for me, is that the ‘logic’ approach would often just make me feel worse, because given my own history of being gaslit by an abusive parent, and having my feelings invalidated, the logic approach would often just feel like another way of doing that.

Finding a therapist who was willing to discuss other techniques and approaches was really important. CBT has tended to be a go-to for a lot of therapists, and there’s varying reasons for that, but it’s important to remember that it is only one approach, not the whole of psychology. The first other approach I tried didn’t work that well for me, but after seeing another psychiatrist, giving DBT a good long go has resulted in being much more able to manage intrusive thoughts/feelings and a bunch of other stuff. 

It’s difficult, because access to mental health treatment can be time consuming and costly and just not an option for some folks (particularly where access to healthcare generally is already a problem). But where possible, please, please try and find out about the kinds of approaches your doctors/therapists are trained in and/or willing to consider. Having the support of a therapist can be critical, but if you don’t have that option available to you, a number of different approaches will have material available, and workbooks, and all sorts of things that can likely be found online with some searching. They’re not going to be perfect, but in my experience it’s certainly better than feeling like you’re unhelpable.

it always cracks me up when people say that pearlmethyst is incestuous bc literally the only two gems with familial relations are steven and rose 


Wanda & Pietro talk in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron clip


I haven’t seen anyone talk about this yet so…

We all know about this picture:

Where the symbols each relate to a character. Pine Tree = Dipper, Shooting Star = Mabel, Weird Symbol = Stan, Question Mark = Soos, etc.

(Oddly enough, Stanley relates to two of the symbols: The Glasses and The Six-Fingered Hand. I’m not sure if that’s relevant or not…)

But here’s the thing…

That picture was on an actual page in one of the journals:

So I guess what I want to know is…

How did Stanley know that he was going to meet these people when he wrote the journals 30+ years ago? And if it’s something that he copied down, say from Bill himself, then just how big is Bill’s grand scheme? I mean, we know that Bill “knows lots of things” and I’m sure that time works differently for demon doritos than it does for humans. Still though, it’s worth noting that all of the character interactions that have existed in the show haven’t just been by chance, they’ve essentially been destiny. And come June, we’ll finally find out why.

Boxx told me in January that she just wanted to make one more run at a World Cup for the game she loved. ‘What is the worst Jill can say to me? “Sorry, you didn’t make it,”’ Boxx said. 'Well at least I know I tried.’

Ellis, in fact, did not say that, and had much more to offer on Boxx’s inclusion.

'Shannon Boxx has made a remarkable turnaround from her form in December to April,’ Ellis told me recently. 'We played her in the closed door game versus New Zealand last week and she played 90 minutes, scored a goal, and went box to box. It was remarkable.’

—  Julie Foudy for espnW
the signs and what they'd buy at old navy
  • Aries:american flag flips flops
  • Taurus:boot cut jeans
  • Gemini:$10 dress
  • Cancer:maternity shirts
  • Leo:USA graphic tee
  • Virgo:green khaki capris
  • Libra:sheer dress made of 200,000 Swarovski crystals
  • Scorpio:women's linen-blended cropped pants
  • Sagittarius:nothing (you spent all your money on booze)
  • Capricorn:gets kicked out of the store for excessive nudity
  • Aquarius:itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini that she wore for the first time today
  • Pisces:socks