that's what practice is for right


you’re just my type

what’s a boy to do?

oh, i think i’m into you

Genderfluid!Bucky, using he/she pronouns equally

Watching old movies to catch up on what he missed, and she gets to the nineties and is like hell yeah, then he decides to go out and buy clothes JUST LIKE THAT

And everyone is pretty sure she just needs fashion help but hes like no fu Im gonna look cute af.

And she’s right. Of course.


mads mikkelsen and hugh dancy in behind the scenes of king arthur


"When they say housemates, they do have separate bedrooms, don’t they?"


Swan Queen AU - Emma has quite the schoolgirl-crush on Regina, only problem with crushes like that is the fact that they tend to make you seem dumber than you really are, and Regina clearly wants a smart and sophisticated partner…or does she?

Dave: => Spot dorky kid from your school

=> fulfill Random Act of Ironic Kindness for the day

=> ignore Inner Bro scoffing at your utter failure at Irony

=> cease caring as soon as Dorky Kid gives you a small, watery smile of thanks

random thing ‘cause I’ve been reading too much DaveJohn fic which has resulted in FEELINGS.

it’s a tricky business, playing a game in which you’re unsure of the pieces.
and in this game, i fear losing is not an option.

Look at you, cowering on the ground! Allies? Friends? Laugh and say that you’re going to die from the goosebumps! Say it! Say that you don’t care how much weaklings like us try to flock together! Isn’t that the kind of guy you are!? I’m telling you to say it!!

If you don’t say it, I… I can’t kill you!!


Aaron + Charlie | 2.15

"It’s like ‘The Matrix’."

Have some random sketches. I apologise for how bad some of them are, but this is just the scrap paper I keep in my jacket that I finally filled.