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I could repeat this everyday you're the biggest really the BIGGEST help for us! You help us with everything clothes, body, fitness, makeup, hair things, simply everything! I just want to thank you that you run this amazing blog no one can beat this blog! You two guys are simply the BEST never stop working! And I think a way more people need to thank you bc this is a 24/7 job

Omg I’ve never read something incredible like this. You really make me cry, I have no words… Thank you so much for this amazing message! You really made my day! I love you! And it’s a pleasure to help everyone of you. love ya’ll xx

Happy birthday Taeko! ^o^ I wish you all happiness of the world!!

I wanted try to draw more the ダイヤのA 

Kuramochi and Sawamura are so cute together..(*≧∀≦*)

5centimeters118 have a wonderful day!


The Mathesons (feat. Joe and Heather) | 2.22

"So these idiots are gonna go to war, anyway? That whole ‘hero act’ back in town, that was for nothing.

I abandoned my kid… for nothing.”

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oh my god. whomever that jackass is needs to take like 20 steps back and realize what you have done for the community. My day wouldn't be complete without you in it. Thank you for running an amazing blog.

I mean thank you, like so much, but I don’t think I’ve done anything for the community? Like I just reblog shit and post selfies but thank you!

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So I saw a set of gifs of a HS guard team on my dash the other day (I think it was like Arundel or Arandel or something like that) and I didn't reblog it and now I can't find it! Can you reblog it? Or at least give me some good tags to look up? I know the two middle gifs were from the barbie show. If you could find it that'd be swell, thanks for running this amazing blog btw!

idk about any gifs but here’s that show you’re talking about!

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Hey besanii, first of all I want to thank you for running this amazing blog for all of us! I’m looking for a specific fic and I’m hoping you can help me.

It follows the Amis years after college and sort of explores the kind of people they’ve all become/ the struggles of growing up and growing apart etc. (like how Courfeyrac, the eternal man-child, deals with being an actual man). I believe at the start Grantaire has lost touch with most of them, and that he and Enjolras might have dated in the past? It contains the phrase “Cosette, then radiantly 19 and shining like the sun” (or something similar)

I WISH I COULD REMEMBER MORE SPECIFICS!!! but it was an exquisite piece of writing and I’m rather desperate to find it again :) Even if you don’t remember it maybe you could post this and one of your lovely followers might know it? xx


Sorry, I don’t think I quite remember this one? There are a few reunion fics that come to mind when it’s about Grantaire losing touch with the others, but I don’t think any of them are it.

If anyone else has a clue, let us know!

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Hey there! I just saw your progress pic on my dash and wanted to ask you how you did that!? My legs look pretty much like yours in the before-picture and I want them to slim down so bad but I don't know which kind of work out would help.. Any advice? Btw, you are beautiful! :*

Aww thank you, you are too amazing:* running and crossfit are both the best things for me:)

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Hi, i hope i'm not bothering you with this: Some time ago i saw a gif (or photo but i think it was a gif) of Katie (on which she slightly turns her head) in a movie or photo shoot with a ponytail. I found it absolutely stunning and i thought i had favorited it, but it seems i did not. I already searched on google, but no avail. Do you might know which one it is? Thanks for running this amazing blog!

Do you remember any other detail perhaps? She keeps her hair in a ponytail a lot :/

And after more than 8 months, the distance got the best of us.

I couldn’t have asked for a better ending - to save a friendship and to find ourselves. It turns out, the time zones and the miles were too much. It was wrecking us and making us angry at each other  for the smallest things. Thanks for the amazing run, love. Thanks for everything you’ve taught me, for everything you’ve done for me, and for tolerating me. And thank you for doing this.

You’re still my best friend and I’m lucky to have had this bittersweet ending with you. We’re right for each other, but this isn’t the right time for us. I hope one day, we can try again. I know I won’t find anyone else like you. Even if I tried looking. It’s like I said 2 hours ago. I hope you know that I’ll be waiting. For years if I have to.

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I really love your blog. All the inspirational/motivational edits and images are amazing. I've recently been trying to get healthier, build muscle, and strengthen my bones. As a young girl, I struggle with confidence and loving my body and I usually never have motivation to workout, but looking at your blog gives me motivation! Thanks for running this amazing blog. ♥

Thank you so much xxx

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I sent that ask not anonymous well okay this was my life thank you for running an amazing blog

dude that is no problem at all tbh thank you for always taking some of your time to send me stuff tho you are really really sweet ♡ and pffft don’t you thank me for that omg but well I am glad you think that of my blog ; u ;

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I've been following you for about two years now. You are so beautiful, inside and out. Your blog makes me feel less alone in this crazy world. I'm glad that I came across your blog and followed you. Thank you for being amazing and running this amazing blog. I hope you're having a great Wednesday (:

OMG!’ Please come off anon! I need to be friends w you!! You deserve so much!’ Please come off anon babe!!

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hey i love your blog so so so much it always makes me smile on a bad day. could i please request some benedict cunberbatch imagines. thanks for running a amazing blog :)

Thank you so very much, and I’m glad… ^_^ And you can, and you’re welcome, hahah… =-{P =-{ )