Thank You Lizzie Bennet

Ok, so I made a post on Twitter about this but 140 characters wasn’t enough to say exactly what I need to say. The past year has been a roller coaster for me. It started well, and ended not so well. But between those ups and downs, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries remained constant. A constant friend that I could laugh and cry with and forget about all of my worries for 5 minutes while I worried about Lizzie’s or Jane’s or Lydia’s or Charlotte’s. I’m so thankful that I found LBD, because without it the past year wouldn’t have been that great. I’ve become a part of THE BEST fandom there is and scrolling through the Lizzie Bennet tags makes me so happy and gives me a fuzzy feeling inside. I’ve never really felt like I was a part of something before now, but I’ll always have this and that makes me happy. Getting to interact with so many amazing people who were feeling the same way I was gave me so much joy. I loved freaking out whenever Lizze and Darcy were onscreen together. I loved seeing everyone’s elation when Jane and Bing got back together, and shaking with excitement and nervousness waiting for episode 98. and I LOVED everyone’s complete and utter joy when Lizzie and Darcy FINALLY kissed. Sure, I’m sad that this is the last episode. I keep getting teary eyed whenever I think about it and when I read everyone’s goodbyes. But although I’m sad, I’m more thankful than anything. Thankful to the whole cast and to Bernie Su and Hank Green, and Jenni Powell and Margaret Dunlap, and Rachel Kiley and everyone else involved. Like good old Dr Seuss said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”