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Ok real talk what are some of the saddest destiel fics you know of(besides t&s) btw i looovvveee under the falling skies i haven't read since chapter 19 but after finals I'm so gonna catch up:)

Thank you, darling <3 I’m planing to update Under The Falling Skies this Friday. 

As to the saddest fics: Reflection of you, A hole in the world (by Bauble), How a righteous man raises a rose. If you want to drown in your own tears read them. 

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you are a QUEEN and i hope to one day be as powerful as you dude. you may not agree with me, but you honestly leave me slightly breathless and in my opinion you are queenly. & it's inspiring as fuck tbh.

thank you darling!!! But I definitely do agree w/you I am alien royalty lmao

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I see you're getting a lot of shit for saying things out loud, so I just wanted to leave you a kind message. I'm not Whedon's #1 fan and I do see his mistakes (not only in the movies, have you ever read one of his comics?), but there's quite a line between not liking a movie and bullying a person. If the opinion was even right in the first place, acting like total dickheads just wouldn't prove your point. Hope you enjoy the movie when you see it :)

Thanks darling!

Yeah I’ve been saying that all day I don’t think hes perfect or a god but I do tend to like most of his work.

And thank you I’m excited to see it tonight my boyfriend & I have been working so much this is our first chance to do a date night for a few weeks now.


Fury turned to Agent Hill.

“We have an eagle on our tail.”

Fury looked at his screens and found nothing threatening.

“And it’s carrying a black cat sir…”

“What? We’re thirty thousand feet up in the air.”

Steve ran to where Agent Hill stood, asking for them to zoom in on the image, “Loki!”

Every agent froze in position, a little wide eyed as Captain America rushed out of the room. More agents froze was the Captain walked back to the contol room with a bald eagle perched on his left shoulder and a cat purring against his chest.

Tony and Bucky fell off their chair, laughing.

      -Why you shouldn’t try to control Steve Rogers’ mind

For adamant-cap for being my 400th follower :D thanks darling~

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Hey Felix, I sent you some money through PayPal. Just wanted to try to help out a little bit since you've helped so many other people out there. You're an awesome person ^^

Thanks, darling. I got some dried pasta, and I’ll be able to keep it in my room until I cook it. Q wQ

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Hey there! I was wondering why you enjoy reading your bible? What has it done for you? How do you best read it? Thank you x

Well the bible always has something new for you. You can read it over and over again and still things pop out at me that I didn’t realize before. It shows how to make the right choices. It’s a love story between the author and the reader. It can encourage you and , it’s quite interesting all together. I read it usually at night and I ask the Lord what book I should read , then I read it, as much as I feel I should. Then I read a psalm out loud every night. Thanks for asking , darling!

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Hi I really like you Blog and fanfics Can you recommend good cherik fics?

Thanks very much, darling, I’m really glad :)) <3

My Barbaric Darling by baehj2915 is just the best thing that could have happened to the Cherik fandom xD It’s easily the greatest thing I’ve read here.

Here you can find my other favorites. Have fun!

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I was wondering if you could maybe do a Black Butler scenario with Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, William, and Prince Soma where their S.O. is very stressed out about schoolwork related things, and has a breakdown, or panic attack because of it? I L O V E your blog! You're an extremely talented writer! I hope you have an amazing day :) Thanks, love!

Oh darling thank you very much ^_^ I appreciate it more than I can express. Please feel free to submit again! I also hope you are doing well and not stressing out about school. If so, I wish you the best of luck xx

Sebastian: After receiving a panicked text from his beloved an urgency rises within him to be by their side. However, the distance between them is too great for him to comfort them in person. To help subdue their stress he calls them on Skype and plays violin covers of their favorite songs for the entire duration of their study session.

Ciel: The sight of his significant other in tears strangles Ciel’s heart. He is momentarily hesitant to approach them but quickly suppresses all apprehension; taking them into his arms and lightly kissing away their tears. He holds them tightly, caressing their hair until they’ve calmed down. He then prepares a calming herbal tea for them to drink while he helps them finish their schoolwork.

Alois: A protective anger rises in Alois when he discovers how distraught schoolwork has caused his significant other to become. He impulsively tosses their work into the fire place and urges them to abandon responsibility and take a much needed break. He beckons to their reckless and spontaneous side and leads them on an excursion to a neighboring town where they spend the day in uninhibited revelry.  

William: He gently plants a kiss on their forehead and attempts to comfort them by saying, “There’s no use expending negative energy over something that will work itself out.” His seemingly cold reassurance doesn’t quite have the effect he intended and his lover dejectedly heads to bed. When they fall asleep, William spends all night working on their homework and finishes just in time to attend to his reaper duties. He leaves a note atop the towering pile that simply reads: “I told you it would work itself out.”

Soma: He holds them close and vows to help them study for their exams and pass with high scores. Despite not knowing much on the subjects his significant other is studying, Soma spends the days while they are away at school working hard to understand the basic concepts so he can be a helpful tutor when they return from a long day of classes.

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i just wanna say that you're so smart and i love reading your replies to asks because you always say something so articulate and intelligent and just like WOW idk why but it makes me happy

Oh god, thank you so much darling