my mom left these post-it notes on the inside of my toilet seat this morning. when I came home from a long night of eating and drinking with friends, I got on my knees and lifted the lid to my toilet. when I saw this message, I immediately broke down in tears and shut the lid. I opened my door, and my mom was standing there with open arms. it’s the little things in life that make me remember that recovery is so worth it. I deserve to love each and every one of my flaws. I deserve to accept who I am. I deserve to live. thank you, mom, for reminding me that I’m not defined by a number on a scale, but rather by the way I treat myself and others.


Stephen Fry on American vs British Comedy 

I am who I am today because of British comedy.

my mom is doing laundry and she just came into my room and yelled “beep beep it’s the sock police arresting your drawer because there’s not enough socks in it” and then she put socks in my drawer and then left