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(thank u for the bday wishes and yes oh my god steve and tony were p gay but)

i SCREAMED  i literally SCREAMED SILENTLY (for anyone else, look to these two posts)

OH MY G OD NICK’S “i care about you” to tony oh my god. tony showing vulnerability in front of NICK FURY. 

everything about that scene was so paternal and god this was tony stripped to his very core. tony had no walls or defenses up he was beaten and tired and scared. scared for his friends, his family, his Avengers. that he would let them down, get them killed and let down all of Earth. (HENCE=ULTRON)

and u know what. people say its egotistical of tony. to think that he can save the world with his big brains thinking he’s so smart. he’s so full of himself what a dictator. (thor:” you meddled with powers you do not understand”

but the thing is, tony acts and believes the world is his weight to bear, because everyone else kinda enables him to think that too (thor:”tony is right”) 

tony is so so smart. whatever personality defects he has, you can’t deny that he is one of the smartest ppl on earth in MCU rn. the final fight, steve literally tells tony “this is your job, to stop a giant chunk of city about to fall to earth and cause extinction of the human race.” the rest of the avengers as just as vital as tony (and vision mentions how they are all needed as a united team bless his robot/android/cyborg heart) but seriously.tony is the brains of the avengers he (and bruce in the lab) figures out SOLUTIONS to the problems that require more than punching into submission. 

if tony had fucked up if he didnt figure out how to stop the city from falling the world wouldve ended. and yes ultron was built by tony AND bruce so they kinda created the mess int he first place, but consider this: tony’s stress of constantly need to be better to protect the Earth is only constantly reinforced every time they go into the field+ wanda amplifying the stress and fears

(it is my personal hc that if the AVENGERS AS A FAMILY UNIT with them being a tighter knit group supporting/loving each other, tony wouldnt feel so alone in trying to bear this fear of earth being so vulnerable but whatever whedon)


NICK FURY who has probably known of/knows tony the longest out of all the people alive in the mcu rn. fury knows this. knows how vital tony is to the avengers initiative, for his money, his brains, and most importantly, his heart. he knows how much tony cares (all tony really cares about ARE THE ONES HE LOVES wandas vision proves that. it shows tony failing to save the people he cares about, and the billions of lives on earth). Fury needs tony to stay on his game, but fury also cares for tony too, and despite all the snarking and eye rolling, NICK FURY CARES FOR TONY STARK and tony, TONY RESPECTS and TRUSTS fury enough to be honest with fury, and tell him his fears i lvoe it so much ;_;

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How do you be who you are! Your so calm and grateful for everything how can I be like you? What do I do? How did you transform yourself into what you are now

Thank you so much, I am so glad and thankful you perceive me this way! God I hope I don’t sound preachy, because my answer to everything is ‘go vegan’, but I honestly thank this lifestyle for such a huge mental change.
I wasn’t always like this. I don’t want to get too personal, but a few years back I was constantly feeling depressed and tired, I didn’t love myself, I focused so much on how I look and how to get others to like me. When I went vegan I didn’t expect anything to change. However a change in my lifestyle triggered a HUGE mental shift. People always ask me for weight loss advice and what happened to my body after I went vegan, but I didn’t change much physically at all. The biggest change I have ever experienced was this mental shift. As I educated myself about vegan lifestyle and followed through with it, I gradually learned to appreciate life, myself, all life forms, and everything that Nature provides us with. I didn’t magically transform myself overnight, I didn’t even know I was transforming myself! It all happened so gradually.
I think it also happened because I changed my priorities. If a couple of years back I was worried about boys, my hair colour and school, now I am focusing on my inner and physical health, growing as a person and giving.
I don’t expect this to happen to everyone, but I know some people who experienced a mental shift after a lifestyle change also. I am just sharing my experience x
You said I am ‘calm and grateful for everything’, what is stopping YOU to be calm and grateful? You can absolutely be like this too x

back to the beginning // cass & yaz


Cass sighed as she leaned back against the pillows on her bed. It was probably the only time she’d ever be happy to hear that screaming but got it sounded good. A tired smile worked over her lips as she felt an arm wrap around her shoulders. “God she’s so dramatic.” She laughed before looking up at Yaz.

He pressed a kiss to her forehead and nodded. “She really is. I wonder who she gets it from.”

“Shut up.” She laughed as she leaned her head against his chest. The two of them hadn’t been together in a few months but she couldn’t be more thankful than she was in that moment. Cass had needed him there to keep her calm, especially when their little girl decided to take her sweet time coming into the world. She closed her eyes as she breathed him in. Despite their problems she really did love him.

“We both know it’s from you.” He chuckled as his lips brushed against her temple.

“I can kick you out of the room you know.” She mumbled before straightening up to lean against the pillows. Cass seemed to wake up more as a nurse wrapped the baby up and brought her over to them. “There she is.”

The nurse handed the swaddled little girl to Yaz before taking a step back. “God look at her.” He sighed as he started to carefully rock the baby as her crying faded. “You’re beautiful.”

“Yaz.” Cass pulled his attention back towards her as she held her arms out. “Let me see her.” She waved him towards her and her face brightened as she took the little girl in her arms. “Oh Harper.” She whispered to the little girl. “Look at you.” Leaning down she kissed the baby’s forehead. She grinned before putting the little girl against her bent knees to unswaddle her. “Look at her little fingers.”

Yaz ran his fingers overs over the baby’s hands. “What about her toes?” He joked as his fingers moved down to Harper’s feet. “Ten. Look at that.”

She laughed. “She’s so perfect. Look what we did Yaz. We made her.” Happy tears started to slide down her cheeks as he kissed her temple again.


My mom always starts a fucking conversation by making fun of the way I do my hair or my make up. Every time she does it, I go off. You’d fucking think that everytime I tell her it isn’t okay she would learn that it gets to me but no she tells me to shut up and go to my room. Thank fucking god its only a year till my 18th birthday I can’t fucking wait to get the fuck out of here. Im so fucking tired of having a new insecurity every fucking time she tries to talk to me. She could honestly start a conversation by saying hi or are you okay. But no she makes fun of the way I look. Fucking shit

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Hope you don't mind me asking, but what slimming world plan do you follow?... And how often/what do you do at the gym? Blown away by your progress, you look great.

Oh god, thank you for that! I do the extra easy plan.. I haven’t done well recently but I am
Trying to get back on track.. In my normal week I would try and be at the gym around 5 times a week but not all of the sessions are long.. So either 30 mins to 1 hour 30 mins.. Depending how I feel and how busy the gym is. I also try SP days but they make me very bloated and tired

I’ve found that sometimes, the best way for me to be a helpful friend is to offer silent support and just let my friends know that I’m there for them. Always.

With that off my chest, I’m off to get some sleep (if I’m lucky). I look forward to plotting RP things tomorrow to make the work hours pass by fast.

If anyone wants to talk, or just to vent, or to send me RP/fic prompts or anything feel free and I will answer them in the morning! <3 Goodnight~

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I wish I could apply bc this looks adorable as hell, but I have exams coming up and my grades are so weak that its arms get tired putting its hair into a ponytail. so good luck and I hope this is v v successful!!!!!

OHHHH MY GOD… this not me?? i’m screaming…ily!! you’re so funnY wtf babe we totally understand, we’d love to have you join after your exams if you’ve got the time – good luck with everything, though, babydoll, and thank u!!

It all sounds so egocentric but whenever I look at myself I am so bloody amazed at how much stronger I now am, all credit to God and the lovely friends He has blessed me with of course

From being the most pathetic soulless creature around to someone who can actually now offer counsel again I am so thankful

I really, really never saw this day coming
It’s like there’s this joy bubbling from within me that I cannot hide
I still get angry, feel tired etc at times but the goodness is inside haha
/sprinkles magic powder

hahaha but really
I am so, so grateful
Because what I’ve always known has been affirmed again
A lot, a lot has been taken away but so much has been given too
Friendship is something I’m ever so thankful for
I’m not good at keeping in touch all the time but it makes me quite :’) when friends are always placed in my way without me trying, so much so that I really struggle to keep up with them

I really do enjoy good conversations though haha makes me a happy girl
I think c is returning again hahaha plz be here to stay

And I am ready to explore life again
haha I know and sense that I have to stay here for a while but I want to go jet setting again in the future
Just to see how much I can grow

Would love to have a cotton candy cloud conversation with God, just for a few minutes

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God are you fucking daft. I get that this is a spam message. I’ve gotten too many and I know for sure this is none other than some fucking span. It’s just like Erica all over again. If anyone else thinks they fucking want to send me this spam can fucking leave cuz I’m sick and tired of it. I see the little one over the message box and get all excited until I look and see that it’s another one of those fucking messages. So if you’re going to send me spam please gtfo you are not welcome.

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Thank god one of you is. The kid used to get really tired after these incidents, so he may fall asleep on Brock. Poor thing...


It’s a good thing he’s calm now, because the shit’s really gonna hit the fan about this in the morning. 

Okay, I’m making coffee. There are way too many weapons in this apartment for the kid to be unsupervised if he’s gonna try and hurt himself. Looks like I’m on night watch. I think he might’ve let Brock into the fort thing, so I guess that’s a good sign.

Thank you allergies
  • Thanks to crying my eyes out last night my eyes are now swollen and itchy. And my allergies are kicking my ass today ! Not only am I lonely but my eyes are swollen making me look disgusting. Thank god for glasses I can at least cover up a little. And I'm so tired didn't get any rest given I was crying myself to sleep last night to 3 am in the morning and have to get up at 630am. So yeah I'm tired.