I hadn’t been to Muay Thai for a while and I thought the lack of practice would show tonight.

They partnered me up with this 6 foot tall French girl who very quickly asked “have you done this before?”. “A bit”, I replied.

A bit actually means for the past 10 years, in addition innumerable body combat, ballet and yoga classes, which normally give me the highest kicks and fastest punches in any class.


I guess my usual 1 hour runs uphill also means I have more stamina than the average girl. 5 minutes into our high kicks session she was burning. 

Her lack of flexibility meant she could not move her knee up high enough to block my side kicks and after a while, she asked for a “break”. Fair enough I did get some bruises on my shins that are going to take weeks to heal. But she was beat.

Towards the end, I thought of a few jerks I know to give my hooks more power. That finished her off. YES. 

I’m bruised up to my eyebrows now. 

Man, I feel GOOD.

PS: This is the amazing Tony Jaa. Check him out.