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Sé agradecido por los tiempos difíciles porque te ayudan a crecer.
Sé agradecido por tus limitaciones porque te dan la oportunidad de mejorar.
Sé agradecido por los obstáculos porque te dan fuerza y construyen tu carácter.
Sé agradecido por los errores que has cometido y cometerás porque te enseñarán valiosas lecciones

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Merry christmas -Special Post

//There are some really special people that i want to thank, i doubt you guys will see this, but oh well 

ask-female-freddy-fazbear//Lemme start with you, You’re friggen awesome, you’re nice, and all around amazing! i know we dont talk very much, but to me you’re a friend! ^~^ keep on rocking it

ask-nepeta-the-mighty-huntress //You’re awesome as well! and you make me laugh a good bit x3 we havent talked much, but i do wish to talk more!

askimprovedbonnie- You are friggen awesome and one of my favorite cosplayers! and you’re funny and amazing, keep it up!

ask-human-bonnie2 //You are seriously the nicest thing on earth! I love the attitude you give bonnie as well! cosplay’s great, everything’s great about you! I do wish i could talk to you more, but you know, nervousness and all ;w;

ask-decayed-freddy //Friggen amazing, amazing cosplay, its been fun playing gmod with you xD making our flying bathtubs and such, keep it up!

askjeremyfitzgeraldfnaf// Friggen funny as hell, i havent talked to ya much, but i expect great things to come!

//I love each and every one of you, and im super duper thankful for you guys, i really hope you see this >~<

Roles in God’s Plan (#cmdevo #LightofLife)

Read Luke 1:57-80

We meet Elizabeth early in the first chapter of Luke, as the wife of Zechariah, a priest who gets a visit from the angel Gabriel in the temple. The first thing we learn about Elizabeth is that she is barren. Nowadays when we know women can’t have children, we see it as a tragedy. Back then, it was seen as a manifestation of a deep spiritual flaw. She would have been known as “Elizabeth, the barren one,” and everyone in her community probably whispered at what she possibly could have done to be worthy of such a punishment from God. For the early readers of this text, Luke describing her as barren and blameless would have made no sense. In their eyes, she must have done something

We begin to learn a lesson here that Jesus makes clear later in the Gospels, that tragedies such as blindness or the inability to have children are a result of the fall, and not of our personal sin or the sin of our parents. What is remarkable about Elizabeth is that she does not let the belief of her community control her. She has been barren for many years, and yet she remains obedient. She has lived most of her life already, and yet she remains blameless in the eyes of God. Her whole community may look down on her, but God picks her to carry the precursor to his son: John the Baptist. 

In the verses we read for today, Elizabeth gives birth to her son, John. Everyone was shocked that he was not named after his father, Zechariah, as was the custom of the time. From this early moment in his life, it is apparent that John is unique. He has a purpose beyond that of carrying his father’s legacy, and it will be grand “for the Lord’s hand was with him” (Luke 1:66).

At this point, Zechariah has been silent since his encounter with the angel Gabriel, before John was even conceived. Here, he finally speaks and he does so in glowing praise of his Lord. It is the circumcision of his son, but he speaks of the coming son. It is apparent, even at this special occasion, that John will take a back seat to Christ. As John will say later when Jesus begins his ministry, “He is the one who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie,” (John 1:26). Zechariah knows his role and his son’s role. John will soon learn it for himself as well.

In Zechariah’s song, he speaks of the coming salvation Jesus will provide. We often overlook that word “salvation.” We know it’s amazing, but as Christians, we hear it all the time. We know what it means. For the people listening to Zechariah’s prophecy, this would have been radical. For them, salvation probably would have meant salvation from the occupation of Rome. What they do not yet know is that they do not need to be saved from their circumstances, but from their sin. Sin is our mortal enemy, and nothing else rivals it - even Rome.

Elizabeth, Zechariah, and John are all very different, and yet they all have one major thing in common that drives this story: they know their roles. Elizabeth remains obedient despite the reproach of her community, and is then worthy of carrying and raising John. Zechariah learns from his mistakes and comes to understand the role he must prepare his son for. And later, John the Baptist will prepare the way for our Christ. We all have a role in God’s plan, even though we may not understand it. These people did not always understand it. Elizabeth did not understand it for those many years that she was barren and judged, but she remained faithful anyways. That is what God asks of us. No matter how difficult life can get, we must remain obedient so that we can fulfill the role God provides for us. 

As your prepare to celebrate the coming of our Savior, appreciation what salvation really means. God is not going to save you from your homework, your stress, or your relational problems. What he is saving you from is your sin and the sin done to you. This is a continual process. We are working out our salvation right now through the work of Christ. 

Be thankful for the ability to be sanctified throughout your life, so that you may be justified in death. 



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