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Today, Jason was answering a few fan questions and one of the girls asked him a questions about Bellarke then put “ ( Not in a romantic way)” so he could actually notice her for once and answer her question. Listen here,  if you ship Bellarke do NOT be ashamed to show it. Be proud. You ship  a man who is not only an amazing leader, but genuinely kind and caring person with a woman who is powerful,strong and smart. You ship a man who does NOT believe he should be the only leader and truly respects and believes in everything his female companion says. There is NOTHING wrong with that. It is rational, healthy and completely beautiful and nothing the writers say will change that. So please, please don’t hide your passion and love for Bellarke. Just because it isn’t canon it doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It doesn’t mean that what they share doesn’t exist. Love is based on trust,friendship and care. Kissing and sex is just extras along the way. Remember, we watched these two characters develop together into the leaders they are today. Be proud of that.



Today at my new gym after I got done working out I was waiting for my ride and this girl came up to me and just started gushing about my work ethic and how happy and focused I look and how I seem like I’m enjoying myself and in such a good mood but also really committed and tireless and put in work and she just admired me so much and I felt so so so good like on some real shit to be going through what I’m going through and having that confirmation that my spirit is still very much in tact and that this, all of it, is so necessary to my growth and progress as a woman. Like I must be emitting all kinds of good and positive vibes and it’s easy to be felt and idk if I doubted that I was on the right path, that I’m doing the right thing like I absolutely am. I am absolutely exactly where I’m supposed to be.


Photography Series Spotlighting Iconic Women Over 70 Proves The Best Is Yet To Come

“When I was younger, I always admired and was fascinated by older women,“ photographer Lola Flash explained to The Huffington Post. "Now, I am both curious about what kind of seasoned woman I will become, as well as outraged that women, in general, do not receive the respect they deserve. In particular, older women.”

Flash is an artist of African and Native American descent, born in Montclair, New Jersey. She’s been taking photographs since she can remember. Inspired by artists including Carrie Mae Weems, Gordon Parks, Diane Arbus, Romare Bearden and Hank Willis Thomas, she’s always hoped to use her camera to open up new ways of seeing, especially with regard to stereotypes of race and gender.

So, for her series “Salt,” Flash photographed iconic women over 70 years old, still active in their fields of work, using a 4x5 large format camera. The resulting images are classical portraits with unconventional subjects, giving older women the well-deserved visibility they are often denied.

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An amazing gifts arrived this morning across the ocean!! I’m deeply moved that such a thing really happens. Above all, I appreciate Dawn! She is an incredibly kind woman. … And John!! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for taking out time to sign for stranger like me. I’m very lucky and happy. :-) I’ll continue to always support you! Michael, I received wonderful art from your friend. I really like it, so displayed it at once! Thanks again, all of you!!

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Help a Trans* Witch Out?

Okay, so I finally made a gofundme account to start raising money to get me out of Southeast Georgia. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a transfeminine (she/her) singer/songwriter and witch. The area I live in is very close-minded and constricting for me. I can’t seem to hold down a job for long because there aren’t many places with decent pay and with open minds. I’ve already been told that if I “want to portray myself as a woman” I have to be perfectly shaved and conform to every standard that a woman would be held to. Which is kind of difficult due to an annoying amount of testosterone that I have no control over. I can’t currently afford health insurance and I’m struggling to afford my car insurance, phone card, and to survive off of minimum wage paychecks. This place isn’t the right place for me and I’ve felt it for a long time.

So I’m trying to make a change for good. I want to make my way towards the West Coast so I can be near my trans* friends, find better and more open options for my eventual transitioning process, and follow my dreams. I’m going to set up a PayPal or something similar eventually, too, so that I can do online readings and provide my witchy services that don’t get any business here. If anyone can help in any way, even if it’s just a dollar, it will be greatly appreciated. I need to get out of here within a year or I don’t know what I’ll do. Thank you for your time.


Really disappointing that Jeremy renner has confirmed that he is a shitty person who judges women for being close with any guys. As the article on polygon said, when she’s the only woman in the avengers, it’s kind of an inevitable trap. Bonus terrible person points go to renner for mocking his fans who tried to correct his behaviour. A+ asshole all round.

Choices - Downton Abbey Fanfic


This is for the dialogue meme post. lady-strallan asked for Edith and Anthony and “I’m sick of being useless!” Hope this OK, sorry you’ve had to wait for it. It’s slightly AU and I had to adapt the dialogue slightly, hope that’s OK too.


AU. Edith visits Anthony for luncheon the day before their wedding and leaves him with a choice…


Early May 1920, Loxley House

Sir Anthony Strallen watched his fiancée hurry up to the door of Loxley House and not for the first time, he felt guilty. He knew he shouldn’t, he should be happy. He was 24 hours away from marrying a wonderful woman, one that was clever, beautiful and kind and that was the problem. Her kindness. He would rather not marry Edith than have her stay with him out of pity, because she thought he needed a nursemaid and he would soon enough. His age aside, his injury meant that he already needed help just get on with the day and despite what she told him, he would not see her waste her life on him.

Robert was right. She deserves someone whole, someone young that can give her a full life.How long would it be before she becomes more nurse than wife?

So preoccupied was he that he didn’t even hear his butler announce her.

“I’d say penny for your thoughts, but judging by the look on your face, I wouldn’t like them.”

Anthony turned to see a rather stern look on Edith’s lovely face.

“Has my father been interfering again?”

“No, but dearest, do you not think he has a point? I feel so useless sometimes, do you really want to spend your marriage caring for an old cripple who was too selfish to let you find a better man?”

Edith answered with a strength she hadn’t realised she had.

“Firstly, I most certainly do not think he has point and neither should you. Secondly, you are in no way useless. You are one of the most capable men I’ve ever met and finally, I’m marrying you because I love you and want to make you happy. Will I care for you if you need it? Yes, but because I love you. The marriage vows say “In sickness and in health” not “until one of you needs help”! Anthony, if our situations were reversed, if I was the one who needed help, or care, would you walk away from me?”

For the first time in what felt like a while, he felt himself start to relax, even if he still thought their ages was something to be considered.

“No, I wouldn’t. Not even for a minute would I think of leaving you, but Edith my love, surely you see that my age -”

Edith’s voice was still firm as she interrupted him.

“Anthony Strallan, if you bring up your age as a reason I should leave you I’m going to get cross. It didn’t bother me before the war, it doesn’t bother me now and it won’t bother me tomorrow when we’re at the altar.” She took deep breath before continuing, as if she’d came to an important decision. “I love you, I do hope you know that, but I don’t want to force you into marrying me. I’m going to leave and after I’ve gone I want you think about whether you love me and whether you want us to be together for the rest of our lives. If you decide you do want me, then I’ll see you tomorrow and if not, well then I’ll try to understand.”

She kissed him lightly on the cheek and walked out of the room. After showing her out, the butler returned.

“I take it Lady Edith won’t be staying for luncheon Sir?”

With a sad smile, Anthony shook his head.

“No, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been good company today.”

“I see Sir. Just a light luncheon then?”

Anthony nodded and while the butler went to the kitchen, he went over what Edith had said and he realised that actually, he had no decision to make…


Two years later, Loxley House

They left nursery hand in hand, just as they always did, Anthony turning back to get a last look at his beautiful twin girls and Edith smiling at the love in her husband’s face. As he turned back to his wife, Anthony again marvelled at the joy he felt every day. Tomorrow might be their wedding anniversary, but today would always feel important, after all, it was the day he learned the true strength of his wife.

“What are you thinking about?”

“You dearest, as always. You make me so happy I can’t believe I ever contemplated life without you.”

Edith positively glowed.

“All you needed was to actually make the decision for yourself, rather than have someone tell you what to do, I just gave you that. I have something else for you as well. I wanted to wait for tomorrow, but I can’t.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Well, by this time next year, we may need a bigger nursery.”

“Really? You’re sure? When did you find out?”

“I’ve thought it for a little while, but I saw Dr Clarkson this morning and he confirmed it. We’ll have a new arrival in November.”

Anthony swept Edith into his arms and the two shared a passionate kiss. The next day, when the family arrived to mark their anniversary, they announced the news and that November they welcomed Edward Robert Strallan.


Well, there you go. Hope you like it. The ending isn’t quite what I’d like, but I have trouble ending stories sometimes, especially if I’m enjoying it. Again, I’m really sorry this late, I promise I’ll try and learn better writing habits! Oh, before I forget, the twins are called Beatrice and Rosamund.

Kind of a song fragment thing

You’re the woman in passing
the lady on hold

the girl with nowhere better to go

You’ve lent yourself kindly
to the men you’ve loved blindly
They find you and they throw you away

and you dust off, you’re smiling
still looking beguiling

in a beaten and tossed around way

One day for certain,

they’ll pull back the curtain
and the bones on display

will be yours.

Men will fall weeping,

they’ll cry out for healing,
and pray you ignore the score.

But you’ll look down from up there
with judgement they can’t bear
and you’ll turn your back on the earth.
and you’ll turn your back on the earth.

My friend Christina Nicole of Raleigh, North Carolina runs this craftsman jewelry shop with her husband Travis. They create and share a really lovely home together. It’s all a bit inspiring really. We’ve kept up with our kindred friendship. I will never forget when she contacted me out of the blue and then wrote me that first letter last fall, reminding me that I am made to conquer mountains and so kindly invited me into her home. Actually just saw this posted to ‘That Kind of Woman’ with over 7K notes. So happy to see they are doing so well and for all of their success. She’s been working on some new prints as well. Out tomorrow. Follow here. 

TKoW x Sonic Editions

I’m beyond pleased to share with you all my collaborative collection with Sonic Editions to put out a select group of prints that feel like they could be on my wall or on my blog. 

For the collection, I ( cough…obviously… cough) tried to stay true to the black and white simplicity of those classically captured stills, that casual nostalgia, that inspires so many stories that happen now in photography and film. 

The more and more I have to describe what That Kind of Woman is, the more and more I think about the words “feminine meets function”. At any given moment I need to be able to lift, carry, paint, fight, build, move, run, jump, roll up my sleeves and get dirt under my nails, while at the same time I love the way a skirt feels on my legs and how a dress flatters my body. 

This collection feels like that, you have the rough and tumultuous charm of Robert Redford, Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway and Steve McQueen, and then you have this strong feminine power, that confidence, coming from, Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot. 

Then, as the capstone I felt a resolution in the ease of Johnny and June’s   company, after a show. Their cohesive love, work ethic, and stark individuality ties together that male and female power of this collection.

The prints are available to order here:

They range in size and price, so you can find the perfect one for you.