that really pissed me off

People who ridicule and make fun of others for not being to able afford things / being poor really piss me off. Some of us got bills to pay, living pay check to pay check isn’t fucking easy and it’s so hard. But we survive and we try to make ends meet so yeah that means we can’t afford certain things like band merc because it’s not a necessity, because the water bill is more important than buying albums. It’s not something that we can just fix by getting a job cause guess what the money you earn with a job has to go towards keeping a roof over your head.

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Do you think it crazy for a person to want to be physically female but wants to be called male/ or non-binary pronouns? just want to make sure I'm not crazy


Speaking as someone who is literally crazy, I hate everything about this question. In the future, you may want to consider that

 a) some people have mental illness, possibly including the people you’re addressing 

 b) being “crazy” does not discredit you from being right, or revoke your bodily autonomy. Crazy people deserve to make decisions about their lives and their bodies too.


Look, I’ll be the first to make fun of Bruce and criticize the shit out of his behavior

but if you’re going to call him ‘crazy’, deny the fact that he’s obviously suffering from PTSD at the very LEAST, and then in the same breath also defend Jason’s mental issues (which he ALSO HAS), you can go fuck off

I’m really not in the mood for the fandom’s ‘pick and choose’ mentality when it comes to which character’s mental issues they’re going to discuss and which character they’re going to throw under the bus because it’s ‘funny’.

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Elderberry! (God it feels so strange to write just a random word in an ask. Like I just kicked your door in, interrupted whatever you were doing, screamed "Elderberry!" and then ran out laughing like a maniac ... anyway, headcanons. :) )

I’m laughing so hard oh my god xD

Hurt/Comfort Headcanon (like…for Cecilos, right? I’m assuming.)

This turned into what isn’t really a headcanon but more like a really shittily written synopsis of a non-existent fic so…oops?

i went so fucking overboard on this and you have no one to blame but yourself because YOU PICKED THE H/C ONE NOT ME.

I really think Cecil pisses off a lot of people, especially since he started being more open about stuff and his opinions instead of how he used to be (like, pre-StrexCorp Cecil) and when Carlos and him moved in together Carlos noticed he gets weird dark blue envelopes with tiny black writing on it in the mail sometimes and it freaks him out because Cecil hides them and never ever talks about it even when Carlos asks…And then he disappears for a few hours every couple of weeks and Carlos is really concerned and confused for a while because whenever he comes back he’s tired and doesn’t want to be touched or talk at all he just wants to sleep for like a day and then one time Cecil forgets to put make-up on over the burn marks or it rubs off or something and Carlos finally sees them and Cecil reluctantly tells him about how the cards he gets are for him to go through re-education (and he never really talks about the details bc he thinks it’s better if Carlos doesn’t know).

And Carlos is REALLY UPSET because his poor Cecil and he wants them to like leave Night Vale completely or do SOMETHING and Cecil is like It’s not that bad, it’s okay…And Carlos just hugs him and shit and takes care of him and does everything for him whenever it happens, like he does all this cute shit like fixes him his favorite food and curls up with him on the couch and watches whatever Cecil wants to on the tv and whatever he can to make Cecil smile and feel better because perfect Carlos is perfect.

(Could stop here…am not going to…)

And then one morning a card shows up at their door and Cecil sighs and opens it and wonders what he did this time and IT’S NOT FOR HIM it’s for CARLOS (and he suddenly remembers Carlos coming on the radio show last time and talking about seeing or hearing or talking about [enter illegal, probably scientifically interesting, Night Vale subject here]) and then Carlos comes up behind him and puts his head on his shoulder and tries to read it and Cecil pushes him away suddenly and just leaves, gets in the car, and drives off without saying anything…and he goes to City Council (who I’m assuming is who gives the orders for that) and begs them to reconsider and says it was all his fault and he’s the one who told Carlos about _____ and told him to talk about it on the show and to his utter relief they believe him (mostly because he’s constantly the one pissing them off and Carlos is still pretty new and hasn’t had much of a chance to annoy them, at least not as much) and then they put him through another (worse) session to punish him and after he can’t even get to his car because he can’t even remember where he parked it right now and so he just sorta sits down outside the building in a daze until finally someone calls Carlos and tells him this…

And then he finally gets there and Cecil is still just leaning against the wall and Carlos kneels beside him, and he doesn’t want to touch him but he also does, and so he just gently murmurs his boyfriend’s name and Cecil looks up at him but doesn’t even seem to recognize him, and he doesn’t say anything, and Carlos manages to haul him up and to the car (that was thankfully not parked that far away) and then takes him home and has to practically carry Cecil to bed…and the radio host sleeps for two days straight after and Carlos is by his side almost every second of it kissing him and tending to his wounds and all that and he’s really afraid because it didn’t even seem like Cecil knew who he was before and he doesn’t know what the hell he’s going to do if Cecil doesn’t remember him…

And then Cecil wakes up sometime on the third morning and Carlos is sleeping next to him and he puts his arms around the scientist and kisses him and says, “Good morning” with a sweet little smile like nothing happened and Carlos very carefully asks him about what was on the letter he got and what happened and Cecil squints at him and says, “What letter?” and Carlos says, “…What did we do last night?” and Cecil kisses his nose and says that they watched the a science documentary that Carlos had wanted to see (which was what they did THREE nights ago) and so Carlos frowns and opens his mouth and then closes it again and thinks about what he should say and then decides to say nothing at all, because maybe it’s better this way, and so when Cecil asks, “What’s wrong?” he shakes his head and smiles and says, “Nothing,” and Cecil holds him tighter and he never mentions that he remembers everything, and he never mentions that he would do it again in an instant, because long story short Cecil Palmer would rather die than see his perfect-haired, wonderful, lovely Scientist hurt.

What the fuck did I just write?

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"A car that works" lol no Bianca a "car that works" is what 90% of teenagers have. Some shitty car that five people have owned before them. Most teens are just grateful to have a car that runs. So don't describe a Mercedes Benz one of the most expensive and prestigious car brands in the world, that your daddy bought for you as a "car that works"

You know what, I usually wouldn’t answer something like this but this really fucking pissed me off and shocked me by how rude this was. I’m extremely grateful for the car I have and I’m aware of what it is. In no way shape or form have I ever showed it off in a “I think I’m better than anyone way” This was extremely rude and you know nothing about me. And why the fuck does it matter if my dad bought it for me or not. Does it really affect your life? Don’t ever message me something like this again, and it just humors me you’re on anon. Have a great day and hopefully this changes your outlook the next time you even think about sending someone anon hate :) 

it really pisses me off when i see people who are SO SO fucking anti naruto now after the ending continue to follow the franchise and even watch the trailer to the new boruto movie. it’s like, i get that the more you expose yourself to these stuff the more material you’ll have to complain but at the same time it’s like what are you doing? you know it’s gonna be shit, you know it’s gonna be an asspull and you know it’s going to hurt you.

it’s like so many people in this fandom, without realizing it, is in a kind of weird “abusive” relationship where they just keep coming back to the “abuser”.

i’m against the ending of naruto and i’m against SO many things in the way the characters and story are treated in the ending and dude i didn’t even bother reading chapter 700 cause chapter 699 was terrible for me. i saw the leaks of 700 and i was like im not gonna deal with this. so i didnt read chapter 700, i didnt watch the last, and im sure as hell not going to watch the trailer of the boruto movie.

i’ve seen people make excuses like “i just wanna see how much it’ll suck” “i dont pay for the movie” etc etc

BUT ITS LIKE who cares like i still complain about naruto but at least i dont purposely dive myself into more of the shitty things they’re producing. 

i know im probably gonna get hate for this but tbh i dont really care. someone need to point this out since what a lot of you are doing is so weirdly hypocritical it’s just so sad.

There’s a certain type of pseudointellectual that I keep running across in my social circles of college-uneducated friends that really pisses me off. It’s the pseudointellectual who invalidates others and presents weak arguments for their opinions but uses big words and occasionally links to something (that typically isn’t correct), all in order to receive admiration and validation about their intellectual prowess while maintaining an air of condescension.

I find it immensely pleasing to crush them.

My teenage cousins are starting to go out drinking and hanging around with older guys even though they’re both under 16 and my Grandmother is really pissed off. She then said to me “I can’t believe you turned out to be the normal one”.

Even my own family think I’m a normie.

the-cellist-in-portland replied to your post:Just when I was feeling better about MCU and…

Ugh. I love Mark, but it’s really pissing me off that we had all these supposed lead-ins to a big Clintasha reveal, and then this happens. To have her fall for a guy that terrorized her disgusts me.

So much this. The shipbaiting is why it pisses me off so much.  If there hadn’t been so many signs and I hadn’t actually thought it would happen I wouldn’t be as upset about no Clintasha.  But even if I didn’t ship Clintasha I could still hate Bruce/Natasha because of exactly that.  She was so terrified of the Hulk, and the fact that they’re glorifying that now, that they’re taking that first scene where *Bruce* scares the shit out of her and leaves her practically shaking and calling that “desire” makes me feel so sick.  It’s so abusive and gross and I can’t believe that this is the ship they went with. Disgusted is right.

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hey you havent reblogged anything about the troye drama thats really immature of you, you seem like you just care about tronnor and pretend nothing happened -__-

Anon, the reason why i haven’t reblogged anything is because i didn’t want to bring any attention to it. But here’s my opinion (this really pissed me off btw, don’t you know me at all??)

When i saw the replies troye tweeted to a couple twitter users i immediately started crying and felt so, so bad for him, because this is the ONE thing i didn’t want to happen. Troye makes assumptions from what he sees his fans say about him, and the thought of him thinking that we care more about his ships than him as an individual breaks my heart. I’m sure he knows about the other part of the fandom which is really sweet and admires troye, (don’t even get me started on why troye is way better than his ships and how he didn’t get his fame from troyler)  but i hate the fact that troye now knows that a lot of his fandom thinks like this. Imagine how bad, sad and untalented troye must have felt when he saw these tweets? even though he dragged them in a kind of comical way, i thought that it really must have hurt him.

Then i saw his dm’s to the people to whom he replied, now that’s when i cried even harder. First off, he admited that what the person said really hurt his feelings. If he said that, it was probably because he’s just realized what some people really think of him, and that made me sad. Second off, he said that he was tired of feeling so awkward and scared and so aware in all of his relationships because of the internet. THIS is probably the worst thing of all. I thought that the majority of us managed to keep shipping very private, without tweeting troye anything regarding it, without mentioning him on tumblr or tagging him etc. But no, he is aware to the point he is tired of it. Third off, there was no need for Troye to dm these people, yet he did and apologized (which he didn’t have to do either, maybe he shouldn’t have responded to the hate but as a result of hurting his feelings he felt like he needed to respond, which is totally understandable, heck he even deleted them), which shows how much he cares for his fans (even though we knew this even before those dm’s) and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. He is so close to us and connects so much with his audience. Not a lot of famous people are like him, and we have that privilege. I think people should think more highly of Troye. 

How Baekhyun.. May have changed my life... [Please Read]

Please read this… I promise you its really worth the read.

So, If any of you know me personally.. You’d know I have an extreme love hate relationship with Baekhyun over the past 3 years.

It’s not that I never liked him its just he use to rub me the wrong way and most of it is my own fault.

I think you all remember the so called “secret” staff member when exo debuted that Baekhyun was how do I say this nicely… Well, An asshole.

I was one of those fans that believed almost every word of it, and I judged Baekhyun’s personality Solely on bullshit and lies.

He did over the 1st year showcase his asshole tendencies, and it really pissed me off, the way he’d act toward members his attitude and his less the comparable comments on things I felt were way out of line. So I had more of a reason to dislike him, but I never hated him. It’s just he was far from my style.

So during “Wolf” era and “Growl” he still maintained this nasty ora about him, that made me just hate his guts. Yes “hate”,  I couldn’t explain why I disliked it so much, how he’d point out things that one you shouldn’t do infront of people and two how he thought it was okay to make people feel like crap, even if he felt it was funny. 

It also didn’t help he was so fucking loud, and I tried figuring out  why I hated him so much fucking over the past few days.. is he is like my mother in so many ways only my mother did this to be cruel and in a unhealthy way, and not to make people smile.

Over the past year, I’d say a lot has changed on how I feel about Baekhyun.. I really have come to love him so much, I felt I never gave him a chance and I only wanted a reason to hate him, because of my own flaws and and mistakes.  I was angry at the wrong person per say. 

I remember I spoke Ill of Baekhyun’s character. I remember the first K-POP album I received was the XOXO album, I never brought K-POP albums before because  for what ever reason I never did. Anyways, I brought both versions and I received Kris my UB and Baekhyun. I remember being so angry for receiving Baekhyun that I started to dislike him even more. I felt like I couldn’t stand his presence and his face. I was discussed of him.

It also didn’t help seeing his interviews and attitude just kept rubbing me the wrong way. I know what your thinking its a photo card, you don’t know Baekhyun.. around this time I was going through a lot with my mother and family and it didn’t help I pinned most of my anger on someone I didn’t know.

So when growl came out surprise surprise I get Baekhyun not once but twice because I felt they accidentally gave me two.. and once again I was angry and I wasn’t happy… 

I remember a friend and I talked about members we wouldn’t want to be trapped in a room with and I said Baekhyun… and I remember saying I know he’d make fun of me and how I looked or pick on my flaws. I remember being so angry at my mother at the time that I said, “I wouldn’t piss on him even if he was on fire, I’d probably beat his ass with a baseball bat”. To my friends that was funny, but to me I was serious. I never knew I had such anger toward someone I didn’t know.

I feel showtime for me was a small blessing in disguise, because I haven’t talked to my mother in I’d say 4 months since and I felt like I knew Baekhyun a bit better, still and Asshole, but loving.. funny an charismatic. I started to care about him and stopped having this pinned up anger towards him… 

I saw him a Byun Baekhyun an not that asshole in EXO…

So, 2014 hits and for me it was such a trying year for my real life. I lost my father a month before Kris left… the previous year I was already dealing with cutting, and a eating disorder and my mother making me feel worthless. School wasn’t going well and nothing seemed to go right for me. EXO means a lot to me personally because they helped me though a lot when people in my own life would brush me off and not take me serious.

Sort of how I treated Baekhyun. So when my dad died it was terrible worst time in my life, and when Kris left I just felt everything I cared about was leaving and on top of that my mother had a heart attack and I just felt nothing and no one can understand how terrible shit was going for me.

I didn’t want to eat of talk.. long story short I was depressed, I was also fired from my job the day I found out my dad passed. So my whole world was crashing… It sucked. It really did, but I was so strong for everyone else that I lost myself. 

So, I doubt if you guys remember but I remember before the Tae incident Baekhyun followed an American Actress .. can’t remember her name [edit later if I do] and everyone went and attacked her and called her name. I remember coming for his defence even with a lot going on telling people to not attack him, to understand him and he’s a fan… I never really cared for him and wanting to protect him, but I did usually I’d ignore that ignorance but I couldn’t.. Fast Forward to his “Dating Scandal” and I defended him, I wanted to have his back. 

I did when he started to no be himself and he stopped posting on insta, I was still having a hard time and I remember commenting on his insta, once a month be strong, and smile… just hoping he’d be ok.

I never knew I cared about the kid because I felt he was going through a lot and I could relate to someone dealing with a lot, and I would think “wow” this kid isn’t the much of an asshole I understand him, I felt him and I wanted to know he was okay.

So when he started commenting to fans he reminded me much of myself, afraid to let people in fear of being hurt but wanting to know he’s still loved. Sort of what I wanted from my mom, even though I knew she’d say things to hurt me I always knew she has time where she is a mom and she does care, yet I can never fully accept it, but I could never hate her… even though my whole family doesn’t like her, she’s still my mother I could never ever hate her.

So I started to appreciate him more and care for him more, kid get lots of shit but If people understood him and he takes away that asshole exterior and keeps showing his heart.. he’d get some much more love and understanding. Which is when the EXO’LuXion concert happened and he broke down and cried… 

I kid you not that was the first time I’ve cried in almost a year. I almost never cry. I always say crying doesn’t make you weak, it makes you stronger and strong enough to let what’s hurting you go. My mother is now ok, but we haven’t talk in 4 months and it was through a text message saying “Merry Christmas” I’ve accepted that I will never have a relationship with my mother, and I guess I’m okay with that, but what isn’t okay is keeping what hurting you bottled up. I was finally okay with letting that all go. It was because of him, and it’s strange I know, but he was their to confront everyone, just how I was when I was at my father funeral. Refusing to cry but cheering people up… much like Baekhyun was and the one day, you have this support that people love, and they are here to protect you and I finally just let it all go.

I have a different love him know. He really has grown and matured so much that I wish my mother would try, but like I said… I’ve excepted that some people never change or grow, and I really love Baekhyun for helping me move on in a stage in my life and he has no idea how much he means to me for that.

I wish I could apologize for thinking of him in such a Ill mannered way, but he’s really opened my eyes in 1 year more then my mother has in 23 and he’s an Idol… and my mother is my mother. That saids a lot about someone doesn’t it.

The anti Jorge shit on here is really pissing me off.

When I return from dealing with shit and am sure I’m not just being sensitive I’ll be culling a few people from my follow list.

It’s so fucking rude that some people can’t or don’t say a single good thing about him EVER but can quote/photo/gif/comment on any error or problem.

I’ve had enough of it.

ok but the one thing that REALLY pisses me off about tumblr is the whole “omg tall boys!! if ur under 6ft idgaf about u ://” like… do you not realize how fucking harmful that is.. body hatred comes in all forms and how many boys wish they were taller? a whole fucking lot. dont go around shaming people for something that they literally cannot change

TUMBLR IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF! Everytime I try to post a picture, they stay like this. SHIT! This only happens to me? Srsly, I’m very tired of it.

smth that really pissed me off was that in this town some women have those necklaces w Fatmas Hand and ??? they sell thwm w/o saying a word abt islam like ?????? fuck off fuck off fuck off

sonicthehedgegod said: lmao I posted a few rants about that show a while back… it always made me feel too shitty and cynical. Like it was funny but everyone was an asshole and the plot always left too much fucked up shit to be implied. Plus they depicted his situation as like way less fucked than it was like it always made me feel bad about my problems because the solution to all of his was apparently “laugh it off with a cynical edge” idk it just always made me feel really sad I was like eight and it would piss me off because I could always think of super easy solutions to all the conflicts within like five minutes of the episode starting but they would just do stupid arbitrary shit instead. So I mean I’m channeling my ten y/o self rn like I just remember loving it but always feeling either really sad or really really annoyed/frustrated at the end of every episode and it took me till like 2005 to g realize I just didn’t like it


Yeah i see what you mean i always got pist too because Timmy always wished for pointless shit that would OBVIOUSLY fuck it up more. And like i got that that was kind of the point but as an annoying kid i was like “uh….NO NO DONT DO THAt” Timmy is a shitlord that’s the core problem. Also i didnt like how it handled the whole Trixie and Tootie thing. Like Tootie was basically the Meg Griffin of the show and there wasnt a Token Chick in the gang so other than Trixie and here friends their werent a lot of girl characters. Im sure that there was FINALLY an episode were Tootie got some like good shit handed to her. idk they could have written her better imo.

PETA Is A Joke

I’m sorry, but this is so fucking stupid. PETA is claiming that this is what a sheep looks like after it has been sheared. In case you were wondering, this is what a sheep ACTUALLY looks like after it has been sheared:

And that isn’t some “best case” scenario, believe me, I live in a place that has more sheep than people, and all sheared sheep look like that. It does not hurt the animal at all, aside from perhaps the odd slip with the shears resulting in a minor graze. In fact, shearing sheep is necessary for their wellbeing, because domesticated sheep do not shed their wool like a non domesticated sheep would, which can to them looking like this:

This is Shrek, yes, that is actually his name, notice how you can’t see his legs or face? That’s not good. He is a sheep who escaped his field and went wandering for six years, resulting in a sixty pound fleece. This is actually dangerous because it can cause overheating and if they get on their back the weight stops them from getting up again, they can die from this. PETA really cares about money and attention more than animals.

So yeah, fuck PETA, buy wool…and while you’re at it buy some goddamn honey because the bees need the help.