Messi’s goal!

I just wanna say Thank you Lord for everything. Blessed lang ako nung mga dumaang araw. Kasi walang problema. Masaya ang buhay, sa school, family, lovelife. Ang saya talaga ng buhay kapag si Lord yung nasa sentro lahat ng ‘to. Im happy that i am blessed. 😊


Hey everyone from irl, I love all of you and I’m gonna miss everything about everything. Thank you to my friends at Emma for the great past school year, hopefully I’ll be back as a boarder next year. And thank you to my friends from Shen and anyone I’ve known from NY, you’re all so wonderful. 

I’m terrified but also excited for the move to Houston. It’s gonna be so different.I can’t believe I only found out I was moving a week ago. It’s crazy.

I’m so grateful for the past 10 years in NY, but it’s time for a new adventure.

I’m getting on my flight now.

Thank you 




ask and you shall recieve





School Grade: 5th (10 years old)

This character is a combination of 言 words and 射 shoot. Here, 射 is a phonetic element but also lends connotations of firing an arrow, the result of which is the tension in the bow loosening. More than simply meaning ”saying something,” this character implies the loosening of the tension in the mind.