that is pretty freaking cool

So, recently, I learned about binarual sound, which is a pretty freaking cool thing. I have no means of recording it, but I wanted to see if I could maybe manufacture it with editing softwares. ONLY WORKS WITH HEADPHONES!!! You are now AKB. Jerjo is Jack. And the blocking is only like 60% accurate because I was too lazy to check it. Very sloppy, but I thought I’d put it out there, idk. It was a very interesting process to create it!!

happy birthday, mod pony!

you know, whenever i get down on my art, i remember, “hey, didn’t askqueenmoon mod compliment me on my style?” and then suddenly i have a whole new art in front of me, all shaded and everything

you’re pretty cool, just saying

Minimalist style! Freaking amazing! The eclipse looks epic! And yes. Your style is really great! Thank you so much you wonderful person!


An open letter to Hollywood movie producers

When will you stop faking accents and start casting actual Germans in German roles (that are NOT nazi-related?)
Vee do not oll speek layk sis!
And why are we always the militant assholes or antagonists!?

love cats. cats are amazing. can i marry a cat even though our parents disapprove. can we have a whirlwind honeymoon in bali. can we adopt 1 cat and 1 human baby to respect our different backgrounds

I just watched this video of a leading Moto GP rider in which he continues on to win despite his bike breaking down near the end of the race by getting off the bike, jumping the wall into the pit area, sprinting to his box, getting on their backup bike, and continuing on with the race.

yes this reminded me of the kind of sh** Blake would do.


Being a fan for grey’s anatomy as i am.. i feel a bit disoriented as to why taylor swift called ellen to show up on her video. Not only that, i think… “wtf man, you chose fucking Luna for a nickname? all have pretty cool sassy (?) names and you chose freaking luna… she clearly didn’t get the memo XD.


yesterday was pretty cool.

it still doesn’t feel real…i guess because i’m not actually done and won’t get my diploma until, like, october. but i’m so close!!

it was nice to see all of my friends from class and hug them and chat one more time. i don’t think i’m going to see these people much anymore. if ever. :[ although i am friends with cute whovian guy on facebook so maybe we’ll keep in touch eeee :3

i was strangely emotional during the ceremony. i don’t feel particularly connected to sacred heart - i’m just there for grad school and i’m a commuter, so i have no real ties to the place. but yesterday, for the first time, i really felt like i was part of a community. this school has been good to me. i’ll definitely miss it when i’m all done. maybe i’ll go back. cross endorsement in reading and/or special ed, anyone? :D

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Hey! Loving anon here again! Just urging you to jump on the Daredevil train because it's pretty darn great. I just caught up myself! There's only like 13 episodes and wow you're gonna love Matt a.k.a. Daredevil. He's pretty freaking cool! Maybe you'll get some inspiration from the show too!! I know I have! Okay goodbye, hope you have a good day ~Loving Anon

I have my trusty loving partner, Agent C.A on it! <33 Hopefully he pulls through lollll

This is the sort of stuff that’s been happening at each show…pretty freaking cool to sign a ticket that says “Debut European Tour” on it!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

Tonight, Sat. May 23rd I play #Amsterdam at @paradisoadam (Paradiso Club) and can’t wait to see you all there! I want EVERYONE to come say hi after!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

I played @ziggodome with @johnmayer last summer, but am SO excited about doing my own solo show this year! Spread the word, tag your friends and come out to #Paradiso tonight in #Holland!⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

#zanecarney #european #tour #summer #2015 #johnmayer #ziggodome #zanecarneytour #clubparadiso

Being average is underrated. Being weird is underrated. I have no idea what the hell society wants cause it seems pretty bloody confused.

My thoughts on aou

1. pietro maximoff is a freaking hero

2. natasha’s jumpsuit was pretty cool

3. cap didn’t even try to lift the hammer after it budged

4. the way thor & cap fought together was pretty cool

5. i hated the brucenat. it seemed forced and didn’t really make any sense, but i guess i can see why whedon decided to make it happen???


7. clint’s farm and family were so cute

8. clint really did have some of the movie’s best little quips

9. THEY CUT CAP OFF RIGHT AS HE WAS GOING TO SAY “AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE”. my take is, that group left at the new avengers base with cap and nat is going to take cap’s side in civil war