robert’s rebellion, also known as the war of the usurper, was a rebellion against house targaryen, primarily instigated by eddard stark, jon arryn, and robert baratheon, for whom it is named. It lasted “close to a year” and resulted in the end of the targaryen dynasty in the seven kingdoms and the beginning of robert baratheon’s reign.

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mstngsali1: I would like to read about Dean’s POV in the last scene of “What is and What Should Never Be”

Dean didn’t really hear the conversation Sam had with the hospital. He just knew that Sam was asking for updates on the girl they’d saved. He flipped absently through a familiar magazine that came with the rented room, fighting to keep his thoughts on what was going on around him. Since getting checked out at the hospital and being released, he couldn’t seem to go longer than a minute without thinking back to what had happened.

He slowly turned the page and his heart squeezed, as if a hand had grabbed it, almost before he saw her. Carman. There had been something about her that seemed familiar but he hadn’t been able to put his finger on it. But there she was. Just a beautiful girl on a beach, an ad for his favorite beer - the beer she had given him - surrounding her. “Go somewhere better,” the title read. He breathed a humorless laugh. His dream girl had been a beer model. Sounded about right.

His mind immediately took him back to that moment on the couch, the feelings he couldn’t explain, the happiness he felt with her. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of her. Dean swallowed hard, his jaw jerking tensely.

"Thank you so much for the update. Okay, bye." Sam closed the phone and sat on the bed beside Dean’s. "That was the hospital. Girls’s been stabilized." Dean looked at the opposite page in the magazine, pretending not to have any interest in the model. As if Sam seeing Carman would embarrass him. He knew it was stupid, since Sam hadn’t actually been there, but that knowledge didn’t really make enough sense just yet.

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(Above are pictures of our ship, OCs Lucas and Sam, on one of their first dates. :3)

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