that's it just a bow

I feel so cute as Sakura! I’m going to play dress up games and practice violin ~ it’s such a nice sunny day !!

Wig from; Skirt; 

no stop

somebody wanted to know once

what Saviorsverse GHB’s voice sounds like.

And I had a song in mind but then I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE, but I found a good replacement with that really chocolatey sound I was looking for. U-U  Really great and nice to listen to (except for the times he gets pissed off and starts yelling at people but I don’t have a song for that). Also a great bonus, the song is somewhat sinister-sounding.  

A++ lullaby, totally soothing, also would make a great lyricstuck about his relationship with the Condesce in this universe—“The lion still has claws/and mine are long and sharp, my lord/as long and sharp as yours.” It would be beautiful.


REVOLUTION | S2 | Charlie & Bass

Matheson and Monroe.

((quick Incredibly Anime pearlnet for a warmup and also pearlnetuesday

gemships r fun to draw))



[] he's jumping for joy on the inside too guys, i swear xD

sitting next to a cute guy at mass and just holding the frick out of his hand during the our father

also speaking of birthdays I hope there’s lots of happy shiganshina trio art on my dash for mine ::crosses fingers::

how weird was it realizing that i actually do dress for my body shape? i mean i don’t dress to cover it, but i recognize that there are different ways to accentuate it and some ways work better for me than others. i love to bring attention to my calves and shoulders, as an example. i am very aware of my body shape and i know what i’m comfortable with. and i’m slightly terrified of what’s going to happen once i start hrt, but whatever, i know i’ll figure it out. maybe.

I think I got a burn vaguely disguised as a compliment today. I mean, I know I’m not gorgeous or anything but I didn’t think I looked THAT bad today. Other than my hair which is always a disaster.