THAAC’s one and only video tribute to the man himself made with lots of love, light and laughter. 
A simple salute to all the Tom Hardy Admirers Across Continents.

Music by the ever fabulous Marvin Gaye. 

A Tom Hardy Portrait painted beautifully with Words by Wan Guong-Rozza.

Wan Guong-Rozza
 a regular contributing THAAC member read the recent Tom Hardy Esquire Interview by Tom Junod and shared a wonderful portrait of Tom of her own illustration with nuanced shading and contour. I thought it was very worthy of it’s own posting. 
We salute our discerning members. x
Many thanks Wan from all of us here on the THAAC Board. x
I’m choosing a photograph taken by Greg Williams to showcase ‘the portrait’. 

“Its funny how I see his words in lines, colors and shapes. An abstract painting. Average in size. But as it draws me closer and face to face with the painting just inches away it becomes larger than life. 
Blotches of dark colors of reds, browns and blacks lead to pastels of pinks, whites and blues. No transitions. No tones. No focal points. Just change.
Lines. Haphazard, symmetrical, assymetrical lines. Rough edges. The urge to feel it against my skin. I trace the lines as if its a maze that guides me into a certain directions when I know the direction is unknown. Confused, I feel intimidated and that just intrigues me more. 
As I stand and pause I realize - what the hell am I looking at. A masterpiece of confusions, complexities or an open canvas laid bare , honest and true? Too heavy for the mind to conceive, freeing as the heart opens and embrace it. 
Ah well thats just me being weird this morning with some mental image exercise. 
When you have someone who has a disco ball in his head speaks you cant help seeing his words in shapes n colors  The interview is wow the man is brilliant!”

Dear, Ashly and Amy, I will not be cropping you out, because I wouldn’t want to be cropped out if this was #TomHardy and I. Congrats, for meeting him. :)…..Anyways look how sexy he is, and look at those beautiful teeth!!! 😍 Thanks, #Facebook and #THAAC

❤️50 Shades (and more) of Fabulous
Many Thanks to every single TH fan worldwide for supporting Mr H and thanks to Tom for being #thaacing phenomenal every year, year in, year out!
Happy New Year Everyone, YOU too are also 50 Shades (and more) of Fabulous. THAAC couldn’t stand tall without the support of all its wonderful members.

2015: It will be the very best one yet, for all of us.

Blessings to all. ❤️