[FAN ACC] A fan said: "I feel really sorry for you, to have a fan as ugly as me." (The fan was under a lot of stress so she gained quite a lot of weight recently) Suho replied: "You're pretty now. But if you don't learn to love yourself, even if you are pretty, you're not truly considered as a beauty." The fan kept looking at Suho as she was told to move forward by the staff and Suho added on: "Stay this way, and meet me again (confidently) next time."

cr: 小智max
trans: Planet_exo

(i’m really sorry for my latest fan art, i didn’t want to hurt anyone more than they already are. i’ll take it out if you want orz. i know it’s still painful, but after seeing bits of their concert, somehow i have faith everything will turn out okay, for both EXO and Kris, and us fans too. keep believing in them and don’t be sad anymore, the memories they made together are still there and always will be :)



#1: the way his eyes turn into little crescents whenever he smiles or laughs


My OT12.

I am so proud of everyone who supported EXO and helped vote or tweet, whether you voted once, or stayed up all night voting and tweeting, thank you to everyone. I am so proud to be a part of this fandom, we have our ups and downs but in the end we come together and support each other, not only am I proud to be a part of the EXO fandom, but I’m proud to be a part of K-pop itself, although we fight and argue sometimes, in the end we all have each other’s backs, without everyone’s help we couldn’t have done as well as we have, our boys would be so proud of us.

I know this term is used mostly for EXO but when I say this, I mean everyone that loves K-pop, 

We are one !

"Whenever I’m feeling tired or having troubles, there is always that one person who stayed by my side, encouraged me while holding my hand saying "everything’s gonna be okay, Tao-ah". After hearing that every hardship seems to disappear… Thank you, umma~”

Tao’s message to Suho (Weibo 131226)~


EXO K - The Lost Planet concert


It’s the strangest times that I find myself thinking about him – when I’m washing my hair, when I swallow a sip of coffee, when I’m stuck in traffic.  I think about his fingers against my cheek, his groggy voice when he said my name at six in the morning, the way he hushed me as I made my way out of the window to the fire escape. Despite the sneaking around, I believed Suho loved me. I believed in his love notes and his midday phone calls. I believed in his promises of ‘tomorrow’ and ‘next year’ and ‘forever’.  I believed in him, even if no one else was to know what was going on between us, even if we had to hide our happiness. It was our little secret.

But there was a secret that even he didn’t know - that I decided to keep all to myself, something that I refused to admit even as I watched him walk away for the last time – that I, Luhan, had loved him too. Sometimes I think about calling him, but then I get too scared in the possibilities. He might have changed numbers. His wife might pick up the phone – or maybe it’ll be the little girl who whispers ‘hello’ into the receiver. Or maybe he would just see my number and not answer at all. I think that would be the worst. So instead I choose to just ignore that urge and allow myself to get lost in the hot water hitting my skin, the taste of my coffee, the song on the car radio – and I try to forget about him once more.

drabble by duizhangsoo

His life is finally settling back into a state of normalcy--no sudden kisses from criminals,
no constant teasing from his fellow officers --until he receives a text from an unknown number at 3AM on a Sunday morning.
Joonmyun gropes around blindly in the dark, squinting at the lit up screen.

Whatchu doin' cutie? (๑・ω-)~♥ [x]

cr: 小ding愛順毛 | Luhan Dazed

as seen from the photos, taiwan exo stans went nuts (i read that luhan’s shades got pushed off, but i am not 100% sure).

manly luhan protected minseok as always, i am so thankful you are around. ;; kris also protected suho. :’) thank you. 

fanaccounts (originally in chinese):

- exo was all squeezed very badly, especially the small-sized ones… the tall ones tried very hard to stand firmly… in the beginning when it wasn’t so squeezy, tao still happily waved to fans… in the end it’s war.
- lu-ge protected baozi all the way, and he kept guarding him, lu-ge was pushed really badly, thankfully kris was in front of them, otherwise it would have been worse. and lu-ge waved to us, and got baozi to look at us too. (this group of fans were on the 2nd floor and had luhan and xiumin fansigns. luhan tapped on xiumin’s shoulder to get his attention.)
- if it wasn’t for lu-ge, baozi would definitely be pushed horribly.
- we saw baozi being pushed out and then pulled back by lu-ge…
- lu-ge was pushed so badly at the end that his face looked so pissed off

- when they arrived, it was completely wu yifan protecting kim joonmyeon, holding kim joonmyeon, protecting him from the crowd.

edit: the second photo is from before the chaos. you can see the sequence here.