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Headcanon aph Iceland's scared of the dark

when he was little, iceland would nervously come into den and nor’s bedroom in the middle of the night, saying that there was a scary monster in the closet

so then denmark would take out his axe and make a big show of proving that no monster could possibly hurt him! denmark is a mighty viking who will fight them all off!

and then norway tells iceland that the only monsters and strange creatures in the house are his friends, and that they are here to protect him, guarding him from anything that would want to hurt him

and then they let little icey sleep in their bed for the night, just to make sure that he feels safe and happy, cuddled between his brothers

Eyyyy mercuriallily I don’t think I’ve ever fucked up so much but here you go. Your Nordic picture, as requested (I was selfish and decided that the two of them is enough, simply because I got tired of drawing this :D). And I was listening to this playlist while drawing this, if anyone should care :D

the nordics as that person in everyone’s friend group

aph finland: the cheerful one who is literally always eating and never gets in arguments with anybody

aph sweden: the mother. Did you pull an all-nighter? Sweden’s gonna make you a makeshift bed and force you to sleep. forgot your lunch? Don’t worry, he’s packed extra sandwiches. don’t have your coat? Sweden will scold the hell outa you and then force you to stay inside or give you his.

aph norway: the one with the really dry sense of humour who doesn’t talk much and is always tired

aph iceland: iceland is the little baby of the group. everyone feeds him and shelters him from the world because he is too innocent, too pure

aph denmark: everyone: “demark no!” denmark: “dENMARK YES”

ok so norway leaning on denmark while they’re sitting on the couch and watching tv or sth and nor whispers “i love you” really quietly and den’s like “huh?” and norway blushes and is like “NOTHING

so den just kind of shrugs it off but nor’s super tense for the rest of the day. he makes an effort to avoid denmark for a few days but he ends up running into him even more than usual and every time he’s very stiff and den tries to ask him what’s wrong but he runs off. and iceland just watched them like “i can’t believe they’re supposed to be older than me jfc get your shit together”


The rabbit is gone when I woke.

He must have ran.

((Genderbent M!A: 1/5 | Alice in Wonderland M!A: ¼))

take a moment to imagine denmark and norway dressing up as silly characters and acting out scenes from childrens books for little iceland, who watches his big brothers prance around like lunatics and giggles so hard his little face goes bright red 

I’m imagining aph Denmark and Finland being two of the Nordics who get most into the Eurovision spirit, apart from Sweden of course (!), lamenting over not qualifying for the Eurovision final together, while Iceland and Norway roll their eyes as they don’t really care*

Unless Norway qualifies on Thursday in which case he won’t hesitate to rub it in Denmark’s face, a lot 

*or at least, pretend not to care ;)




and he just starts crying right there and the fighting just stops and everyone is like “icey whats wrong” and he sobbs and sniffs wipping his eyes and he finally gets out “i didn’t think you all cared so much” 

and then it just breaks all their hearst and then they have a big group hug and icey gets showered in so much affetioin and its just

oh my my baby….

this is kinda random but last night I was watching 4x22 and I remember seeing how angry people were that Aria slept with that Riley kid…but am I the only one who really liked that she did? like…I don’t like that she did that in the sense that she only did it because she was hurting so badly (that makes me upset) but I’m glad she did it in the sense that in doing so she regained some of her strength/dignity, like she took ownership of her heart and refused to let Ezra take all of her/have the ‘glory’ in breaking her…if that makes sense…she leveled the playing field in a way