that would be cute

  • Him:I hear typing sounds, what are you doing?
  • Me:Translating stuff for my khh blog!
  • Him:Stop it.
  • Me:Why? I have fun doing it.
  • Him:Pay attention to me. And you should get paid. You could be sleeping right now.
  • Me:You right...

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Could you write something where Owen wakes up in the trailer (after a week or so of being together) and hears Amelia singing in the shower? He sneaks up to the door, listening to her, until she forgets the lyrics and stops. He shouts the next line, expecting her to laugh or be embarrassed or something, but she just takes the line and keeps on singing, like this is a completely normal thing. And he laughs.

Owen picked up his watch from the end table next to his bed and squinted his eyes to read it. 7:37. He dropped it back on the table, closed his eyes again, and knocked his head back on the pillow. He thought about his breakfast and his day, and for a moment, forgot about his previous night. He forgot until he rolled over and saw the empty spot on the bed, and the memory flooded his brain. Amelia.

Amelia spent the night with him, they had spent the night together talking, and loving, and being. It felt like a weird part of him connected to Amelia Shepherd in a way he could never have dreamed of before. He couldn’t explain any part of it except how it felt: right and good and real. He reached over the bed to glance at the floor, to see if she had already left, but her clothes were still scattered on the floor. He smiled, then climbed off his bed and pulled on a pair of his boxers.

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Oh my god, I was just walking my dog and this fox just appeared out of nowhere and at first its just staring at me, and then it wondered over to us and luckily my dog was friendly enough for it to sniff her and then it started playing with my dogs ball oh my god i wish i had my camera i’ve never seen a fox this friendly ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


pls enjoy Michael’s moves and Luke’s lil laugh

Ok but can you imagine Phil staying up late the night before dans birthday trying to make him a cake. And the absolute mess he would make and the non-stop clatter of bowls falling and spoons and dan just gets up at 1am thinking “wtf” and he goes into the kitchen and phils just covered in flour and cake batter and cAN YOU JUST IMAGINE THE SMILE ON THAT MEME LOVING FUCKS FACE


Scribbles from my twitter.

Alpha squad with their fancy weapons.

Btw weapons. i just drew jane’s fork, when i realized she can fight with that fork… No u don’t understand she CAN fight with it, so she probably really pro martial fighter! I like that idea how a cute chubby lady can beat the shit out of you.