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my life is literally the punchline of an asian parent joke: a novel by me

not a literal novel but yeah a couple of you have been following along with me over the past couple of days and i figured i’d put together a post with the full messy story.

captain’s log

thursday 18th: found out year twelve results. achieved an atar of 91.05 (basically i achieved better than 91.05% of the state). informed parents. mum’s response? “what did your friends get?”
i was pleased as i only needed a 70 to get into the uni course i want next year, thought she’d be happy but i was much mistaken. 
discovered an email from the school had gone out to parents and i was not in the top ten from my year level. apparently was only around top 30%. was bitterly ignored for the rest of the day.

(note: the two arts subjects that i did get scaled down as they are perceived as ‘not as difficult’ as academic subjects such as maths and sciences and have been informed by many that achieving the score i did with those subjects is a very high achievement. mother dearest does not see it that way.)

friday 19th: received a passive-aggressive text in the morning basically mocking my achievements and outlining that since i seemed to think that i only needed to do what was necessary instead of “actually trying” and ended up disappointing her so much, her job was done and it was up to me to pay for all of my uni fees alone. was bitterly ignored for rest of the day (after being sent a list of chores to do).

saturday 20th: after much stress and anxiety i knew that the only way to get her to stop ignoring me and bring things back to normal would be to apologise to her. wrote a detailed apology that both explained my point of view and gave her what she wanted to hear. sent it to her while she was out. dad came to me and informed me that she had called him and told him to tell me that “she can say whatever she wants, make whatever excuses she wants! it’s too late!” and included gems such as “she should have known what i expected” (i outlined in the apology that i was not aware she was expecting a perfect mark, only that i get into uni. which i wasn’t.) which later changed to “she knew what i expected and she didn’t do it.” also “if she wasn’t putting in any effort at school she should have been putting in more effort at home!” bc apparently the 9 times out of 10 i did what she asked immediately were ignored for the times that i was “so lazy and [didn’t] care about the family at all” (i should have done english look @ that quote integration)

conclusion: “she can live on her own for a year and learn to have a heart! that will teach her a lesson!”

summary: performance at top 9% of state was not good enough and i’m being kicked out of my house within the next month or so.

if she thinks i’m coming back after this she has another thing coming
i am going to make this work 

idk i guess this is just kind of a psa, if i disappear for a while it’s me trying to get a handle on things and i will definitely be back, i have no idea how i’m going to go with the financials and shit bc now i need to pay for uni and support myself alone but i have time to plan and research idk idk i can work this out

merry christmas rhonnie ur mother loves u

harukadragneel asked:

Kotori's and Maki's moms are married and Kotori wants Maki to call her Onee-chan AU

"Come on, just once? Please? For me?"

Maki leaned away uncomfortably, desperate to avoid the other girl - her new sister, of all things - and her pleading gaze.

"No," she scowled. "Why would I do something like that? It’s weird!"

"It’s not!" Kotori insisted. "Pleaaaase? Just one little ‘onee-chan’?"

Maki made a face. “What’s with you?”

"I’ve always wanted a little sister, and now I get to have Maki-chan as one! Wouldn’t it be cute to hear her call me her big sister, even once in my entire lifetime?" Kotori widened her eyes, resorting to her backup plan.

Maki groaned. “Oh, no, don’t you dare pull out those puppy dog eyes…”

"Pleaaaaase?" Kotori only stretched them further. "Pretty please?"


"With a cherry on top?"


"I’ll be your best friend forever?"


"You don’t want me to be your best friend?"

"Fine!" Maki snapped. "I’ll do it, just… Just stop with the questions, okay? I’m only gonna do it this once!"

Kotori beamed. “Yay~!”

Maki took a deep breath and felt every shred of dignity leave her as she muttered in defeat, “… Kotori-oneechan…”

The kiss she received immediately afterwards wasn’t exactly expected, but, she figured, it probably should’ve been, and it wasn’t as though she really minded it anyway.

Kotori pulled back, looking absolutely delighted as she chirped, “Thank you, Maki-chan!”

Even in her daze, Maki managed to think that it might be okay to say it again if that was the reward every time.

too many disparate emotions re: stills to formulate any of them right now, I think, gosh

and I was supposed to be finishing w editing and posting the second advent fic of the day when they came out???  ooops~.

how will we EVER deal w the episodes s2g it is way too much too fast.


wait that’s not true I have one emotion.  Although to be fair it is the same one I always have.

Kurt hoooooooow are you so attractive omg bb *stares* ALSO YOUR CLOTHES *KEYSMASH.*


AU - In which Gail keeps bringing Holly coffee at the lab every single day for like a week, in the hope that Holly will forgive her after having to cancel their date earlier that week.


johnlockedwifi asked: Drawing request for courferre kissing under mistletoe please? (possibly with christmas jumpers)

Anonymous asked: more courferre, please!!! they are adorable

the most rushed thing ever (what even is that coloring job pfff) but i really wanted to finished at least one christmas request!! i’m sorry i couldn’t get to the others, maybe when i get back christmas eve i’ll be able to whip another one out?? possibly??? happy hols everyone <3

(courf’s sweater because i’m a giant nerd)