• My mom:she's useless, she never works hard for anything, she's not passionate about anything.
  • Me:*spends countless hours practicing music and conducting, gets to school early to practice, then stays after school to practice more, practices in the car, misses family events for band events, talks about band and DCI almost nonstop* yeah I just don't really care about anything...

On a side note, I have decided to finally embrace my shape this year and be happy with my hips/thighs.
Although it continues to be a struggle at times and not fitting into some of my favorite jeans bums me out,
I am trying really hard to not worry on the number on the tag, but rather what I look like in lingerie.
I guess I decided on this for the fact that lingerie is intended to make you feel and look as kick ass as you are inside and I definitely like my hips and thighs in that, opposed to jeans.
It’s weird to like the parts of yourself that you learned to hate so much.
Pretty cool.

"Kageyama, my back hurts, give me massage!"

In which Kags has never done this before so he (mightily) tries his best. And Hinata’s muscles are masochists.


Stephen Fry on American vs British Comedy 

I am who I am today because of British comedy.


"Thea just asked me to talk to the Arrow about finding Oliver."

"And what did you tell her?"

"What else? I lied."