I just really hope hayley and lyndsy realise how grateful I am (and the fandom is) for their support and all around positiveness with cartinelli like they could have easily brushed it off like so many other actors have done in the past. They could have easily just been awkward and ignored tweets about it and questions about cartinelli. 

But no, they’re genuinely two amazing woman who are so chill and great about it and ship it and support the fuck out of it. And thats so important to me, especially in the past (and present)  being in fandoms where lgbt ships are seen as ‘crack’ ships or just totally ignored altogether. 

Also to the producers and team of agent carter? Like they’ve shown their support and loveliness with retweets of fan art and its just so great. 

And maybe it won’t be canon, maybe it won’t happen. 

Maybe it will? (my cartinelli heart holds hope) 

Bottom line, is either way it goes, they’ve been probably the most lovely people to have in the fandom and I don’t think I’ve ever been more appreciated by a cast.  


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OKAY SO YALL i have made a discovery in my gender!! i am agender, and it took me some time to figure that out. it took kinda a bit to figure it out, but lately ive been doing a lot of thinking and having some down time to reflect on myself (if that makes any sense). it took a few months of thinking and of looking into, i even talked to my boyfriend about it (he is so supportive im so lucky to have him) so if you would use they/them for now?? everybody who i am friends with can continue to use he/him.