that's a thing apparently

Seasonal gift shopping finally complete.  I am not going outside during daylight hours again until January, because I just … I swear there are some people who only go shopping once a year, and they save up all their unpleasantness, all their rudeness, and all their uncouth behaviour all year long and let it out in public in the weeks before Christmas.  Just … ugh.


Don’t you dare give up on the shots I’ve worked so hard to receive! I’m a libero. A vital part of our team’s formation. And yet, scoring points is impossible for me. I’m not allowed to attack. I have no intention of blaming you, no matter how many of your spikes don’t go through. But to just accept defeat so selfishly…That’s something I cannot forgive


As far as I’m concerned, there is one thing about the one-armed cave picture that I think seems totally legit.


"How to (Not) Keep Your Cool: A Guide" (By: INFINITE H)