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ahhhhhhhhhh!!! the sehun boyfriend one was really cute!!!! i love your writing, keep it up, it always makes me grin like an idiot!!!!! my request is: how do you think sehun would act as a HIGH SCHOOL boyfriend?

Thank you so much beautiful lovely c: This definitely made my day ^^ 

I hope you like my answer to your question. 

Have a wonderful day/night c: 


In high school, Sehun would be a very likeable guy and he would get along with everyone, especially the guys. He would have a few friends who are girls but he wouldn’t be very interactive with girls as much because he would have his amazing girlfriend who is you. Sehun would be the type of boyfriend who would bring the best out in you. He would motivate you to do well in your studies and his method would probably be positive reinforcement, he’ll say something like, “_____-ah, if you do well in this exam, I will buy you that ______ that you always wanted.” If you were in any sports or clubs, Sehun would always be in the crowd cheering you on. I can imagine that Sehun would be the typical boyfriend who would carry your books and walk you to class, however he would want your relationship with him to be more reserved rather than out in the open. He would spend time with you in private so nobody can intrude, and at most lunches Sehun would be hanging out with his friends and you can hang out with your own. You two would spend time together after school instead. That way your relationship can remain healthy because you two would be independent and not too clingy. Sehun would be the high school boyfriend who would wake you up in the morning, instead of your alarm clock. He would have a spare key to your house and he’ll invite himself round every morning, he’ll greet your parents in a polite manner before walking up to your room to see your sleeping form. He’ll laugh softly at you and would probably take a picture of you so he could use it potentially for blackmail later, Sehun would wake you up by jumping onto your bed beside you so the sudden vibration would snap you out of your slumber. “Good morning, jagiya. Time for school.” Sehun would chirp as he places soft kisses on your forehead whilst brushing your tufts of hair out of your face. Whilst you get ready, Sehun would pack your books and school bag for you so you two wouldn’t be late for school. 

You two would eat breakfast on the way to school and Sehun would most likely drag you to the local bubble tea shop where you would buy your favourite bubble tea to start the day. Everybody would know that you two would be dating because your hand would always be entwined with Sehun’s as you walk to and from school. In classes, Sehun would divert half of his attention to you and the other half to the lesson. He’ll be glancing at you regularly and would flash an adorable smile whenever you look back at him and he might sometimes even write a little note and pass it to you however he wouldn’t do something bold otherwise he’ll get caught and punished. Sehun would be the boyfriend that even though you two aren’t always physically together in school, he’ll always be here for you and would come to your rescue whenever you’re in trouble. For example, if your male classmate was interested in you and he decided to confess his feelings towards you, Sehun would suddenly appear by your side out of nowhere and he would wrap his arm around your waist possessively before pulling you into his warm body. He’ll inspect your classmate and would say something along the lines of, “sorry but ______-sshi is my girlfriend. She belongs to me so please don’t steal her away from me.” He would reject your classmate for you so you wouldn’t have to be in that awkward position. Another example would be that if you were getting bullied in school, Sehun would instantly be involved and he’ll talk with the bullies and deal with them and he’ll make sure that you would never get hurt by them again. 

Sehun would arrange some study dates with you after school although it wouldn’t be productive at all; even though he wants you to do your best and to do well in your subjects, he’ll probably get bored within the first few minutes of studying and he’ll want to spend time with you doing something more exciting and suited to both your likings. Basically, study dates would just be an excuse for Sehun to spend more time with you. Sehun would be a dorky boyfriend but without him, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy high school that much. You’ll be his high school sweetheart and everybody would envy your relationship because you would be goals. 

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Request: Fight Club

Request: Happy Wednesday! How about one where Sam is teaching the reader how to fight. And the reader is his younger sister ( like 15 years old) ? Just lots of fluff! Thank you!! Btw I love your writing!

Word Count: 716

Thank you so much! I hope you like it!<33

“Y/N? You awake?” You hear Sam at your bedroom door and groan, pulling the cover up and over your head.


“C'mon, kid.” Sam walks into the room, tugging gently on the end of the warm, cocooning cover, “You agreed to this.”

“It’s cold out there.” You whine, tightening your grip on the material. Sam chuckles affectionately, pulling hard enough to expose your shirt.

“If you’re not in the training room in ten minutes, we’re doing double time every day this week.” He promises, before leaving the room. You’re up like a spring, having the world’s quickest shower, shoving your training clothes on, and sprinting to the training room. Sam’s already waiting, and as soon as you burst into the door, he grins.

“Seven minutes thirty two. Not bad.” He says, approaching you slowly and looking you up and down, “You ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.”

He beckons you over onto the fighting platform the three of you constructed a few weeks back, and you grin, bouncing on the balls of your feet. Sam smiles, rubbing his hands together.

“Alright, kid. Let’s see what you’ve got.” He prompts, “Just go for it. See what you can do.”

You frown, “On you?”

“Sure. Hit me.”

You narrow your eyes, but slip closer to him. He regards you carefully, and when you think he’s not expecting it, you launch yourself at him. You bury your elbow in his ribs and make a kick for his knees – he’s like a brick wall, and you just bounce straight back. Sam chuckles, shaking his head.

“Bad plan. See, you just exposed yourself, yeah? So you gotta block and attack at the same time. You’re at a loss right here, so I can just…” He kicks out, knocking your legs out from beneath you. You drop to the floor like a sack of potatoes, and the wind is knocked out of you. Sam stands over you, looking down.

“I didn’t have any breakfast.” You excuse yourself. He rolls his eyes.

“Yes. Because every monster is going to let you stop for a banana before they try to kill you.”

You glare at him, so he continues.

“You’re smaller than most monsters.” He says, offering a hand. You refuse it, standing up on your own, “So you’re going to need a lot of speed behind your attacks. Quick jabs. You’re not going to be able to keep a choke hold, so you need to get a good jab to the throat, yeah?” He explains, “You’re going to need to dodge easily. More agile and sneaky than brute force.”

“Got it. Go for me again.” You demand, and Sam chuckles.

You lose to Sam again, and again, and again. You always end up on your ass or back or knees and he seems unbeatable. That’s when you notice something.

When he spins you around, he puts one foot in front of the other and puts you in a chokehold. You don’t think it’s on purpose.

The next time, you’re not so easily beaten. In fact, you’re not beaten at all. You continue playing the ‘useless, not so good fighter’ and as soon as he has you in a chokehold, you act. You use one leg to sweep the one that he’s put out in front away, knocking the knee out. You drop down to one knee, shifting his centre of gravity so he flips over your shoulder, landing on your back. He grabs you, bringing you with him, but you twist out of his grasp and pull up so you’re straddling his stomach.

“Then, all I’d do is land a good punch to the head or neck, and you’re out.”

Sam’s eyes are considerably wider and you grin proudly, staying where you are. He pushes you off good-naturedly, and you both get up.

“Good. That’s good. You’re quick, and you learn fast. It’s all about figuring out your enemy’s weaknesses.” You high five him, and you grin.

“Same time tomorrow?” You ask, and Sam’s eyes widen.

“We’ll see.”

“You’re just mad because I can slaughter you, Sammy-boy.”

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.”

“I could too.”




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Hi honey! I just love your fics and the way you use words is just amazing. I sometimes hope I could write like you. But sigh. Anyway I just couldn't get this idea out of my mind and felt that you would write it so much better. Dr. Wells is from future. So his view on snowbarry at present knowing they will be an epic couple in the future. Also maybe he lets slip of it but covers it up. Sorry for the long prompt!

title | grinning at your destiny

notes | First off, thank you so much!  I’m not sure this is quite what you were thinking, but I just re-watched episode one and the smile Caitlin & Wells share when Barry says, “it’s over, I’m okay” hit me hard and seemed to go with the idea you suggested. Hope you like it, even if it’s not exactly what you asked for.

From the corner of his eye, he watches the expression on Caitlin’s face change: the tension drains and a smile (a grin, an absolute beam) spreads across her lips. It’s the widest smile she’s worn in nine months, months that are scattered with half hearted attempts and closed off looks, misery and loss her dominant emotion, despite Cisco’s best efforts to cheer her. He’s grown fond of them both, Caitlin and Cisco, despite himself and despite the plans he builds day by day, and so Thawne cannot help but turn toward the radiance she’s emitting, soaking in the warmth and smiling back.

For that moment that their gazes catch, twin grins sprawled across their faces (for such very differnet reasons), he feels everything click irrevocably into place. In this moment, he thinks, an inescapable future is being born.

This one small smile, etched wide across her face, is the tipping point that will change everything for Caitlin Snow and for Barry Allen (and, years and years into the future, for Eobard Thawne as well). It’s in this moment, more than any other, that the Flash is truly born: a first victory, a first sense that they can truly make a difference, a first thrumming feeling of relief when all ends well.

From here on out, the wheels are in motion, and he feels it vibrate through him, an electric shock of victory that is so tied to that smile but for such vastly different reasons.

This is the first moment but there are months of moments, months of comfort and friendship standing before them. Those moments will stretch and twist and change like the fabric of time itself, until they reach a fever pitch and snap. In the aftermath, Barry and Caitlin will be closer then ever: they’ll fall in love and change the world. It will be Caitlin Snow, not Iris West, that Barry Allen will marry, five years from now on a sunny spring morning surrounded by family and friends. She’ll wear a white dress with a red ribbon around her waist, and he’ll smile in his suit as his fingers pull her closer, tangled in the red bow as they share their first kiss as Mr. and Dr. Allen. (He’s seen the picture a dozen times). 

It will also be Caitlin (Snow) Allen, that he’ll leave behind on that fateful April day in 2024, eight months pregnant and sobbing into Joe’s shoulder. She’ll wear his favorite sweatshirt to bed over her too round belly and put on a brave face every day, dark eyes fierce as she maintains that he’ll find his way back to her. (Barry will, of course, only further setting up all the events that will lead to him going back into the past, to take Harrison Wells’ identity, setting up this whole chain of events). 

This one smile will set all their futures on the right path and so of course he can’t help but return it, smiling at the knowledge that he holds and eager to watch the future unfold, knowing it’s ramifications are precisely why he’s here.

Again, I know it’s not the exact prompt but the idea of Caitlin and Barry’s relationship helping set up all the events that lead to the future seemed to go well with him knowing their future. Hope you guys all enjoyed, especially you fantasyqueens ! Also, small reference to my wedding story.

[Ghoul!Oikawa x Reader] Hope

I’M SO SORRY! I THINK THIS ASK DISAPPEARED BUT I DO REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS ABOUT, THANKFULLY! I’m really sorry for the delay in my response. OTL The request was, Oikawa meeting and falling in love with someone whose parent is a CCG investigator. By the way guys, thank you so much for 400 followers!! <3 ~Zenith

It was on a calm Friday night that Oikawa Tooru decided he was an idiot.

He should have known something like this would happen sooner or later. All that time spent in the presence of human beings had made him subconsciously arrogant. Who was he to think that he had complete power over his own emotions? And now, he found himself being plunged into a state he thought had been buried away within him— in a crippling sense of hopelessness.

It was on a calm Friday night two weeks before that Oikawa Tooru meet you.

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This Is Wrong...Right?  Pt 3

a/n: all your messages made me really happy! Thank you for all the love dolls! I hope you like the last part. Tell me what you think and keep sending requests :)

You returned to the room to meet the ceremony at its end. Artists and invited guests alike were all milling about. The atmosphere now was much livelier than it had been all night.

Your eyes searched for your boyfriend’s face through the crowd to no avail.

“Hey, you look lovely,” Ashton came up to you in the midst of the festivities.

“Hey, congratulations on the win!” you distractedly gave him a hug as you continued to search for your date.

“He left,” his face was unreadable so you had no idea what he was talking about.

“Who left?”

“Y/B/N,” he answered.

“He did? When? Where did he go?” you reached in your clutch for your phone intending to call him.

“He left with someone,” his hand gently covered yours.

You looked up into his face again and understood the look for what it was. Pity.

“A woman?” was all you wanted to know.

His nod was so small it was almost imaginary, but you knew.

“Right. Well um, congrats again, on the win,” you knew he saw through your smile.

You wanted to leave then and there, but figured the classy thing to do would be to find and congratulate the rest of the band on their win. You’d grown to like Ashton, Luke and Michael in the few times you’d gotten to meet them and you hadn’t even gotten a chance to say hi to Luke since you’d gotten here.

Meeting your goal was easier than you thought. It only took you all of ten minutes to track down Luke and Michael. Your encounter with them, however was just as brief as it had been with Ashton. Interviews has to be done.

You headed out towards the valet parking, trying to keep it together until you got within the safety of the car.

“He doesn’t deserve you, Y/N,” you stopped at the voice behind you.

You didn’t want to turn and have him see the tears threatening to spill. Your hand quickly came up to brush away an errant drop, hoping he hadn’t caught on to the movement.

“He sure as hell doesn’t deserve your tears,” his voice was much closer now; right behind you.

His presence behind you offered an unexplainable comfort. There was just something about him that put you at ease.

His touch was gentle as he turned you around to face him.

“Come home with me,” he murmured, thumbs swiping across your cheeks, catching tears before they fell.

“I just want to go home,” your voice was just as low as his.

“I’m not going to let you go home and cry yourself to sleep over that asshole. Come home with me. I’ll take your mind off of it.”

You knew if you went home your only comfort would have been your pillow and a pint of ice cream. You didn’t want that, so there was no indecision when he grasped your hand in his and led the way out the hotel.


The entirety of the drive to his apartment happened in silence. You strolled into his apartment; your feet leading you to the middle of his living room before you stopped. You didn’t turn around. You heard him enter, close and lock the door behind him and then drop his keys on the table in the foyer. You heard him remove his suit jacket and drape it on the back of the couch and you heard his footsteps as he approached you. Still, you remained facing forward, because you knew once you turned to acknowledge him that you would also be addressing the sizzling question that hung between you since you’d accepted his hand in the hotel lobby.

And you knew once you turned there would be no turning back.

Your eyes met his briefly and then he took over from there. One moment you were glancing back at him and the next his lips were on yours as his hands sought your skin.

You fisted your fingers in his hair as you kissed back with matching intensity. His fingers found the zip of your dress after a few tries, pulling it down with an agonizing carefulness that spurred your own hands into action. It felt like you couldn’t get enough of him. His lips, his body, his scent; it seemed like everything about Calum sent your emotions into overdrive.

Your fingers fumbled over his buttons, rushing to get his shirt open.

His hands rose to wrap around your wrists, stilling your movements.

“We have all night,” were his only words as he brought his lips to trail the side of your neck.

Breathy moans were your only response. You weren’t even sure when he’d gotten you out of your dress, but you were suddenly aware of his fingers dancing over your bare skin, leaving traces of heat where they passed.

You were hyper aware of his hands and lips caressing your skin, but everything else was clouded in a sexual haze. Your toes curled at his show of strength when he effortlessly lifted you against him and began walking to his room. His lips only severed contact from yours when he deposited you gently on his bed.

It was then you got the chance to really look at him for the first time that night. There was no question in your mind regarding your attraction to Calum, but upon watching him in the pale light cast across his frame from his windows your attraction grew to a whole other level.

What was once neatly styled hair was now a beautiful mess of dark waves and blonde streaks. His already full lips were plump from your kisses and his gaze was determined as he stared at you.

If Calum looked good in a tux he looked ten times better halfway out of it. The last two buttons on his shirt were the only two you hadn’t gotten to, leaving his smooth skin on display and the way his fingers were slowly unbuckling his belt held promise of what lay beneath.

Your entire body felt like it was on fire, the most delicious heat consumed you and you knew Calum was the only one to tame the burning need.

“God, you’re perfect,” he said as his eyes slowly ran over you.

Those were your sentiments exactly as you observed him prowl towards you, fisting his hands in the sheets as his arms held him above you.

Your only response was to moan his name repeatedly as his mouth and fingers proceeded to explore your body.

And everything in that moment felt so damn right.

Did you guys like it? 

So Many People Wanna See Me Fail

anonymous requested: “Can I pretty please get a Ricky horror imagine? Where you’re a lead singer of a band on warped tour with them and Chris asks you to sing Immaculate Misconception with him and Ricky tells you that he likes you??(:”

not my gif, haha, and thanks so so so much for requesting!! :))))

“I literally love Warped,” I flopped down on a couch near my band, Treaty Right, and the band we’re touring with, Motionless in White.

“it’s a great experience,” my guitarist Sam agreed.

“We’ve been on Warped forever,” Josh said. “And it’s always really chill and nice.”

“I hope we play more. "I said whistfully.

"That’d be awesome!” My drummer, Sierra, agreed energetically. Sierra was always happy and playful.

“Hey, Y/N, you wanna sing Immaculate Misconception with me?” chris asked suddenly.

“What? Are you serious?” I ask, wide-eyed.

“Of course, we go on in about thirty minutes, plenty of time to rehearse. And, you basically know all of it, because you helped me write it.” Chris explained.

 "I’d love to!“ I jumped up and hugged him, making him and the others laugh.


"Are you ready?” Chris asked as we stood side stage, ready. We’d go on in about five minutes.

“As ready as i’ll ever be.” I was shaking, nervous.

“You’ll be great,” Chris hugged me.

“Thanks,” I whispered tightly.

“Time to go on!” Someone yelled, and Chris dragged me along. I could barely walk, it felt.

The curtains rose, making me quesy. I stood where I was supposed to, next to Chris.

“Hello, Minnesota!” Chris’s voice rang out. “We have a special surprise today…” he trailed off, looking at me. “Y/N, lead-singer of Treaty Right Is here today.” Chris looked to me, to finish.

“And I am here to be assisting him in singing Immaculate Misconception.” I smiled a cheeky smile.

“LET’S GO!” Chris screamed and we began signing. It was amazing…


“That was sick!” I yelled after I got offstage.

Ricky was trailing behind me, smiling. “Hey, Y/N, can I talk to you?” Ricky asked.

“Sure,” I faced him, smiling.

“Alone,” he pointed to a door leading outside.

“I shrugged. "Mkay.”

Once outside, we stood for minute in silence. Ricky looked to be contemplating his thoughts, so I remained silent. It was breezy, but still warm.

“I really like you.” Ricky finally said.

“I like you too.”

“No ,like, dating like…” Ricky’s eyes shifted downwards.

“Really?” I asked, my eyes hopeful.

“Yeah, um..”

“I like you that way too!” I hugged him tightly, which shocked him.


“Of course, silly, everyone in my band has been telling me to ask you out!”

He sighed a sigh of relief. “Will you be my girlfriend, Y/N?”

“Yes,” I smiled wide. “Of course.”

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hey, i just wanted to say that your scenarios are amazing and that i really enjoy reading them ;w; i was wondering if you could write a yunhyeong scenario where you two are arguing over little things but in a cute way? like teasing each other? thank youuu!

Thank you so much for the nice comments ;; your blog is just as amazing too! Hope you enjoy the request, it didn’t turn out exactly like I was hoping…

“Hey, that’s not where the plates go” you commented, looking at Yunhyeong putting the dishes into the wrong drawer from the sofa. “Where then?” he asked, looking at you with a huge pout on his face. You got up from the sofa and took the plates from his hands, placing them in the correct drawer. “There and besides, you’re not even that cute” you said, teasing him a little. He was darn cute, but he silently sulked after you didn’t admit his cuteness. “But I am still cuter than you” he said, surprisingly. Usually he’d answer something like ‘but I am a little’. “Ha, yeah right” you answered. You actually were terrible in doing cutesy stuff and this was no exception. You made this very cringeworthy face whilst hopping around him, repeating the words: “Bbuing bbuing little crybaby, who is cuter than you?” He facepalmed, trying to hide his face but failing miserably, he was laughing so hard that even his shoulders were shuddering. “Heeey, what’s so funny?” you asked, knowing exactly what was but you’d like to see him completely lose his posture. “Nothing, just uhm, I wasn’t expecting that” he said, biting his lip and trying not to laugh. “Fine then” you answered quickly and went to sit back on the sofa. He followed you, sitting next to you and lifting his feet on your lap. “Ew, get your dirty socks off of my lap!” you shouted playfully. You’d held your feet in his lap dozens of times so you knew this was his payback. “Gosh, can’t I do anything right in this house” he asked, pretending to be hurt by your comments. He even crossed his arms on his chest and let out a really dramatic sigh. “First of all, this is my house and second of all - no” you said, tapping his head. “Ha, not funny!” he said, poking your sides. 

It turned out to become a little “fight” between you guys, with good humour of course. You didn’t say anything that would have hurt the other one - it was solely for fun. “Okay stop, stop, stop! I can’t breathe!” you said while laughing really hard. He had been poking you for some time whilst you had been messing up his hair all the time. He lifted his shirt up, waving it. “White flag, I give up” he commented, trying to catch his breath from all the laughing. “Yaaay, I won” you said, drying up your tears from all the laughter. He squinted at you and took you into his embrace. “Let’s just say so” he commented and patted your head in return. It was really nice to know that he could still be able to have fun even though he probably was really stressed because of his upcoming debut.

jadesauce asked:

let me just start of by saying that you are truly beautiful and i LOVE your cosplays! but i have a request for a video (: i think it would be a very cool idea if you made one of you going to the thrift shop and picking things out and creating the cosplay! it helps because some of us don't even know where to start or know what to look for. hope you have a beautiful day!

ah thank you so much, you are such a sweetheart! <33 hm let’s see, a video like this is probably not going to happen but I planned something similar to this. because you see, it’s not like I write down the things that I need, go to the thrift shop and find everything. it really needs months sometimes to find decent stuff. but I planned to make a video on where I show how to spend little money on cosplays and give tips and stuff. this is something that I really wanna do. have a beautiful day too!<3

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was getting up to date with your tumblr (I love fics you write and what you post, I always reading) and I found this fic -got the sunshine shining-through the windshield- which I loved, that about relaxed caitlin and everything (love snowbarry) and was wondering if you could write one where caitlin and barry go to a road trip and the car runs out of petrol or stuck? And I love your fics, you are a sensational writer, thank you very much and that, Goodbye! Take Care :)

title | oh and when we get together

notes | Thank you for the love and the prompt anon. Sorry it took me ages, I kept getting stuck on how improbably it was that they’d really get stuck, given Barry’s powers. I finally decided how to write it, so I hope you all like it, even though it’s more of a comic bit at the end then the focus. This is the completing arc of my road trip trilogy, which I’m calling ‘Love is a Three-Part Harmony (at 65 MPH)’. Parts I & II though this can standalone. 

Their summer studded with road trips passes by quickly, August and September swallowed up by rainstorms and autumn arrives too quickly for either’s liking. Still, the memories linger as strong as the attraction, and neither can deny the shift in their perspective, even if it’s not enough to push them forward—not without the safety of distance and the lightheartedness their trips always bring about. As such, when an October morning dawns hot and sunny, Barry’s first thought is a nostalgic one for the summer gone by. Halfway ready for work, he looks out his window and smiles as a plan forms in the back of his mind. A few calls and he’s out the door. A few stops and one more call and he’s grinning as he waits. 

It doesn’t take long: his last call to Caitlin (“Hey, can you meet me in the parking lot?”) sparks her worry and she’s outside Star Labs in minutes, wearing a puzzled frown to go with her soft blue dress. “Is everything okay Barry?” Her eyes rake over his form, leaned against her car, a grin and a pair of sunglasses covering his face. 

“Play hooky with me today?” He asks, pushing off and not bothering to answer her question. In the space of a few seconds, he’s settling the new pair of sunglasses over her eyes and grinning down at her, waiting for her reply. He watches the way hesitance plays across her lips, warring with her own nostalgia, before it gives way to a grin that makes his heart stutter to a country beat.

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Request: Complain

Request: Bodyswap fic with one of the boys? Uvu

Word Count: 736

I have a Sam bodyswap fic that you can find here, too! Thanks, I hope you like it!<33

“For God’s sake, Dean, stop grabbing my boobs!”

“Sorry.” He retracts his hands quickly, “They’re just so… soft.”

“Grow your own if you want some to grope.” You snap, throwing the book to the side, “I’m sick of this.”

“Boobs help.”

Dean!” You hiss, glaring at him… well, yourself.

It wasn’t strictly supposed to go like this. In fact, it couldn’t have gone much worse. You and Dean went in, intending to get the witch killed before lunch. It was going great until you shot at her head, but she deflected it just enough that it hit her neck. Rather than killing her instantly, she had enough time to mutter some inaudible Latin. Before you could figure out what it meant, you were taller and broader and… in Dean’s body.

It was funny at first, this whole body swap thing. You were both clumsy and useless – you kept hitting your head while he couldn’t reach anything. He didn’t have a clue how to get a bra on, for a change. But at this point, you just want your body back and for crying out loud, he won’t leave your boobs alone!

“Dean!” You snap, “Focus!”

“You can’t stop me.” He grins mischievously. It’s so strange watching yourself do that, and you make a mental note never ever to pull that face.

“Honey, I’m in your body,” You flash him a shit-eating grin, “I can do whatever I want to this meatsack.”

He regards you with a mixture of fear and awe, before nodding.


He removes his hands from your chest and goes back to reading up on curses. Sam, on the other hand, is too busy laughing. You glare at him.

“Shut up.” You hiss, and he holds his hands up in mock surrender.

“Sorry. It’s just funny watching Dean throw a tantrum. I mean… his body.”

“It won’t be a tantrum he’s throwing in a minute,” You mutter, looking at the case of throwing knifes resting against a wall.

You don’t mean to be so grumpy. You just… you want your body back. You even find yourself longing for all of the little things that annoyed you in the past – that piece of hair that never lies right and the stretch marks on your skin.

Dean feels the same, though. He can’t be bothered with your body – mostly because he just doesn’t understand it. How do you keep your hands so soft when you handle as many weapons as you do, and how do you smell so nice, even when you’re constantly running around killing things. He just doesn’t get it.

It’s nearly an hour later when Sam finds something – but it’s hardly the news you were looking for.

“It says it should only last about 24 hours.” The younger Winchester explains, and you groan, before realising…

It was about this time yesterday you killed the witch.

You could get your body back any minute now!

You laugh, “Finally!” Standing up, you push the chair away from the table, stretching yours… well, Dean’s legs. Dean grins, standing up too.

“I’ll miss your body. Kinda.”

“You’ll miss my boobs.”

He pauses, before shrugging, “Pretty much. But they’re so annoying when I’m trying to sleep, it’s like…” He groans, “Hey, let’s lie – no, wait, there’s a boob in my face! And don’t get me started on that bra, I bet yours is just really hard to do.”

You listen to him complain good-naturedly – all things you’ve thought in the past. In fact, you’re in such an improved mood that you barely notice when the complaints are suddenly coming from…

“Dean!” You yell over him, rejoicing at hearing your own voice, “It’s me! It’s you!”

There’s a gasp from Dean and he grins, overjoyed to be back in his roughened but familiar body. You, on the other hand, are so happy that you fling your arms around his neck and kiss his cheek, before sauntering off down the hall yelling something about taking a shower because you feel weird. Dean, meanwhile, just stares after you, transfixed.

“Dean?” Sam asks after a solid minute of Dean staring down the now empty corridor. The elder Winchester turns to him slowly.


“Are you okay?”



“I think I’m in love.”

Party Boy Heartbreak (Part 2)

(In case you missed it, heres part 1)


(Sooo this probably has a lot of errors because i tried to finish this as fast as i could for you guys. I got over 50 asks requesting this, which is insane like i tried to reply to them all but there was just so much. I’m sorry it took so long, i have a loooot of homework thanks to college and the end of the semester. But I’m finished talking, hope you enjoy part 2❤️)

You were sitting on your friends couch, staring blankly at the TV, not really paying attention to what was playing.

Today was the day Luke was leaving for tour and wouldn’t be back for the next 5 months.

Sighing, you pulled your phone out of your pocket, checking to see if you had any missed calls.


That’s how it’s been for the past two days. You were too afraid to call or text him, so you waited for his response first.

Nothing ever came.

He never once made a point to try and fix things. Normally, you would think maybe he was just scared or upset, but this wasn’t any other normal time. It was like nothing even changed for him. You saw constant pictures of him out at the clubs, acting like everything was perfectly fine. While you cried yourself to sleep for the past two nights, he was out partying it up with god knows how many girls.

Feeling a tear slip from your eye, you harshly wiped it off, getting up to grab your keys from the coffee table. You figured since Luke would be gone by now, you’d get the rest of your things. Your best friend agreed to let you stay at her house for a while until you could figure out what to do. She had honestly been so amazing these past two days, not really pressuring you to talk about what happened, just offering a shoulder to cry on. 

She tried to go with you, wanting to be there for support but you wouldn’t let her. This was just something you needed to do alone.

15 minutes later you pulled into the driveway of the house that used to be yours. But now it looked like nothing but a distant memory.

Shaking, you forced yourself to get out he car, wishing you had just agreed to let your best friend come with you.

Stopping at the door, you weren’t sure if you could do this. Once you got the last of your things from the house, that would be it.

No more Luke.

Before you let yourself walk back down the driveway, you quickly opened the door, immediately regretting even coming. Everything was the same. It was like you never even left.

Walking past the living room, you saw the plate you had two days ago still sitting there.


Maybe Luke never even came back. He probably just stayed at Calum’s, not wanting to have to see you before he left.

He really was done with you.

Shaking your head, refusing to cry, you made your way down the hallway to the bedroom.

Again, his words still echoed back and forth as you finished grabbing the rest of your clothes.



Over and over, that’s all you heard.



But then it all stopped.


Spinning around you felt your stomach drop. In the doorway was the one person you were so sure you would never see again. 

Actually, he looked completely different that what you would have expected. It was like he looked the same way you felt.

Absolutely shattered.

He had dark circles under his puffy eyes, making you realize he had been crying. His normal quiffed hair was flat, like it hadn’t been washed in a few days. Extremely pale, you couldn’t bare to look at him anymore.

Feeling yourself start to loose it, you looked down at your shoes not sure what to say or do.

Um… I thought… uh… I didn’t think you would be here right now. I thought your plane left this morning.”

He stayed quiet for a moment, making you look back at him.

They pushed the flight till tomorrow” he mumbled softly.

Shaking your head, you started to walk out of the room.

“Well um… I guess… um I’ll come back tomorrow to get the rest of my things, so I don’t bother you”

But to your surprise he stepped in front of the doorway, blocking you from leaving.

You just stared at him, completely confused to what he was doing.

Quietly he whispered a “Don’t go”, followed by his voice cracking at the end.

Staring at him, you didn’t know what to do. Just two days ago he acted like you were nothing and now its like he cared again.

But you still didn’t trust him.

“Why” you said so softly, not even sure if he heard you.

Looking down, he did nothing but shrug, fiddling with his pinky ring.

Starting to get upset, you tried pushing past him.

No, you don’t get to act like this. You’re the one who told me to just leave. So that’s what I’m doing, I’m leaving you”

Trying to push him away from the door, you felt warm tears falling down your cheeks. 

But he wouldn’t budge.

That’s when you started hitting his chest as hard as you could, only feeling yourself get weaker and weaker with each blow.

When you couldn’t bare to hit him anymore, he wrapped his arms around you. Almost as if he was afraid to let go.

Sobbing, you let yourself fall limp in his arms, feeling him tuck his head on the side of your neck.

“Im sorry. Im so fucking sorry” you heard him whisper. 

There it was. 

He was finally fighting for you.

Wrapping your arms around his waist, he wrapped his even tighter, making you feel instantly relieved knowing he did still care.

And that’s how you guys stayed for quite some time. Neither one of you was willing to make the first move to let go. It was the first time all week you actually touched each other. 

It was something you missed so much. 

Something he needed so much.

But you knew you needed to let go. 

He needed to know what he did was not okay. 

And you needed to know why. 

Slowly pulling away from him, you heard his breath hitch, like he was scared what you were going to do. You didn’t know it but he was so terrified you were still going to walk out the door, leaving him all alone.  

Looking up at him, you slightly frowned. 

Cupping his face, you used your thumbs to wipe away his tears, not even realizing he had been crying. You honestly did hate seeing him like this. No matter what he did to you, you never wanted to see him so broken.

He let out a sigh and started walking over to the edge of the bed, pulling you with him. Once he sat down, he placed you in front of him so you had to look down at his face.

Playing with your fingers, he intertwined your hands and finally looked up at you.

I really am sorry. I need to you to believe me.”

Shaking your head, you glanced away from him, not wanting to met his eyes.

Then why did you act the way you did? Why did you treat me like i was nothing to you? Why didn’t you call the second you realized i really had left? Why-” and you couldn’t finish your sentence. You had started crying midway of talking and it wasn’t letting you speak correctly.

Feeling him pull you into his lap, he hugged you again, whispering a bunch of apologies.

After you calmed down again, he started explaining.

I was just scared, okay? I just… i don’t know… i was scared”

“Scared of what? What are you talking about?” You asked looking at him.

Sighing, he pushed you off his lap onto the bed, standing up to start walking back and forth.

I was scared of getting close to you again. I had finally gotten used to not being with you all the time. I was scared that when i came back,i would get attached to you all over. I was only going to be in town for a week and then have to leave again. I would have to deal with the fact that i would be the one making you cry because i couldn’t be here with you. I had to accept that maybe you would be better off with someone else. Someone who would be able to wake up to your face every morning. Someone who wouldn’t have to be be afraid you would just leave him because the hate got so bad. Someone who would make you feel like your his whole world, one that doesn’t involved rumors and bullshit.” 

He stopped walking for a second and looked directly into your eyes.

 “Someone who’s not me.” 

Looking back down on the floor, he kept talking.

I thought if i went out every night, it would keep me from getting attached again. It would also make you want to leave. Then i would know you would have a chance of being with someone worthy of you.”

Frustrated with what he was saying, you were about to argue but he cut you off.

I know what you’re going to say, but just let me finish okay?”

Once you nodded your head, he got on his knees in front of you and grabbed your face in both of his hands.

When i came home to an empty house, i was utterly broken. This was what i thought i wanted but as selfish as it sounds, i need you. The only reason i kept going out, was to get you off my mind. I thought i would be okay after a while but i was wrong. No amount of girls could change how feel about you.”

Shaking his head again, he looked down at your hands, intertwining them once more.

By the time i realized i was wrong, i thought it was too late. The boys tried getting me to go see you or text you but i couldn’t do it. What if it was what you wanted? What if you were the one who was done, not me. So the boys had the flight pushed back till tomorrow, trying to push me to fix things.”

Finally looking back up at you, he smiled for the first time in what felt like forever.

But you came on your own, giving me all i needed to know that i needed to fix things. I wasn’t about to let you walk back out that door without hearing the truth. Not without hearing how much i love you.”

Smiling, you cupped your hand on his cheek, rubbing it slightly.

Moving forwards, you knew he was about to kiss you, but you didn’t let him. Instead you punched him on the side of his arm, earning a surprised “OW”.

Staring at you in disbelief, he muttered “What was that for?!”

You shook you head, slightly giggling.

For thinking i would actually want to be with someone other than you! And for trying to make a decision for me, especially one that involves you being a shit head!”

Before he could protest, you grabbed both sides of his face, finally kissing his soft lips, feeling the cold metal of his lip ring. Something you hadn’t realized you missed.

You felt him relax under your touch and finally knew everything was actually going to be okay.

Pulling back, you stared into his eyes, making sure he heard your next words.

Luke there’s a reason i put up with you. There’s a reason i don’t let the fans hate get to me. There’s a reason i wait around for you to come back home. And that reason is YOU. I love you, you idiot. I know there is probably an easier relationship i could have. But if it doesn’t involve you, i don’t want it. So, the next time you try and do what you think is best for me, DONT. Talk to me instead. Please don’t push me away again”

Leaning in to kiss you again, you felt your heart flutter.

Luke was back.

Even if he had to leave in a few hours, you both were going to make sure you make it last. 

He wasn’t going to leave you without a proper goodbye. 


Soooo there it is! Part 2!

I really hoped you guys liked it(:

If you have any requests or questions, click here.

Like I’ve said a million of times, THANK YOU FOR READING❤️

Teasing Exo in front of Exo

How would Exo react to you teasing them secretly while with the other members? Like for example, everyone is watching a movie and you go under the blanket and touch him through his pants or something similar. Thank you! Your blog gives me life! <3<3

Oh my~ Thank you so much sweetie <3 Please enjoy x

I just used your one scenario I hope this is okay! x


Suho: He would get so embarrassed. He would do his very best to try and push you away so the other members don’t notice him getting very horny. I feel like Suho would reach a point in which he would just sigh and grab your hand and stomp towards to the bedroom.

Baekhyun: He would be so unfocused and he would smile to himself. As he feels you rubbing him under the blankets he would turn and face you smiling at you and whisper ‘What do you think you’re doing young lady?’. You would giggle and then he would try to tease you back. Eventually you guys will get so loud Chanyeol tells you to get a room in which you do lol.

Chanyeol: He would lift up the sheets over your heads and start teasing you as well. You guys would be just like Baekhyun as the two of you giggle and tease the other one. You would probably need to get a room soon too or else someone is gonna tell you to.

D.O: he would moan under his breath. Trying to be so secretive about it. If you were going to give him a handjob he wont move cause he doesn’t give a fuck if the other members know. but since you’re only teasing him he is going to stop and pick you up along with the blankets and carry you to his room.

Kai: He is going to be shy about it but love it tbh. The way you rub him against his jeans or start touching yourself is going to send him wild. he won’t let you get very far before he just gets up and leaves-dragging you behind him of course.

Sehun: Oh god he would love this so fucking much. I think if you weren’t going to give in and pleasure him he is for you. He would probably finger you right there or if space allows sneak under the covers and eat you out. Knowing that his hyungs might catch him makes it so much hotter. if you still refuse to release him he would say loudly “excuse me” to everyone and then continue to pick you up over his shoulders and carry you bed.

Xiumin: He would force your head under the blankets and make you give him a blowjob aha. Moaning and breathing under his breathe just quite enough so the other members don’t hear. He is going to do his best to keep quite but god you would feel so good ;)

Lay: He would try so hard to ignore you. it wouldn’t take him long before he sighs and begins to walk out of the lounge room alone. As everyone stops to stare at him he would raise his eyebrows at you and say “Well? Are you coming?”. As you get up and chase him to bed I can see some of the members sighing and one of them probably says ew (quess who)

Chen: I can see him trying to tickle you to stop ahah. He would smile at himself and try to tease you back being way to loud about it. Suho will probably tell you to shhhh. You two would head under the covers and start making out and teasing the other. When Chen finally has enough and is way to horny for public he is going to pick you up and flip you over his shoulders. As you giggle into his chest he is going to smack your butt. In response Exo will most likely groan in annoyance.

Tao: He would be the exact same as Sehun really. Although he is going to get pissy when you wont give him a release. i can see him whining really loudly at you and Baekhyun telling him to shut up lol. He would do everything in his power to make you just as horny as he is and once he knows you are is when he is going to try to either eat you out of pick you up and stomp to bed aha

First Glance

Request: Dean x reader. Reader is a famous hunter, more famous than the Winchesters. She meets Dean at Ellen’s bar and they begin hunting together (and a lot more!)

Word Count: 2812

Warnings: SMUT

A/N: I loved writing this one, thank you so much for your request!! It’s a bit longer than I imagined, but Dean smut can never be too long, right? Hope you enjoy it, XOXO.

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EXO Gif Reaction: When a stranger checks you out

Hiya anon! Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy it - B xx

Lay: *rushes over to sort him out and tell him your taken*

Luhan: *trying to calm himself down after you tell him that that guy’s got nothing on him, knowing he can’t help how beautiful you are*

Kris: Staring at my girl? Nah not my style bud

Xiumin: Hahaha not today mate, she’s too good for you

Tao: What do you think you’re looking at?

Chen: Excuse me bitch? She’s officially off limits so stop ogling her like she’s some toy

Kai: I won’t hesitate, don’t test me buddy

Baekhyun: Come here! Hurry up and come over here so I can kiss you and stop that creep staring!

Chanyeol: I wish he’d stop, you’re mine *whines*

Sehun: Alright I give him 2 more seconds to quit it before I go over there and make him

Suho: First off it’s not polite to stare at her and second she’s taken so back off

D.O: *after he goes up and confronts the creep* You have a lot of nerve

Request: Dropping Hints

Request: Hi! I love your blog! I was wondering if you could write a thing where the reader gets injured during a hunt, and dean has to take care of them. also, the reader is trying to drop hints about their feelings towards dean but he’s not getting it, so the reader just gives up and kisses him. And super ultra fluffy? Thank you so much. ?￰゚メユ

Word Count: 938

Thank you so much! I hope you like it, have an awesome day!<333

“Oof-” The air is knocked out of you as you fall into the counter and you grab onto the sink to keep your balance. Dean knocks on the door from the outside.

“Are you alright in there?”

“I’m fine!” You assure him, using the counter to balance yourself as you hop over to the toilet on your one working foot.

“You sure? I can come help if you need, I don’t mind!”

“I’m fine, Dean. Let me pee in peace.” You laugh, and hear a chuckle from outside. He’s obviously waiting for you.

He’s assigned himself as your carer since you were hurt on a werewolf hunt last week. It wasn’t even a good, dignified injury that you got by throwing yourself in the line of fire. No – rather, the werewolf slipped up behind you and knocked you down a flight of stairs. Sure, you’d been lucky just to escape with a twisted ankle and a few bruises, but it’s still annoying to be benched for a while. Your foot is bruised as hell, the purple and blue marks spreading up past your ankle. It’s swollen, too, and you can’t walk on it at all.

You’re definitely not complaining, though. He’s been nothing short of amazing and even if he wasn’t, any time spent with him is a good time in your books.

You wash your hands quickly and hobble out of the bathroom, only just making it. Hopping is awkward, especially when you’re so reliant on your balance and reaction time just to survive another day, most of the time.

“You okay?” He asks as soon as you open the door. You nod.

“I’m good. I think it’s getting better.” You offer, and Dean rolls his eyes.

“Liar. I heard you fall.” he teases, and you groan.

“I caught myself. It doesn’t count.” You sigh, letting him wrap his arm around your waist and help you over to the couch, “You don’t have to do this.”

“You’d do the same for me.”

“In a heartbeat, of course. I guess it’s what you do when you really care about someone, right?” You offer. You’ve been dropping subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints all morning and he still hasn’t cottoned on.

“Sure is. Feel up to watching a movie, or do you want to take a nap?”

“It’s only my ankle, Dean. I’m not concussed or anything.”

“Hey, you took quite a beating just a few days ago.” He shrugs, “You deserve a little bit of relaxation. C'mon.” He helps you over to the couch and he puts a movie into the TV – the bunker’s electricity supply never seems to fail you, which you’re grateful for. He sits down next to you, digging beneath the cushions for the remote.

“Gotcha!” He announces, making you smile. You lean your head on his shoulder and he readily wraps an arm around your shoulders, pulling you in closer, “You tired?”

“Not really. You’re just comfortable.” You say softly, “I could lie here forever.”

“Go for it.”

He really isn’t getting the hint. You think, internally groaning.

You watch the movie – a cheesy-ass horror flick that prompts sarcastic comments throughout the whole film.

Oh, don’t worry. The abandoned creepy house should be a great wholesome family restoration project!”

Let’s start a normal life as a normal family in a town called Creeper Hollow!”

By the time the damn thing had finished, you’re both laughing too hard to take the bullshit jumpscares seriously.

“I think you’re the best person to watch these films with.” Dean chuckles, and you grin.

“Thank you. I think you’re definitely the best film-watching partner in the world.”

He watches your smile, somewhat entranced. He doesn’t mean to stare, but he can’t help it. You’re so beautiful. The way your whole face lights up when you smile – and you’re smiling because of him. He has it figured that you’d never feel the same – why would you? He’s figured that you have a naturally flirty demeanour and you’re just more open with him.

He really couldn’t be much more wrong.

You can’t help but see as he examines your face, trying to drink in every little detail while he thinks you’re not looking.

“Y'know, it’s rude to stare.”

“Sorry.” He says suddenly, looking away from you.

“’S fine. I’ll let you.” You tease, pulling away so you can look at him properly. He still doesn’t figure it out, and you sigh. Come on, Winchester. I was giving you more credit for intelligence than this.

You make the decision in a split second. You lean in quickly and before he can back off, you press your lips to his.

He melds into the kiss instantly, as if he’s been preparing for this for years. You smile against his lips as he wraps his arms around you, pulling you into him life he wants to merge into one being. You only pull away when you’re both so starved of oxygen it feels like you might burst, and you both start laughing.

“Took you long enough.” He smiles, and you grin.

“What? You couldn’t have made a go of it yourself?”

“I figured you wouldn’t want me to.”

“I’ve only been dropping hints all morning!” You laugh, pressing a kiss to the end of his nose, “Moron.”

“Hey! You’re the moron.”

“How am I the moron?”

“Because I say so.”

You say so? Must be right, then.”