thank god i did

there is no such thing as ‘cisphobia’ and ‘heterophobia’, get tf over yourself

like people get attacked and are hurt or killed or raped because they aren’t cis/het….and u tell me some hurt feelings on the internet is the same as the shit we gotta deal with in our everyday lives?? nah, bye

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What if Michael and Geoff were secretly dating, and then one day, they are filming a super long Minecraft let's play (like mega dig down), that everyone is tired and down with, and then Michael wins it. Geoff's so excited it's over he runs over and kisses Michael in front of the whole AH office.

I was wondering if I could
book a one way ticket
to your heart.
I’m looking for a place to call home
for most of the part.

But I think I have
a little too much baggage,
most of them serve as souvenirs
from all the times I’ve been damaged.
And I know there are a lot of people
who are carrying much less,
people who are not like me—
a work still in progress.

But darling please I am trying to
conquer my fear of heights,
just to be able to look
inside your eyes.
And closed spaces and I
have never gotten along in the past,
but I will try my hardest not to be aghast.

And when the plane finally lands, I bet
I'll get lost at every terminal and station
and I know there are other people who
have a much better sense of direction
but my love please listen I don’t care 
if it takes me all day, I will find
some sort of way because in your heart
is where I plan to stay.

—  aircraft flight // w.m. 

I just had a dream where the ringing in your ears was really because someone
implanted a microphone into your brain where they can hear your thoughts and emotions (basically like the monitor from Enders game but without the vision).
It was 1950’s and I was in the CIA and I had just finished doing this to a guy but I wanted him to know for some reason so I threw something at one of the microphones so it made a noise (basically how it worked was when the people listened in on you, they were behind some glass, in a room with a counter that had microphones on it so they could listen to your thoughts and stuff, but you know that noise that a microphone makes when you tap on it? Like a muffled kind of noise with a bit of squeaking) and the guy instantly realized what I had done to him, so he started screaming really loud and then I woke up with my heart pounding. What even. I was just trying to take a nap I didn’t ask for this shit