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Thary - Thanks for posting.  Good sentences.  Craig

Compute: This math is difficult to compute.

Computerize: I want to computerize this data in my computer.

Condense: You have to condense this story into one page only.

Conserve: We must conserve our precious temples.

Console: He consoled her when she upset.

*He consoled her when she became upset.

Derive: Students derived a lot of knowledge from this course.

Restore: She will be restored in a few months after [the] operation.

Define: It’s difficult to define the meaning of this word.

Propose: She was very excited to the way he proposed to her.

** She was excited by the way he proposed to her.



TOP: Flexing with the one hot fisherman, Tharis Strongcast. idk if you can see his face, but he’s totally into it.

MID/BOTTOM: Fanboying out over Maraad.

The middle pic was actually a mistake, but the contrast between that hilariously excited expression and the pout was funny to me. He looks like he’s been waiting all year to get a shot of the famous vindicator.

Dimanche après-midi.
Réveil léger, en dépit des excès de la nuit. C’est drôle comme les ami(e)s d’ami(e)s nous sont si facilement familiers. On se trouve toujours des relations, des lieux ou des passions communes. Hier soir, c’était l’expérience de la voile et l’amour des voiliers (j’ai vendu le mien il y a quelques années ; eux, ils venaient de s’en acheter un nouveau).
Donc réveil en douceur, ensoleillé par un long Skype avec le Japon et mes amours. Sapporo est toujours sous la neige.

Autre sourire de la vie : dans quelques jours, je serai sur la côte basque pour une semaine. On annonce la “marée du siècle” pour notre arrivée. L’occasion de découvrir de nouveaux coins de côte sauvage entre Biarritz et Guéthary, et de ramasser mille trésors sur la plage : pastilles de verre dépoli (j’en ai des milliers de toutes couleurs dans des bouteilles et grands bocaux de verre), coquillages, objets insolites, jolis cailloux. Un ami m’a ordonné d’avoir toujours un caillou dans la poche (talisman ?). Je lui obéis depuis et ne me sépare jamais d’un beau petit silex veiné, lisse et brillant, qui côtoie au fond de ma poche un mini-couteau suisse, lui aussi tout lisse et poli.


Gypset Living

Julia Chaplin

Assouline Publishing, 2014, 176 pages

euro 45,00

In her third book for Assouline, Julia Chaplin explores the living spaces of gypsy jet setters around the world, from Hydra in Greece to the Guéthary in France; from Cuixmala, Mexico, to Pa’ia, Hawaii; and beyond to the Indonesian isles. Through stunning photography and first-person stories, Gypset Living opens the door to the fascinating and dazzling homes and haunts of the bohemian artists, designers, and bons vivants known as the gypset.

L’arabesque La Librairie

Largo Augusto angolo via Francesco Sforza , 20122 Milano

tel               +39.02.781104 

mail : 


instagram :  larabesquelalibrairie

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olly03 asked:

Hey Julia :) I just wanted to write to let you know I love all your posts about Tharys and Zelda on Instagram; they're such beautiful and photogenic geckos! You're so passionate about them and that's an amazing inspiration :) I wanted to tell you that Gatsby died this week too, I feel a bit silly contacting you to tell you this but you've been a real inspiration for me with Gatsby and Daisy so I just thought I'd let you know. I don't even know is this is a private message or not! Thanks anyway:)

I’m so sorry for you, rest in peace Gatsby. :c
Hope he’s in the leoheaven with a lot of delicious mealworms or waxworms.

Thank you so much for your support :) it makes me happy being an inspiration for you and for other people too.

x Julia

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