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Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 Preview

So a few thoughts

  • My God that art is gorgeous
  • Out of the context of Secret Wars, the rest of the story and the dread of what may ensue from this event, these pages are actually pretty nice and don’t character assassinate anyone as Slott is want to do.
  • The breakfast table scene is legitimately really great and what many of us have wanted from Spider-Man as a parent
  • I stand by what I’ve said before this is the Spider-Man we should’ve had long ago and should still have now
  • Mary Jane seems to lean a bit towards the bouncy Party Girl persona Slott writes her as. Here it is mostly okay. MJ was like that, though he may or may not be working in stereotypes of what MJ was like in the marriage “You need to not spend as much time as Spider-Man, yadda, yadda”. In fairness to this one scene though given the context that portrayal is fine
  • I doubt we’re gonna mention baby May or anything like that
  • The dead heroes thing doesn’t sound too good for our family man Peter Parker
  • Peter Parker working as a photgrapher for the Daily Bugle which is being run by J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson and had Ben Urich there too. Oh, old classic status quo how I’ve missed thee amidst the Dexter Bennet/Frontline/Mayor Jameson/HORIZON labs/Parker industries nonsense
  • We still don’t know what’s up with the technology of this story. Apart from comments about the Bugle being relevant since print these days is in decline, there are some old ass phones and VCRs in these images. My guess is that since Annie is a baby here and we know by issue #4 she is going to be significantly older this story is set in the past. This makes a bit more sense if this is spinning off from the Clone Saga and Annie is supposed to be this universe’s baby May. But since Mayday is brown haired, and this story is referencing OMD I think it’s more than possible this is an Earth where the Devil Deal never happened and Annie is in fact the result of the Parker’s second pregnancy. But for some reason technology is more retro in this universe. Whatever, you can say the events of this Universe happened at an earlier point in history. I do wonder what the divergent point is though. Peter not joining the Avengers? The unmasking not happening? Or maybe it did happen but post-mindwipe Peter and MJ stayed together. I doubt RYV will address this
  • The different wedding dress annoys me. Meh, let’s headcanon that the Parkers literally renewed their vows at some point and MJ wore a different dress
  • The first words of this story are: “In a perfect world this was always how it was meant to be”. And the title is “Why we can’t have nice things”. Either Slott and Marvel are trying to lull us into thinking the worst or what most of us suspected from the moment the first teaser image in 2014 appeared is being straight up telegraphed to us. Also Slott is more than likely making a commentary about how marriage and kids makes things perfect for Peter and he is now ‘too happy’. Which we can’t have
Separate Lives, Addicted to Love

Ok… so… happy birthday to me? And thanks to spartanguard for the banner. This is PWP… Pool without Plot (cause that is what stands for, right?)

(And thank you from the bottom of my heart to phiralovesloki who selflessly reached out to me yesterday to help me with my tumblr issues and contacted support on my behalf. You are a true rockstar!) 

Addicted to Love

“Tell me again, where are we going?” Emma asked curiously as she got out of his car.

“I told you, Swan. It’s a surprise.” Killian said as he smirked at her, grabbing her hand and pulling her to him for a kiss. “We’ve been busy with work these past few days, I thought we could have some alone time.”

“Then why are we here and not back at your place, in your bed?” She asked mischievously.

He cocked an eyebrow at her. “There will be time for that…” He said capturing her mouth in a soft kiss. “Now, shall we?” He said as he motioned her through a black door.

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tbh i was never going to start watching gmw. i didn’t think a spinoff would do bmw justice. but then i saw how popular the show has gotten, and the first ship i heard of was lucaya. so i planned to watch it and probably ship lucaya because it seemed to have great potential. but then there was the whole “you’re better than that” scene, the tables were turned and rucas pulled me right in.

                      “ you made a really deep cut ..
                                … and b a b y now we got bad blood
                       a messy breakup playlist { listen here }

01. go to hell ++ go radio // 02. picture to burn ++ taylor swift // 03. honestly ++ hot chelle rae // 04. beggin’ on your knees ++ victorious cast // 05. don’t say anything ++ sleeping with sirens // 06. reflections ++ misterwives // 07. life of the party ++ a rocket to the moon // 08. according to you ++ orianthi // 09. gives you hell ++ the all-american rejects // 10. i don’t miss you at all ++ selena gomez & the scene // 11. tables turned ++ neck deep // 12. really don’t care ++ demi lovato feat. cher lloyd // 13. break your heart right back ++ ariana grande feat. childish gambino // 14. it’s alright, it’s ok ++ ashley tisdale // 15. bad blood ++ taylor swift

Fic of the week!

Each Monday I will do a fic of the week post where I will recommend something I’ve read that I think you might enjoy. They will also be compiled on a link on my sidebar. In this way, I can still recommend stuff but keep my fic rec list to myabsolute favorites.

Without further ado, this week featured fic is

A Somewhat Terrible Idea by blessed-but-distressed (Randomsquare)

Why? Because it’s the fake dating trope with a twist. And the focus is more on their work and the mystery around Killian being followed then the faking… extra points for having a pool table scene! It’s a WIP but it’s far advanced…

(A/N: Send me link to fics you think I might want to broadcast here… they have to be either complete or far advanced in the plot and updated regularly. I’ll read pretty much everything but there has to be a happy ending. I can take angst if there is happines in the end. I’ll read them and then either rec or not based on my personal preference).

js&mn ep 2

*slams fist on table* SCENE WITH THE SAND HORSES WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND MAGNIFICENT AND BRILLIANT JFC THANK YOU LORD WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE where are all the gifs i want to reblog them all or to make my own

also: childermass eyerolling… i just… yes. gOOD. very g. ood. astonishing. this is pure art

anonymous asked:

Pool table scene, you should make it like a little comic, man when liam keeps fucking zayn after he sees the ring, shit its so perfect. Do it

asdfghjkl;s lorddd i cant draw smut to save my life tbh.



I can’t stop watching this. I love it. Especially the table scene.