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4. Last song you listened to  

  • i’ve been listening to the su soundtrack so 

9. Lost someone special

  • thankfully no !

17. Laughed until you cried 


18. Met someone who changed you

  • thominhoandnewt really has been an inspiration for me to keep moving as  a person and to improve my art skill i need to thnk her more often i wouldnt be here today if it wasnt for them

19. Found out who your true friends were 

  • all my current friends are my family  :’]

26. What did you do for your last birthday

  • i just went out to eat nothing real fancy, hanged out with friends but i had a good time

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Hello there! I was shocked when I saw you're a boy. A real fudanshi. Oh my god. You made me come back to soumako trash again. ;_; HOW DARE YOU?! Your chats are so cute that I can't stop reading.. And not OOC! Keep it up! Greetings from Poland. ;3


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=>Nicknames: Queen, Goddess, Master, Senpai..

=>Birthday: April 4th

=> Gender: Female   yo suck ma dick

=>Height: hobbit

=>Sexual Orientation: heterosexual but if there’s a nice gurl.. why not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

=>Favourite Colour: green, grey, dark red (like bordeaux u know)

=>Time and date at current location: 23:16, 18.04.2015

=>Sleeping Hours: week: 6-8 hours (more like 6-8 seconds) weekends: all day

=>Last thing I googled: bleach stream ger sub

=>First word that comes to mind: bae (always on my mind)

=>Place that makes me happy: my bed, bookshops, a kitchen full of groceries

=>Blankets I sleep under: 2 blankets, microfibre and giant one

=>Favourite character: This is the worst question ever.. I can’t just choose one omg be more realistic pls

=>Favourite anime: Bleach, Shingeki No Kyojin, Fairy Tail, Noragami.. I guess those are my number ones

=>Favourite TV show: Gravity Falls, How I met your mother.. ugh..

=>Last movie I watched in theatres: uhm can’t remember now

=>Dream Wedding: Actually I don’t wanna marry because too much trouble and annoying people who pretend liking me although they hate me and think I look fat in my stunning dress. But it would be cool if my wedding was a gender bender wedding. The women have to wear hot suits and the men lovely dresses. It would be awesome. Seriously. And also the children! Don’t forget them!

=>Dream job: I just wanna travel the world

=>What am I wearing: a t-shirt (smells like teen spirit ughhhh) and sweat pants

=>Last book I read: “Selection” and I’m currently reading the second one “The Elite” but I don’t have enough time… cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I tag: midousuujis kawaiiryuzaki alternateuniverse10 not-actually-juuzou boo-waka-baka comin–for–that–booty bre-lol

idk :D

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So I want to break up with my boyfriend( I'm just not too fond of him anymore) but u don't know how to do it. Any advice on how? Btw I LOVE your blog😍😍❤️❤️

Okay so you could maybe meet up with him in person and tell him everything that you’ve been thinking? Then that you want to take a break and see if your feelings change etc. But the best thing to do is be 100% honest with him. Good luck, and sorry it’s kinda shitty I’ve never really broken up with anyone before. And thank youuuuu❤️❤️

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HELLO! I am new here in YamaJima fandom. And I really love this blog <3 >_<. Can you recommend some good yamajima fics? ^^. It can be anything, fluff, romance, AU even angst~~. Thank youuuuu~

this is riko (again, yes i’m in-charge of the askbox if anyone realises now). I AM ABOUT TO THROW A BUNCH OF FICS OVER TO YOUR DIRECTION SO PLEASE BE READY.

disclaimer: i have not read yutoyama fics for a good long time, so the fics i’m recommending are either very old in fandom age, or those from to yutoyama exchange (basically the yutoyama exchange is gold, go and dig it)

p/s: riko is the worst person when it comes to summary

personal favourites from the yutoyama exchange:

You Built a Bridge inside My Heart by moeblobmegane tumblr/ao3 (yacchan)
Pacific Rim AU, enough said. fluff, angst, romance, action all in one place

Starting Point by nightbaron49 ao3 (urara-chan)
SLOW BURN. Another AU, fluff, angst, romance, whatever, this is so pretty

but don’t move honey (you look so perfect standing there) by obsessed_makpa (ao3/livejournal)
angst pain pain. AU. romance. good pain. fluff somewhere.

i solemnly swear that i am up to be yours by obsessed_makpa (ao3/livejournal)

okay no i do no justice to the exchange because i havent read most of the fics from the second exchange. kindly head over to for more goodies (where you can find my fic under re-riko as well because i can publicise like this /shot)

moving on to those that aren’t from the exchange:


It Took Me 100 Years to Find You by hotfruits
high school au. good pain, nice plot, romance. fluff. cuties. it’s healing

you should check out all of tsubasa_quill’s multichapters. beautifully written plots. i love her plots. pain, action, romance. pretty sure they are yutoyama and a dribble of other pairings (she basically uses the whole group so it is really nice).

if you are up for smut,

And all I wanna do is let you lead my off into the dusk by Lady_Michiru
where yamada moves out and somehow it comes with yuto kinda fic. fluff. SMUT, BE WARNED. cuties

The Truth About Forever by thixophobia
old fic, so they are relatively young here. SMUT BE WARNED. but cute. fake tattoos.

here is something vai recommend because we have a lack of kouji/daichi

There’s a light that never goes out (part 1 | part 2) by caramel_jump
part 2 is NC-17 and i dont think i’ve read it personally so yay something new to read.

this list does not do any justice to all the fics i’ve read throughout my fandom life. i can’t remember a lot of them so you’d have to make do with these. but i’m sure if you click over the ‘link’ button at the top of our tumblog, you’d find links to sites where authors would throw their fics in so do check them out! (i would link my fics up here but damn i’m too embarrassed, if you want them, make vai reply /dances)

excuse me while i finally read all the amazing fics for the exchange (go read it, i swear they are good quality fics i can bask in the amazing quality for years)


hii this is vai speaking, while at it i just had to add riko’s AU in here

Pilot by re_riko
fluff. IT’S VERY SWEET AND CUTE AND AMAZING. just read it /winks


Some people on here are so lovely and caring, especially the Muslims, so Thank Youuuuu:’) JazakallahKhair.

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Name: Haley

Nickname: idk do i rly have any???

Birthday: June 2nd, 2000

Starsign: Gemini

Gender: Female

Height: 5′2

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Romantic orientation: Biromantic im p sure

Favorite color: BLACK nd mint green

Time and date at the moment: 5:19pm April 18th 2015

Average hours of sleep: 3? 4? 

Lucky number: 7 or i haha math wow

Last thing i googled: if i tremble lyrics

First word that comes to my mind: hesitate

One place that makes me happy: my room???

How many blankets i sleep under: 3 + flannel sheets oops

Favorite fictional character: 

Favorite famous person: pfft vic fuentes obvi

Celebrity crush: Vic, Kells, Lynn, Tay, Jenna, Gabe, Tony, Patty, Oli, Hannah, Jordan, etc.

Favourite books: i dont read anymore???

Favourite animes: IVE ONLY SEEN LIKE ONE IN MY LIFE AND IT WAS SO STUPID OH MY GOD it was Girls Bravo sooooo yeah

Favourite TV Shows: ANTM, everything on food network, 19 kids, botched

Favourite musicians/bands: PTV, BVB, SWS, Tonight Alive, WATIC, BMTH, NeverShoutNever, The Front Bottoms, ADTR, etc 

Favourite games: can i say guitar hero bc oh my god

Last movie: probs that new cinderella one disney made (if plays count then Suessical last night!)

Dream holiday: NOT THE CORN PLS

Dream job:  to be in a band :)

Wearing right now:
an oversized shirt from ma fat days

Last book i read: i dont rly read anymore :////

i tag!: salem-save-me selfishrnachines ghost-onthealtar my-anthem-is-kellin-quinn


Gosh - it has been way too long since I answered all you precious people! I am sorry, life was simply keeping me busy far too much!

mitchlions: You simply are one sunbeam of person! Thank you, cutie!

fatmaninalittlesuit: Thank you John!! This made me smile like an idiot!

cat-behind-the-mirror: Heeeeelluuuuu beauty! How nice you found my little place =) what a shame we haven’t been talking before =(((( Thank you so so much! Let meeee know when you did it =) I am sure you are about to rock those two more km easily!!

healthy-marberry: My precious girl, you will smash your half-marathon way better than anyone else could ever do! But thank youuuuu! Ily!

juliettebox: What can I say, Jüli?! You are my sunshine, endless supporter, inspiration and such a dear friend! I am so happy to know you!

spiritanimal-omnom: You will forever make me blush, beauty! You are an inspiration to me, Jana…and I very much aspire to reach 5% of your guitar skills one day and I’d be the happiest hippo ever =)

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1. Spell your name with song titles
Solsagan - Finntroll

Antakaa Elää - Ajattara

Raise the Dead - Bathory 

Rational Gaze - Meshuggah

Al Betekent Het Mijn Dood - Carach Angren

Holocene - Bon Iver

2. Why did you choose your URL?
Its obvious. I am married to Randy Blythe of Lamb of God lmao duh????

3. What is your middle name?

4. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

5. Favourite colour?
Black, emerald green, burgundy :)

6. Favourite song?
ehhhhh probably Hide - FKA twigs atm! 

7. What are your top three fandoms?
Pepe (is that even a fandom, idk I’m a hardcore pepe fan), Carach Angren, GOT. 

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
People have the same interests as me and its the best way to procrastinate

9. Tag 9 other people

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You guys, I did a thing where I made Ashton really punk rock. I really worked hard on it and I want him to see this lol  can you all help me on twitter –> here - or DM it to him - or not or I don’t know is that too much am I too much okay never mind I’m gonna stop now.