Hello Tumblr.  

It’s been a little more than a month since I arrive and I’m impressed.

You are such a charming community, so warm and friendly that you made me feel at home.

Thanks to the Tumblr. staff for creating and keeping this powerful platform that makes quality contents fly.

And thanks to you for posting, liking and reblogging what touches your soul. We are creating history.

Thanks and see you soon in my dashboard!


I think success is achievable for winners of talent shows that I was on or just in general for anybody starting in the business. I just think the point is not to be such a transparent artist that’s just trying to do what everybody else is doing. I think you’ve got to have some kind of uniqueness or individuality to yourself to keep people interested. It sounds funny to say ‘be yourself’ but I don’t think many people are. That would be my biggest piece of advice.