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top 5 miharie moments

Argjhsdfsgn are you trying to kill me? Don’t make me choooooooose, there are so many good ones…. Okay, at least #1 is easy:

1.—-Sleepy-Hollow/videos - cause I truly never get tired of Tom’s face falling completely when she says Zach’s name. Never ever.

2. Nicole having a ~moment


4. Tom having a ~moment

5. “Yeah, tell em wifey!”

Idk, I could go on, tbh it’s hard to find any moment that wouldn’t belong on this list. AND SOON WE’LL BE GETTING MOOOOOOORE, MORE MIHARIE, MORE INTERVIEWS, MORE LOOKS, ASDNFDKGDGDSG THANK THE GODS FOR THIS RENEWAL. 


I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of looking at myself in mirrors and reflective surfaces and not liking what I see but not doing anything about it. I’m tired of saying I’ll do it, but because I’m alone I say I can’t. There should be no cant.

I had a mild panic attack at school today. The kids didn’t see it, thank god (nor did they trigger it!) but it was still a scary span of moments. I need to get my life in order.

My hairdresser/friend basically gave me a “do this you’ll be better” speech. Her real talk keeps me straight. I appreciate it. I had to leave because her boys were all wound up from me being there. But it’s good they like me.

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Yay I got tagged in something thanks

Rules: repost and tag 10 people you want to get to know better. Thanks god-knows-hes-a-ginger
Name/Nickname: My name is Victoria, usually called Tori
Birthday: 28th of August
Star sign: Virgo ♍️
Gender: Female
Height: 5’1/5’2
Sexual orientation: I’ll let you know
Romantic orientation: heteroromantic
Time and date at the current moment: 10:12
Average hours of sleep: weekdays like 5/6 hours weekends like 9/10
Lucky number: 7
Last thing you googled: what hairstyle looks best on me?
First word that comes to mind: tired
One place that makes me happy: my bed
How many blankets do I sleep under: 1
Favourite fictional character: Tris (Divergent)
Favourite famous person: Lorde
Celebrity crush: theo James and lily rose depp
Favourite books: Lord of the flies
Favourite anime’s: don’t really like anime
Favourite TV show: greys anatomy
Favourite musician/band: Marina and the diamonds
Favourite game: avoiding responsibilities and eating junk
Last movie I’ve watched in the cinema: catching Fire
Last concert: Vampire Weekend
Dream holiday: Greece or Spain
Last book I read: The Great Gatsby
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Dating in Malaysia

I have recently decided that for 2015, I pledge to put in more effort into my social life. I think it’s very easy for people my age (or people like me) to be so engrossed in our so-called “careers” that I have forgotten what it’s like to have Friday night plans and a Sunday brunch date. Since I started working 3-4 years ago, I have been in a constant state of flurry, rushing for deadlines, meetings, stress, more stress, learning how to multitask, learning how to wake up early, go to work, and then still do shit after work (took me 2 years to get to that stage) and learning how to keep my apartment clean AND work at the same time (the first year I worked I was always so tired after that my house looked like a tornado just swept through cause I didnt have time to clean. Then I discovered part time cleaners thank god) I have to say, first time working + living on your own, being completely financially independent, wasn’t easy. I knew I didn’t want to be one of those girls who would wait for a man to swoop by and save them (and pay for them) or live with my parents so they would pay for astro, internet, prepare dinner for me etc. so I decided to be the best that I can be, concentrate on getting my shit together, and date when i’m ready. So now I am ready. After 3 ½ gruelling years of constant work and staying away from boys, I entered the dating scene.
Obviously, like any other woman from my generation, I signed up for Tinder and Okcupid. Where else am I going to meet boys? Everyone I knew was paired up, I didn’t know any single eligible boys to date, and I basically knew almost everyone in KL (it’s a small town) So, I set my sights to start dating. I was open to dating all sorts of men. Any race, any religion – as long as they looked good + had a brain + respectful of people. Ha ha ha. Little did I know, these 3 traits are the rarest of them all. Swiping left on Tinder became my favorite pasttime. I am sorry, perhaps i’m just shallow. I do admit that I am. I cannot help it, I like looking at pretty things. Just like how most guys want to date hot chicks, I want to date hot dudes. Sadly, there arent many hot dudes in KL. Most dudes expect to date hot chicks, but most of them forgot to look in the mirror to see if they deserve it. To me, if I can freakin graduate, get a job, live in my own hse, pay for my car AND look good, there is no reason the guy im dating can’t do that too. Unfortunately, most of the guys I meet, still live with their mamas, still have things prepared for them, and are basically still little boys. I guess if you’re in US or UK it’s something people frown upon but in Malaysia, its completely normal. I don’t really like it. I feel as though I am more independent than them and by me dating them, I will have to take care of them. Which is yucks cause I want a partner not a child. So that cancels out a bajillion guys.

And then of course, there is the fact that I am not the hottest girl around. Malaysia has TONSSSS of pretty pretty girls, and women here put a shitload of effort into their looks. WAAAAY more than me, so I totally lose out in that department. Based on my research on other girls on Tinder, my profile is pretty tame and boring. I don’t have any climbing mountain yoga fitness bikini sexy pics, so who the hell cares about me? And guys are simple visual creatures, if you look good, you’re in! And then they’ll size your personality after you’ve passed the looks test. I have a problem with guys who ONLY want to date hot girls regardless of their personality. I just cant!!! So that cancels out a bajillion more boys.

Then theres the sex part. Some of the guys I matched with just wanted sex. Actually, most of the guys I swiped with JUST wanted sex. They are not even tactful about it. It’s like “Hey, you look good. Let’s have sex”
And I look at their pics and be like YOU AINT EVEN RYAN GOSLING. Ugh.
So because of that, I unmatch 90% of my matches. Apparently, a lot of girls are really nasty on tinder. Malaysian girls. Even the ones with tudung and are Malay. They send nude pics and shit and ask the guys to send them dickpics. How can I compete with that? They can do that, but I don’t want to. Im not judging. Women here are sexually deprived. Im not surprised that all of them just want to bang everything that moves. So no casual sex for me then. What am I left with?

Basically nothing.

The few dates ive gone out with I noticed a few things. Malaysian boys (Chinese, Malay, Indian) can be a little insecure when they meet me (although I am not surprised. I admit I can be scary but they don’t know me so why should they be scared?) Ive been on dates that I spent three hours just trying to say something because these boys JUST WONT STOP talking about themselves, and all the MONEY they got from their last project, and HOW FUCKING SUCCESSFUL they are. Seriously, they didn’t even ask me ONE question. Ok, maybe just how are you, what are you doing now. And then off, they start telling me their grandfathers story non stop. How fuckin self absorbed can you be? At first I thought I just had bad luck, but then I thought, maybe its just me? Maybe they are intimidated by me and feel the need to prove themselves to me? Or maybe they think girls LOVE guys who talk about their success? Maybe it has worked on other girls and they are just implementing their modus operandi?
I don’t know lah. But that was a MAJOR MAJOR turn off for me. On a date, lets just talk about things like your favorite movie, what you think of that book, casual family growing up shit, I don’t need to know about how much you made on your last project and the car you bought. Yuck seriously YUCK!! I have my own money wei. Please lah.

So now I go out with foreign guys. Which is something everyone wants to bitch abt. I am not saying I prefer them over Malaysian boys, but based on my personal experience, all the non-Malaysian boys ive met, ARE SO MUCH NICER TO ME. I am sorry! I just HAVE to say this. Why is this happening? Why are all these guys so nice to me? They ask me questions, they treat me with respect, they don’t say condescending shit like “So do you cook?” (to find out if I cook and can cook for them) or “Do you pray?” (to find out if im a nice muslim girl)

Anyway, the few times i’ve gone on dates with foreign men, Malay guys will always look at me with disgust. Some of them even ask me about the guy i’m dating, IN FRONT of the guy, in Malay. “Ni kawan ke apa ni?”
How rude can you be?
One time in Langkawi, the local beach boys came up to me and my group of girlfriends to “warn” us about the “gangster” Matsalleh boys. Like hello, YOU are the gangster here, not these masters program nerdy tech boys we just met.

I can go on and on about dating perils in Malaysia, but let me start dating a lot more first before I can bitch. For now, my dating life is close to non-existent. Yes i’m picky, and I’m not the easiest girl to go out with (actually I am, but only secure confident boys will agree to that)
I am not saying I AM THE BEST SHIT EVER, I definitely have my flaws, which I am aware of, and i’m trying very hard to improve myself. But that’s just it, I WANT to improve myself, to be the best version of myself, so when I date, i’m the bomb diggity. But many boys I meet, don’t aspire to be better. They just want me to take it or leave it. And of course they can be that way, there are a ton of girls out there that are fantastic that they can go out with. How about us girls? Us girls who want to find boys who want to be better? That is why, so many girls are single and frustrated. We’re not that desperate to be with a man just because we want to be with a man. We rather be alone than be with some dick. (but then you’ll get bored lah) 

I read a report stating that 68% of Malaysian university attendees are women, which means, in the near future, there are more educated women than boys. There will be a time that Malaysian girls have no choice but to date down. They bring in the moneh, and the house husbands just lepak at home. What to do? If I compare all the resumes of my guy friends vs my girl friends, it’s like langit and bumi. The girls are so efficient, so entrepreneurial, so fucking hot. And the guys? Well, most of them are still looking for a proper job.

Don’t get me wrong. I love boys. I love being in the company of men. I don’t hate them at all. But I cant deny the fact that the quality of men is seriously slacking in Malaysia. The good ones are of course all taken and married, the single ones are single for a reason, and the rest are gay!

The minute an eligible great guy (not so great pon ada) breaks up with his girlfriend, believe me, all the girls will be scrambling to get him. They compete with each other, and everything becomes really nasty. And i’m REALLY against fighting over a guy. So I wont succumb to that perangai. I will just do my own thing and continue meeting random guys in bars, Tinder and mutual friends. Wish me luck bitches. Till then!
Xoxo – minah melayu

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This isn't really an ask, but more like a thank you/appreciation message. I really enjoy looking at your blog and everything you post. It brings light to my day when I'm dead tired or down. So yeah, I just had to get that off my chest

Thank you so, so much baeb! Thank you for sharing this. Oh my god this just made my night I’m speechless thank you I don’t know what to say ok the gif tells it all.

quite a long personal post that you can skip

proud of myself today for being able to pull myself together and attend the annual awards banquet (which they combined with the alumni homecoming) at the high school where I graduated. I had classes in the morning and was so freakingg tired. plus I wasnt in the mood for small talk or being in a social event. even though I had a sucky time i was still able to get through it and survive. thank God for helping me and keeping me from doing something stupid. despite hearing rumors and all that crap I was still able to hold myself back. it may not mean so much to anyone but it does to me. im tired of having people push me around and making me feel guilty. it’s time I stopped giving a crap about the things they come up with about me. it’s still a work in process but im happy to say im taking the first step.


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thanks!  you’re welcome!  thanks! … god, i’m so tired. yet tomorrow i will be a free man.  this is a cause for celebration. and conversions. LOTS of conversions.

Oooh, I love your way of celebrating! Congrats for overcoming the whole ordeal! Get some well-deserved rest. ;)

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Certainly will do Nate good to have another strong female in his life .

He especially needs Ivy as she keeps a kind of balance in his mind. He still has trouble accepting his fate and Ivy helps him not to look back. He told her once, that she’s his sanity.

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Omg Sam’s a little badass

She sure is! She’s supposed to become the next mafia heir after all. :) She likes guns and weapons better than studying.

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Ayiiiii j’aime j’aime j’aime ahah !

Haha! :D Contente que tu apprécies! Je peux pas m’empêcher de verser dans le NSFW avec ces deux-là! Je les adore un peu trop…

  • I never truly understood why I couldn't fit in with people...maybe it was my small horns peeking through the top of my curly hair. Maybe it was because I wrote with my left hand, & with that left hand I would draw small pentagrams on my paper. Maybe it was because that one time in kindergarten when I threw up blood & was reciting ancient rituals...yeah, probably that. My knees are getting tired from being on the floor. Sweat began to fo between my intertwined hands. This is difficult. What else do I say to God? I'm sure he wouldn't want to talk to me anyway...I took a peek to my right to look at my friend. Her mouth is moving quickly, mouthing all different kinds of thing. She understand but, then again I don't understand a lot of things.
  • ***don't steal my work thank you***
  • ~Written By Khris

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Hi! Okay so if you were in the Dont Stop Music Video: (1) what would your costume look like? (2) what would your superpower be? (3) what would your superhero name be? Thanks so much! XoXo

oh my god um, it’d probably be black and i’d be a rip-off of batmans tbh just so I could say “I’m batman” all the time idk oh god im so tired i can’t think of anything im rly sorry

Ship: C | A | L | M
Ship name: Matalia, Nichael
Little blurb: going to the beach with michael and you get super tanned but he keeps his lovely pasty complexion and he acts really grumpy and frowny and cute aw
Bestfriend: C | A | L | M
Has a crush on you: C | A | L | M
Compliment: i rly like your theme!

Want this?

Just wanna brighten your day and add some more love for Rei.

honest-khmyh submitted:
Maybe it can couple as an incentive to get you to continue blogging Petite Etrangere? *hint hint* ;)





I’d sincerely love to do more Parliamentary Elections tonight, but I’m so tired I’m going to have to retreat to bed here very shortly. I promise I will do my best to do more this weekend though, if not before (or “as well”).

I hope you realize it’s SUPER LIKELY to just be Senshi Band all over again though, right? And me getting no further? I mean as a follower of my body of work, you expect and are prepared for this.

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[ when you get to a page with lots of icons, right click off to the side of them and save image. It’ll save every image on the page at once, so all the icons at once an you just delete the images you don’t want. ]

//There’s no save image option for me?? Maybe it’s just late and I’m tired - I’ll look at it more in the morning. Thank you~

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All of them

oh not what i was expecting haha but ok here we go um yeahhh thanks for asking :’)

  1. boyfriend
  2. yesterday morning my lab group said i looked tired and hugged me and it was really sweet of them
  3. yeahhhhhhh it’s gross
  4. am i tired? hhahahhahahahahahhahahahahhah i want to cry all the time
  5. YEAH sometimes i get bored of conversation and i chew my straw flat
  6. nah
  7. nah would i even survive that 
  8. sometimes 
  9. homework but lol let’s see if i touch my backpack today
  10. no i wake up pretty easily
  11. yeah i think so
  12. are we ever happy with everyone though
  13. yes 
  14. i don’t know but sappy fanfiction is comforting? wait JK rei’s stupid triumphant laugh gives me so much secondhand embarrassment but it cracks me up and probably other silly things
  15. yj
  16. butterflies yes 
  17. i hope so
  18. probably making small talk after school and trying to act normal, you feel?
  19. right now? i really doubt it
  20. are you asking me to interpret my feelings…….jk my head is stupid and i change my mind all the time so better not talk 
  21. my mom at breakfast
  22. u know, probs
  23. school ever
  24. friend time
  25. lol no
  26. pretend i don’t care unless i’m genuinely over them then aw i liked you at some point i hope you find happiness and live happily after really like i have no reason to be resentful or jealous or whatever anymore and i hope you’re okay, yeah?
  27. not quite
  28. i forgive but i open up a lot less
  29. i don’t think i’d need all the fingers on one hand
  30. i really don’t; once in a while someone will sneak up on me and i’m like what the fuck?? what’s this?????????? 
  31. nah
  32. a grape
  33. i was in the backseat of my friend’s mom’s car??
  34. i stayed up till 1:30smth because i’m a fuckboy and i can’t get a grip
  35. i don’t think moving somewhere else would make me feel better
  36. myself?
  37. yes
  38. when my parents left that envelope from yale’s admission scouting department or ? on the kitchen island for days even though they know i don’t care about those kinds of schools and i said “ew” when i saw the thing for the first time and man it just shows they’re still about prestige and don’t consider that these things make me uncomfortable and stressed and irritated bc i’m tired of that life i don’t want to be amazing anymore like YEAH they’re proud of what i’ve done but i hate a lot of what i’ve done because it’s what they’ve always told me i should do and it makes me fucking miserable
  39. claire, clairefruit, clairebear
  40. nah
  41. uh i can recommend fanfics but
  42. kinda, yeah.. i’m really into the idea of romance and i’m kinda hopeful about the future in that sense but at the same time i’m so guhhhhh
  43. mortified that i took the risk and opened up to people because i wanted to be honest but now i am so uncomfortable; also, school and sleep and feelings and lack of feeling and i don’t know fuck it 
  44. yeah
  45. i think they can work depending on the couple, but it seems a lot less likely to be successful if it begins as long distance bc i feel that real interaction makes all the dif
  46. two maybe but pregnancy sounds seriously unappealing
  47. who hasn’t

ok that was all of them!! i hope i don’t regret this but ah here 

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*curls up in your inbox* has anyone told you how wonderful Wrong Number is lately because it is. I look forward to it every week, and this chapter especially gave me the warm fuzzies. I've been waiting for a chapter like this and I'm quickly running out of words to express how happy I was, but it was just so great. I should stop rambling at you I just love this pairing and fic so much OKAY BYE

Oh my god, thank you! I’m so glad you think so, because I was a bit worried people would start to get tired with how slow it’s been lately. At least that’s what I feel like it’s been for a bit. It’s been for a good reason, though, but things will definitely start picking up soon. I’m glad you’re still enjoying it, though!

Please, don’t feel like you have to stop rambling at me. Don’t ever stop, haha, I really don’t mind. It always makes me so happy when people send me messages like this, and if anything, it makes me super-motivated to keep writing the story. :)

Thank you for reading, and for sending this lovely message! <3

Happiest birthday to you big sissy.!I look forward to many more birthdays.May God continue to bless you with all your hearts desires.. And may He always keep you safe.I wish you happiness and love❤️. I’m lucky to have you,! Thank you for always there for me (#supporter)! Please don’t get tired of loving me.!🙏 hehe I love you to bits and pieces 😘😘💋 The future is bright for us! God is good!🙏 #happytwentysomething 😉👍

The way the birds (or was it squirrels this morning it sounded different..) kees waking me up at 5:30 at least I will be ready for monday after having set the clocks an hour forwards.. Which is in like idk, a week from monday or something, I think it is closely linked to the easter holiday..
For the time being however I just get really tired and has a sneaking headache. It’s there in the background but it isn’t much of a problem..
Thank God it’s Friday. I am really looking forward to being able to sleep in (which admittedly probably wont happen) or at least just staying in my bed for longer..

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I feel kind of dumb at the moment. I figured that the rider gashapon things for drive would be shift cars designed like the helmets of the old riders, but instead we get these awesome signal bikes molded to look like classic rider machines. Also, as far as those no tire shift cars, thank god there's no amazing circus tire, I would cry blood!

Originally, I thought they’d make Shift Cars based off of the Riders (not necessarily their helmets). Having them as Signal Bikes makes sense though.