DIY Morse Code Bracelets that I made. I had so much fun making these gifts for friends and I enclosed a mini Morse Code Chart with each necklace. They were incredibly easy and cheap to make - but I was also able to personalize each one. But one tip: I found that the braiding cord I had frayed and embroidery floss snagged and looked cheap. The best alternative was skinny leather cording and I was able to get 3 necklaces out of the 3 yards in the tiny package. The words and phrases I used were: "Livin’ the Dream", "Serendipity" (for my free spirit friend), "Peintre" (French for painter for my artist friend), "Peace and Love" (for newlyweds),"Dream Big" (for a 17 yr old and because "Dream On" looked like this in Morse Code: -.. .-…- — / —- -. ), and finally I used the excellent tutorial I posted here by Thanks, I Made It. Also, this Morse Code Translator here was invaluable, showing me what words and phrases looked like in code. *EDIT: More photos here:

DIY Two Braided Rhinestone Necklace Tutorials. A Tale of Two Tutorials. The crankycrafter does not presume to know either blogger and would never be rude enough to suggest that these tutorials are virtually identical. The crankycrafter just thinks society would be better off if “influences” would be publicaly mentioned.


DIY Cheap and Easy Tiny Friendship Crimp Bead Bracelet Tutorial from Thanks, I Made it here. Erin posted this on FB a while back and I posted it hereTop Photo: $84 Vivian Frank Designs Gold Friendship Wish Bracelet here, All Other Photos: DIY by Thanks, I Made It. For the ultimate list of friendship bracelets go here.

Where to buy unique DIY jewelry supplies. I’ve gotten two messages asking where I buy jewelry supplies. I buy a lot at Michaels (because it’s local), ebay and etsy. I love Rio Grand for high end jewelry supplies (like sterling silver ball chain). Ornamentea and Objects and Elements both have rotating stocks of unique supplies. For more jewelry supply resources go here: For more info on buying jewelry supplies online go to Thanks, I Made It's excellent post here.

  1. Cameo Skull and other Macabre Jewelry Supplies from Etsy here.
  2. Examples of Ornamentea’s jewelry supplies here. LOVE their mini bottles. Some of the links don’t work because of rotating stock.
  3. Objects and Elements/Ornamantea jewelry supplies here. Again, some of the links to specific supplies may not work because they are sold out.
  4. Charms on Etsy here. These 36 keys cost $11.50 + $3.80 for shipping. 

DIY Hardware and Plumbing Supplies Bracelet from Thanks, I Made It here. Really easy and excellent tutorial from Erin. Erin also has a Tumblr blog here: thanksimadeit I love hardware store jewelry and you can find more here:

DIY Cheap and Easy Braided Spike Bracelet from Thanks, I Made It. For readers who are new to my blog, I always post jewelry tutorials from Erin at Thanks, I Made It. They are beautifully photographed and are written so anyone can understand the directions.

Top Photo: Collage by Thanks, I Made It. Clockwise: $159 Joomi Lim, $83 Shashi and $65 Ettika.

One of my favorite DIY braided embroidery thread pieces by Thanks, I Made It, is the Jolita inspired Mourning Necklace I posted here.

DIY Mawi Inspired Spiked Crystal Chain Necklace Tutorial by Thanks, I Made It for Rachel Zoe’s The Zoe Report here. If you read my blog you know how much I love Erin’s blog: Thanks, I Made it - so CONGRATULATIONS Erin for being featured on Rachel Zoe’s blog! You more than deserve this! You could buy the original for $830 here, or follow Erin’s very easy to follow tutorial on The Zoe Report.

DIY Braided Wrapped Silver Floss Bracelet Tutorial from Thanks, I Made It Here. I like DMC’s silver embroidery floss and have used it as an accent in several projects. There is also a simple clasp for this bracelet so you don’t have to worry about untying a tight knot because the silver floss has a more unforgiving quality to it than regular floss.

DIY Knockoff Gemma Redux Earrings Tutorial from Thanks, I Made It here. Top Photo: Gemma Redux Earrings $108 (used) for the blue here, $190 for the rose here, $150 for the crystal here. Bottom Photo: DIY by Thanks, I Made It. For more knockoffs of all kinds go here.