inigomontoyaa asked:

could i send in sprites i made for the thank you hussie thing? like hmsestuck style character sprites?

as long as it’s thanking hussie in some way! pretty much anything is welcomed, but it must relate to thanking hussie, hence the blog in general.

thank you homestuck

life can just suck ya know?

cuz we go thorugh it and it is hard. my life over the past 3 months has changed in such a way  i will never be able to go back.

but thorugh the divorce, and dgnosis of my sickness i had very few things to make me happy 

my few friends, my painting, my computer and homstuck.

thse things have been able to distarcy me from my sadness and i guess depression. so even thou i know no one will read this i want to say thak you hussie, because without you i wouldnt have homestuck. something that has changed my life. in so many ways for the better.

thank you